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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 28

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The little child grabbed the hem of his mother’s skirt and shrank behind his mother, only showing half of his head while timidly looking at the brown-haired man on the opposite side.


The tall, muscular man stood by the window and the bright sunlight fell on the man, shrouding him in brilliance.


In the eyes of the little child, the powerful man was like a god bathed in glory.


Since he was born, he has grown up listening to this man’s brilliant achievements, and this was his first time seeing the man.


Guardian of Mia.


His father.


A man who was as powerful and noble as a god in his heart.


The child’s eyes slightly lit up, his face was a bit timid, but there was an uncontainable excitement as he looked at the man with admiration. 


The tall man was standing by the window, the bright sunlight illuminating half of his face, and he stared at the boy hiding behind his mother’s skirt.


His long, thick eyebrows wrinkled tightly as he looked at the child, his son, whom he had seen for the first time ever since coming back from the eight-year-long war. His eyes were sharp and cold.


The sharp gaze of the man made the child purse his lips nervously and tighten his grip on his mother’s skirt, pulling it tauntly. 


His actions made the man’s brow frown even deeper.


The frowning man opened his mouth and said his first words to the child.


“Beiat, you let me down.”





In the luxurious room filled with rich fragrance, the man sleeping on the dark red sofa suddenly opened his eyes.


Several strands of dark brown curly hair scattered in the corner of his eyes, exhibiting traces of slight disheveledness. 


The man sat up and bowed his head slightly. He raised his right hand and combed the hair on his forehead with his fingers. The well-maintained white fingers and the dark brown hair formed a sharp contrast.


A few more strands of his unruly hair fell down and as he closed his eyes, the scattered hair around his forehead formed a deep shadow. 


The line of face was slightly soft, more like his mother, and his moist chestnut clear lips that resembled his father’s, tightened as if they were suppressing something.


The spacious and luxurious room was empty and he was the only one there. 


The room was so quiet that only the sound of his breathing could be heard.


He just sat on the sofa quietly pressing his head, closing his eyes, and tightening his lips.


After a long time, the man put down his hand, opened his eyes and the expression in his eyes became warm and calm.


He looked in the mirror opposite him and moved his mouth, revealing a perfectly polite and gentle aristocratic smile.


“Someone,” he called.


Immediately, a beautiful maid who came in from the side door, went to the back of the sofa and gently combed his hair, rearranging the curls in the corner of his eyes into his original neat appearance.


Beiat stood up, opened his arms allowing the maid to take off the robe which had been wrinkled when he was resting on the sofa and replaced it with a new, clean, wrinkle-free noble robe.


He glanced at the attendant standing respectfully on the side.


“What’s the situation?” he calmly asked.


“The mission failed. The target was taken away by Major General Taylor.”


“What about the person sent?” Beiat continued. Nothing was heard in his voice but his eyes had darkened.


“Mental disorder, the cause is unknown.”


It was extremely rare that there’s someone with a spirit strong enough to counterattack invaders. There’s not even one found in a million people and those who do were all outstanding in every field. However, Miao Te can’t be described as one of the tops, so the servant didn’t speculate in that respect.


His judgement was that Major General Taylor had left the young man a special equipment to protect him, they concluded that the counterattack of the device had caused the person they sent to go insane.


“Have you tried to forcibly read the memory?” 


“He’s been using a psychic detector, we couldn’t find any useful information. His spirit was shattered completely.”


“What’s the reaction over there?”


“Major General Taylor never showed up but his subordinate, Major Robin, had  a tough attitude,” the attendant continued, “he said that if the Mia family cannot guarantee the safety of the guests then Major General Taylor will leave Mia immediately and return to a safe place.”


With the newly changed robe, Beiat lowered his arms and took the gold pocket watch from the maid.


He closed the pocket watch with a snap and placed it near his chest, he spoke cruel words in a gentle tone.


“Send his head over as an apology.”


“Yes, Lord Beiat.”


The agent who failed the mission no longer had any value and became an abandoned man. His final task was to use his head as an apology to Major General Taylor.


“Lord Beiat…” the attendant spoke again but stopped.




“Marquis Mia has asked you to come over.”


“…”There was silence. The man’s face was still gentle but the shadow in his eyes became deeper.


“I see,” he said and he took another look in the mirror on the side.


The man in the mirror was well-dressed, elegant in posture, and warm-hearted with the attitude of an impeccable aristocrat.


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