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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 29

Edited by Senna


Dozens of attendants stood quietly in the rear, the little children standing on the golden sand watching the huge landing ship come down from the sky.


He looked at the tall and upright man coming down from the hatch. He hasn’t seen his father in a long while, causing his eyes to flash with anticipation.


When the man’s eyes fell on him his young face showed a bright smile, almost as if he couldn’t wait to be by his father’s side.


But the child’s bright smile froze in place when he met the man’s eyes.


He opened his eyes wide, watching as his father looked back at him with a frown.


He looked at the back of the man who just turned and left. The child stood there in a daze, the shadow stretching under his feet.


He watched the broad back of the figure disappear from his sight, the light in his eyes also gradually diminished without a trace.


“Mom, is father angry with me?”


“…Beiat, you are the heir of the Mia family. You should be calm and polite at all times. When greeting your father, you shouldn’t show that expression.”


“But, mom, father doesn’t like me.”


“It’s not like that, Beiat. You have to work hard because your father wants his children be better than anyone else.”


“As long as I do well, will father like me?”


“Yes, Beiat. At that time, your father will be very proud of you.”


At that time, the little boy desperately worked hard, he wanted to be strong, he wanted to be an excellent successor, he wanted his father to be proud of him.


What the child was looking forward to was nothing more than an appreciative look from the father who was as powerful as a god in his mind.





The study was in a thick dark color, but the atmosphere at the moment was even more depressing. On the huge desk, the roly poly doll with funny facial makeup was shaking.


The old Marquis stood on the dark fur carpet, his eyes fell on the shaking doll, and his fingers stroked the golden ring on his other finger.


Even if he was old, even if wrinkles had covered his face, his back was still straight, never bending.


He stood there with anger and prestige.


The old man, who spent most of his life fighting in the starry sky just stood there quietly, and an inexplicable sense of oppression was conveyed in the air.


Beiat stood on the side of the study with his head habitually lowered.


He looked down at the dark carpet in front of his boots, as always. Dark brown curly hair fell down, and deep shadows fell over his eyes. Only his gentle face could be seen at the moment, but not the emotions hidden in his eyes.


“Beiat, you’ve done something you shouldn’t have.”


After a long silence, the old man finally spoke.


He didn’t speak in a loud voice, but his tone was extremely harsh nevertheless.


The man’s head hung lower in front of the old man, so low that one couldn’t even see his face.


Only the gesture of his drooping head showed his obedience to his father.


“Yes, father. I’m sorry,” said Beiat softly, “but it’s just a major general, father.”


“…Yes, just a major general.” The old man made a sound similar to a sigh.


He looked deeply at his son’s drooping head and was thinking since when did his son, the future successor of the Mia family, ever raise his head in front of him.


His son, he knows.


Beiat was jealous of the excellent young man.


He was never willing to admit that the young man was better than himself.


So he tried his best to embarrass the young man. He wanted to drive the young man out of the planet and out of his sight.


He wanted to start with Taylor’s weakness and anger Taylor through the young boy by using those little tricks.




Envious of the capable people.


Bullying the weak and fearing the strong.


…This was his child.


….This was the future successor of the Mia family!


The old Marquis held up his hand with a deep breath in his chest—


There was a heavy slap.


The slap on Beiat’s face was so powerful that he staggered backwards. A startling red handprint appeared on his delicate cheek.


“Beiat, you’ve let me down.”


In the burning pain of his cheek, Beiat raised his eyes slightly, and saw the uncontrollable anger on the old Marquis’s face, and the disappointment that was clearly visible in his eyes.


He lowered his eyes which had no fluctuations.


The old Marquis’s chest heaved violently. He raised his hand and pointed to the door.


“Get out!” he shouted angrily.


Beiat did not say a word. He turned and left the study quietly at his father’s command.


Behind him, the eyes of the old man looking at him were full of pain and disappointment.


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