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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 30

Edited by Senna


The child had been working extremely hard.


He was practically demanding himself to learn everything he should learn and tried his hardest to be the best in everything.


Every day and night, he warned himself that he could not lose to anyone.


[You are the heir of the Mia family, Beiat. You father wanted you to be better than anyone else.]




“Father! I’m able to fly the frigate on my own!”


“It’s too slow, Beiat. It took a whole year for you to drive on your own. You’ve let me down.”


“…I’m sorry, father.”


Not enough. The child thought.

It must be that he hasn’t done enough. He has to work harder.


“Father, I have finished all my studies on history. My tutor said that my learning ability is the best he has ever seen.”


“Is that enough for you? You’ve let me down, Beiat.”


… ….


“Father, in the academy’s simulated Star Wars, I made it to the finals…. This time the finals are open to the public, can you come watch?”


“Beiat, this so-called simulation war, in my eyes, is just a children’s game. If you are proud of this achievement, you will only let me down further.”


… … … … … …


Again and again, the blazing fire was extinguished by cold water, leaving only ashes without any heat.




Why is it that no matter what he does, his father is not satisfied?




The young child grew up slowly, but he never got what he hoped for.


What he saw was always his father’s stern disappointed face. What he heard was always a rebuke.


He discouragingly began to learn to give up.


No matter how hard he tried, he always got that sentence, so he thought, forget it.


He was the so-called disappointment, but so what.


When did he no longer want to look at his father’s face? When did he no longer want to look at his father’s eyes? He didn’t remember either. He just habitually lowered his head in front of his father to cover his face, as his face was as calm as a dead sea. 


He has grown up. He was no longer the child who yearned for an appreciative look from his father. His emotions would never be affected by his father’s actions and words.


He was used to getting along with his father like that.


Until that day…


“There is no limit to the future of that young man.”


It was a look of admiration that he had never seen on his father’s face. 


However, this gaze was directed at another person.


“Taylor… I always thought that he could only be promoted to major general because of His Majesty’s favor. Now it seems that the young man got his present position by virtue of his own strength.”


“Even me, at his age, was far inferior to him.”


The old man, who had always been stingy with his praises, looked at the young man with burning eyes and only left him with eyes full of disappointment.


“Beiat, if only you can be half as good as him…”


He clenched his hand and his nails went deep into his palm.


He once thought that his heart had been as hard as iron, and he thought that he would never be shaken by this man’s rebuke—


But this man, who he called his father, could always easily pierce him with a look and just a word.


This man would always trample his dignity on the ground.





There was a low laughter in the depressed room. The man sitting on the crimson sofa lowered his head and covered his face with his hands.


A deep, eerie laughter came out from the gap between the fingers covering his face.


[You disappoint me so much, Beiat.]


Father, I’m used to it.


I’m used to your disappointment in me.


Dark brown curls were scattered on the back of the man’s hand, which covered his face. The man’s eyes looked through the gap between his fingers.


The opposite mirror reflected the man’s appearance at the moment, as well as the red mark on his cheek.


A faint tingling sensation came from the cheek. It was burning. The pain seemed to penetrate into the deepest part of his body along with his skin, flesh and bone.


The man covering his face stared at the opposite mirror, smiled once again and laughed.


The laughter grew louder and sharper.


In the end, the laughter was almost hysterical.


The shrill laughter reverberated throughout the room.


Father, I know that you want a son better than anyone else.


Because I’m your child, you have been so disappointed.


You will never be proud of me.


I know how much you want that young general who is superior than anyone else to be your son—


The man stared at the shadow in the mirror, his twisted eyes penetrated from the finger gaps, appearing ferocious and crazy.


What if that guy dies?




If that guy dies, can he still be better than me?!


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