It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 31

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“Boss, why don’t we just go?” said the frowning red-haired major, “I have a bad feeling about this.”


The Mia family were quick to respond to their protests.


As the future head of the Mia family, Beiat personally apologized to Major General Taylor, saying that the security was lax and the security force was insufficient, which led to the intrusion of treacherous people.


The explanation he gave was that many people had been offended by the old Marquis’s long campaign. And those people were secretly informed that several forces were ready to attack when the old Marquis held his birthday party.


Therefore, most of the planet’s security forces have been mobilized to carry out strict and meticulous inspections around the planet to arrest people who were suspicious, so as to avoid any terrorist attack on the day of the birthday celebration.


As a result, there were less security guards on their side, which led to such an incident occurring.


However, he had found out that the man who had sneaked into the room was  from one of the forces who were planning to destroy the old Marquis’s birthday party. And the reason why the man who had sneaked into their room invaded Miao Te’s spirit was to hypnotize him, and let him assassinate the old Marquis at the celebration, in order to alienate the relationship between their Mia family and Major General Taylor—


“What damn relationship! Do they think that we’re really stupid, to accept such a stupid reason?”


Robin scoffed at Beiat’s explanation.


As he stood behind his boss, he snorted with his nose, and raised the corners of his mouth sarcastically at Beiat. His boss still had a cold look and looked at the disc placed in the hands of the servant standing behind Beiat.


The black disk was covered with a brocade that was mostly red with blood. On it was a man’s head.


The decapitated head of the man still had its eyes open.


Robin gritted his teeth.


Beiat’s hand seemed to be a gesture of kindness, giving them an explanation, but this head was a naked demonstration.


The strong dragon cannot oppress the snake. 


Beiat’s meaning was obvious – whether you agree or not, his words were the truth – this was Mia, the territory of their Mia family.


“I see,” replied Major General Taylor.


The dark blue pupil of the major general faintly stared at the future patriarch of the Mia family, there was no expression on his handsome face.


The slightly raised corners of the slender phoenix eyes gave people a sharp apprehension, and he gazed at Beiat with complete indifference.


—Whether it was a show of goodwill or a demonstration, it’s all in the air—


It was clearly Beiat who assumed a commanding attitude, but at the moment they looked at each other, it seemed understated in front of Major general Taylor.


“I know,” Taylor said while turning his head away.


Robin, who quickly followed after his boss, looked back and saw the heir of Mia family standing in the same place as he looked at the retreating back of his boss.


He  still had the calm and elegant posture of an aristocrat, the gentle and polite expression, but Robin somehow felt a kind of unspeakable malice hidden inside the man’s gentle eyes.


Since seeing the man’s eyes, Robin had a bad feeling.


He couldn’t help persuading his boss again.


“Boss, just in case, it’s better to find an excuse to leave early.”


The young major general sat in the soft chair with his long legs overlapping.


He clasped his fingers together as it rested on his knees. A pair of phoenix eyes looked straight ahead, revealing a sharp gaze.


“It’s too late,” he said.


“Huh? What’s too late, boss, we’re-”


“. . .”


Taylor lowered his eyes slightly, his eyelashes casting a faint shadow on his cheeks.


He sat there quietly, looking to be weighing something in his mind, and did not speak .


Instead, Miao Te, who had been sitting quietly beside him couldn’t help but speak.


“Shall we escape?” asked Miao Te, as he sat cross legged on the sofa, his dark eyes rolling back and forth between Taylor and Robin.


“What escape, that’s-” Robin began to retort but stopped abruptly.

Miao Te’s words instantly woke him up.


They weren’t unable to leave but rather should not leave.


The Mia family did nothing to them and treated them with courtesy. However, they suddenly left on the day same day they arrived and before they could participate in the old Marquis’s birthday party—


What would the other people who came to the birthday party think?


It must be known that those who could be invited by the old Marquis were all influential people in the Empire.


Even if the Mia family had been the one to make a mistake, if they left now, then in the eyes of the others, it would be a weakness similar to running away. Then the Major general Taylor’s great prestige and honour, which took a hard time building up, would suffer a heavy blow and crumble within minutes.


Those who didn’t know the inside story would only laugh and wag their tongues saying how the major general ran away cowardly with his tail between his legs from such a small matter.


So it’s not that they couldn’t leave, but that they shouldn’t leave.


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