It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 32

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After thinking about it, Robin heaved a long sigh, showing a displeased look.


“Well, in this case, we can only do things by hand,” he muttered.


“Even if that pretentious guy looks unpleasant, there are still so many people watching it. After all, we are the guests personally invited by his father, so he shouldn’t dare to do anything,” he sneered, “In the end, he will only be able to trip you at the party and embarrass you in front of everyone.”


Even if Beiat was really malicious to the boss, it would only be some type of trap for the boss to lose face amongst the Empire’s upper class at the birthday party.


Anyway, it was his father’s birthday. That guy shouldn’t be so crazy in aiming for his boss. Right?


After all, the boss was a guest invited by the old Marquis himself. If something went wrong, it’ll be the Mia family’s face that gets lost.


With that in mind, Robin felt a little more relieved.


As for the traps at the party, the boss should be able to overcome it easily.


Taylor pondered for a long time. When he looked up, his gaze went through the French window and landed on the endless golden desert.


Little by little, his eyes became sharp, like a materialized blade.


The handsome face was still cold.and expressionless, but it had a subtle change, like a panther crouching down in the dark jungle, tense and alert, scanning for danger with its sharp eyes.


He raised his hand and the silver blue metal ring on his wrist lit up, forming a small light screen in front of his eyes.


After a burst of distorted light appeared on the screen, the face of Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa appeared.


“What is the situation in Ishtar?”


“Everything is normal, Lord Taylor.”


“Well, I will return back to the ship soon.”


“Yes, Lord Taylor. I shall arrange for someone to meet up with you.”


On the screen, Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa raised his hand to his chest and disappeared from the light screen.


The conversation he just had with Taylor was a routine conversation that would take place every night, and it was practically unchanged.




“Lord Beiat! The ground signal from Mia to the Ishtar flagship has been captured!”


“Pass it on.”




The intercepted message was sent to Beiat’s screen as a full image, which repeatedly showed the face and voice of Qingfa, as well as Taylor’s.


Just like the messages intercepted a few days ago, even the dialogues weren’t that much different.


“Return to the ship soon?”


The aristocratic man with dark brown curly hair smiled sickly.


It seemed that the gentle rise of the corners of the lips had an aura of malicious and unspeakable coldness.


Major General Taylor, do you think that you can get back to your ship soon?





Robin stood by and watched his boss talk to his colleagues staying on Ishtar.


At the moment Taylor opened his mouth, the pupil of the red-headed major contracted visibly. But, with that contraction, he raised his hand to touch the tiny stubble on his chin and looked at Qingfa on the light screen, his eyes narrowing slightly.


Then he sat back on the sofa, legs propped up, and carelessly spreading his arms on the back of the sofa.


“Qingfa is really very leisurely,” he said, his voice was laced with dissatisfaction.


“It’s time for you to rest,” Major General Taylor said, after shutting down communications with the ship.


“Yes~~ Master~~ I will have a good rest.”


Robin stood up, stretching out his lazy waist, looking tired.


As he spoke, he took a subtle look at the black haired boy who was obediently waiting for him. Then he turned his head back and began to drive away the maids who stood by to serve them.


“Hey, why are you still staying here? You all get out, staying here will only be annoying everyone, don’t you know?”


His subtle expression and specially aggravated tone made the maids who were being driven away stunned. However, looking at the subtle look of Robin squinting at the black haired boy and his boss, the maids soon showed an understanding expression, with a bow they quickly walked out.


“However, boss, you’d better not do unnecessary things now. It’s better to have a good rest.”


Before leaving the room, Robin looked at his boss and gave a tut.


“Tomorrow night will be the birthday banquet of the old Marquis. His son has made it clear that he will make things difficult for you at the banquet. If you have no energy, you may not be able to do handle it by then~” 


Although he was teased by his subordinate, Major General Taylor didn’t seem to care in the slightest.


He watched his subordinate leave and shut the door.


When the room was quiet, he took off his coat and went straight to the bed.


The snow-white duvet was spread on the bed that was big enough for five people to sleep side by side comfortably. The light yellow gauze curtain embroidered with golden patterns hung down. The pure golden silk thread glittered in the light, and the lace on the edge overlapped and spread exquisite lines on the bedside.


The black haired major general was half lying on the delicate and splendid bed, leaning against the soft leather headboard.


He closed his eyes and probably wanted to have a little rest, but it didn’t last long. He didn’t seem to be able to sleep, so he opened his eyes.


The slender phoenix eyes looked straight ahead. Miao Te was still sitting cross legged on the sofa with the informative light screen in the room. His fingers were moving on the virtual keyboard and flipping over the light screen with interest.


“Come here.”

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