It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 33



“Come here.”


The sudden sound in the silent room made the boy instinctively lift his head and looked at Taylor.


He saw the dark blue eyes staring at him quietly, and the young general, half lying in bed, looked at him with his hand reached out in his direction.


“Come here,” Taylor repeated again, with his hands in the air, palm up, and fingertips pointing in his direction.


“It wasn’t…” Miao Te was a little hesitant.


He could see what the major wanted to do, but they had already done it not too long ago…so why…


“I want to do it,” Major General Taylor said, his slender and sharp phoenix eyes were staring at him, his tone incontestable.


“. . .” 


Major General, can we not talk so ambiguous?


Fortunately, there are only the two of us here, otherwise, if someone else hears it …


But spiritual harmonization is already a very ambiguous behavior…


Although embarrassed to think so, Miao Te still walked over obediently.


As soon as he reached the bedside, the young general reached out his hand and grabbed his wrist, tugging unceremoniously.


Miao Te staggered unpreparedly and fell on Taylor.


Before he could react, a powerful arm came over and firmly hooped his back waist, making him immobile. Taylor’s other hand was pressed on the back of hiis head, his fingers digging deep into his hair.


He was a little confused as to how he was lying on the young general while his whole person was held tightly.


He could feel Taylor’s head tilted slightly, his hair moving down and the fine, smooth silky black hair slipped across his cheek. The slender phoenix eyes looked at him, the glassy blue pupil with ink marks looked at him, and the edge of the pupil was covered with a cold, clear light.


The pale, thin lips almost touched his ears and he could clearly feel the warm breath of the young general.


The thin lips opened, and the low voice penetrated into his eardrums, and the exhaled breath lightly brushed against his ears.


Miao Te layed down the young general, nestled in his arms, and blinked.


He tilted his head raised his eyes, and his dark bright eyes looked at Taylor, and then blinked once again, his slender eyelashes fanned, and the shadows on his cheek followed.


Then blinking his eyes close, the boy nestled in Taylor’s arms, leaning his head on Taylor’s shoulder, his whole person looking well behaved. 


The metal ring, which turned into a semi arc, has automatically separated from the wrist and suspended on Miao Te’s neck, shining slightly, reflecting the light from the metal ring on Taylor’s wrist.


Major General Taylor lowered his head, hiding his handsome faffe, but his hand gently caressed the hair of the boy nestled in his arms, and whispered in his ear.


There was an indescribable feeling of affection in the action.


Miao Te, who was in his arms, turned his head, and almost buried his face in Taylor’s neck so that only the fluffy black head was the only thing visible.


After a while, Taylor closed his eyes and fell asleep with the young man in his arms, and seemed to have fallen into spiritual joy.





Looking at the screen, it was obvious that the young general who had begun to have spiritual joy with the boy in his arms had fallen asleep, and the man with dark brown curly hair had a sneer in his eyes.


The major general who was greatly admired by his father was nothing more than that.


Stumbling at the party?


He had no interest in that kind of child’s play.


Either you do it or you don’t, but if you do then strike like lightning – is what he learned from his father.


Beat stared at Taylor on the screen, his eyes bleak.


What kind of thing is this guy.


What kind of thing is this.


“Launch in an hour,” he said expressionlessly, his eyes full of shadow.


His words deciding the final outcome of the two sleeping people in the room.




It was late at night, and although it was still as bright as day, most people have fallen asleep.


A violent roar burst abruptly.


The entire miranet seemed to tremble—


The half side at the waist of the spire burst out instantly with a loud bang, and the flames came out from the gap of the tower’s body, and the fire’s color reddened half of the sky.


Opposite the spire, on another spire not far from it, the French windows of a room were wide open.


Dark brown curls were scattered around his cheeks. The man in his nightgown stood quietly by the French window, and thick golden curtains hung down beside him.


Still cloaked in his calm aristocratic manner, he held a crystal clear wine glass, and the red wine rippled on his lips like blood.


His lips were stained bloody red as he sipped his wine, and his eyes were fixed on the room that had been torn apart and collapsed by the explosion along with the poisonous flame burning inside.


The fire reddened his eyes, and there was a morbid pleasure in the corners of his eyes.


At this moment, his heart had a kind of satisfaction and pleasure that had never been felt before.


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