It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 34



When he was pulled down by the major general, he was also held tightly as well as getting his head and cheeks rubbed, Miao Te was quite confused.


However, before he could even make a confused expression on his face, the thin lips that came close to his ear gave out three words slowly.


“Pretend to sleep.”


The words were practically inaudible as they left the thin lips and faintly entered his ears.


The youth turned his head sideways and looked into the eyes of the man holding him.


The major general rubbed the hair on the back of his head and looked down at Miao Te slightly. The scattered black and glossy hair partly covered his eyes. Only Miao Te, who was nestled in his arms could see his eyes at the moment.


The slender phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, clearly a seemingly intimate action, but the arc at the corner of his eyes was extremely sharp, showing a certain chill.


Miao Te’s eyes rolled, and he suddenly understood something.


The major general suddenly made such a move that he wouldn’t normally do. It was obvious that he was showing it to someone.


But there was not a third person in the room, so the only possibility was that someone was monitoring the room.


. . . Anyone who could install surveillance in the room was someone he could guess with just his toes.


I see. It’s because he found out they were being monitored. The major genera; wants to show that they are only interested in pleasure and obscenity in such a time of crisis.


Pei, pei, pei!


Humiliating! If the major general’s current behavior is wanton, what is his role in it? Enchantress?




The young man who scolded himself carelessly turned around and looked at Taylor with a pair of bright black eyes. He blinked and his desire to struggle was extinguished.


Knowing that he wasn’t acting material, in order to avoid being found out, he simply closed his eyes, and rested his head on the shoulder of the major general. The whole person was like a kitten in the major general’s arms.


It’s a little bit flustering.


Miao Te, who cooperated with the major general’s scene of hedonism and debauchery, closed his eyes and thought in his mind.


Can’t help it, who let the major general have such a good figure with high muscle density.


Just as he was thinking about it, a warm breath passed in his ear, which was clearly from the breath exhaling from Taylor’s nose and lips.


The youth’s body stiffened for a moment, and he felt goosebumps rising up.


It was hard for the youth to endure the continuous breath in his sensitive ears.

Miao Te forced down the tingling in his head after the goosebumps, desperately resisting so as not to open his eyes and buried his face in Taylor’s neck.


He was afraid that his stiff and uneasy expression would be seen by others, he didn’t think that once his face was buried away, his mouth and nose would be facing the major general’s skin.


As he breathed gently, the warm breath passed over Taylor’s exposed clavicle.




Thought the black haired major general, but he did not try to correct the posture of the young man in his arms. Instead, he gently rubbed the soft hair of the man in his arms.


He glanced at the metal half ring that hung around Miao Te’s neck, and the silver blue shimmer illuminated his pupils.


Then, with his slender eyelashes drooping, he closed his eyes and held the man in his arms affectionately, as if falling into a deep sleep.


The room was quiet, with only the metal ring on the major general’s wrist flashing a faint blue light.





An hour later, it was already late at night.


Although he was panicked while lying on the body of the major general, Miao Te still fell asleep when he closed his eyes and stayed still.


The young major general, who was leading on the head of the bed with his arms wrapping him, had his head down with closed eyes, and did not move. He let out a steady breathing sound and seemed to be sleeping soundly.


All of a sudden, there was a light of fire.


Almost in the next second after the fire was lit, there was a loud bang—


The room shattered in an instant.


It was completely swallowed up by the fierce flames in a flash—


The two people inside didn’t even leave any remains—


Not really.


Almost at the same moment when the faint fire light ignited, the young major general who had been sleeping motionless for an hour suddenly opened his eyes.


The moment when the dark blue eyes reflected the fire light, they became sharp to the extreme.


The sharp light oozing out of that gaze radiated a terrifying coldness—


When the whole room was broken to pieces, the metal ring on his wrist had suddenly bursted a bright light.


Before, the metal ring had been emitting a light blue shimmer, and it was believed that this was due to spiritual harmonization.


But at the moment—


The hour-long light particle shield was suddenly activated as the room exploded, turning into a spherical screen of light that enveloped Taylor and Miao Te, away from harm.


But after the devastating explosion, poisonous flames soon followed and rushed in fiercely.


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