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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 35



In that huge roar and vibration, the young man suddenly woke up, he turned his head and was instantly dumbfounded.


He opened his eyes wide and stupidly looked at the poisonous fire that was rushing to him, the tongue-like flame was about to lick the tip of his nose—


All of a sudden, the sky was spinning—


The young major general, with his arms around him, jumped before the flames could devour them both.


Before Miao Te could open his mouth and scream, Taylor had leaped down from the waist of the hundreds of meters high spire.


The wind whistled in his ears and tore through his hair from the bottom up.


The weightlessness of falling from the sky made Miao Te feel that his heart was about to come out of his throat.


He hugged Taylor instinctively like a drowning man, and his tears were already coming out.


The fear of total weightlessness made him open his mouth and scream, but the last bit of reason told him that if he yelled out he would alarm the enemy—


But the sense of fear that his heart was about to jump out made him cry out. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the white neck of the major general, who he was clinging onto, was right in front of him.


And without thinking.


He took a bite!


Hard and forcefully, he could almost feel the bloody smell spread in his mouth.


But this bite, finally prevented him from shouting out.


The major general, who jumped down from hundreds of meters with Miao Te, had already planned to cover the youth’s mouth but before his hands could cover him, the little guy in his arms buried his face in his neck.


A sharp pain came from the neck, the child had bit him hard.


The sudden pain made Taylor frown, but didn’t have the time to pull the biting guy away.


The golden sand was right below. If it was smashed into at such a speed, the two of them would only fall into a pool of flesh.


The wind roared past the young major general’s cheek, and the jet-black hair was blown up wildly.


He put his arm around the young man in his arms, staring coldly at the sand without any change in his face and no fear in his eyes.


As if the person who was about to turn into meat sauce was not him, as if the person falling in the air wasn’t him. The expression on the man’s handsome face was calm to the extreme.

At the last second of landing—


Taylor suddenly stretched out his left hand.


The metal device around his left arm was activated instantly with his movements, and suddenly heated up.


A ferocious blast of air sprang out of the hot metal device, and the airflow was so fierce that it tore the sleeve of his left arm to pieces.


It was the counter force of this fierce air current that immediately offsetted the speed of his fall, causing him to float up a little bit instead.


Then he turned his hand into a posture of holding Miao Te with both arms, and his figure swiftly flipped in the air, and his black lacquered boots stomped heavily on the golden sand.


He landed so hard that almost half of his boots were buried into the sand.




From the explosion to the landing, the interval was less than a minute, but for Miao Te, it took a long time.


When he was put down by the major general, he was stunned and his mind was blank.


F̲u̲c̲k̲, this bungee jumping is too exciting!


Jumping hundreds of meters high in sky directly


He was scared to tears!


The boy crunched his neck and turned to his side, looking at Taylor tearfully.


Major general, you are gifted and powerful. It’s OK for you to play like this, but I’m the one with small arms and legs. I’ll lose my life if I play with you a second time


He wanted to make complaints for his stomach, but he could not make any noise, because his pale lips were still trembling, unable to utter a coherent word.


The young man could only use a pair of dark eyes full of tears and stare at the major general with accusing eyes.


But the person he wanted to accuse didn’t look at him at all. Instead, he was looking up at the blown up gap in the middle of the tower and the flames emerging from the gap.


With a cold light, the phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.


Not only this place, but several spires had also exploded. Obviously, the person who started the explosion didn’t want others to figure out that the explosion was specifically aimed at him.


No longer hesitating, Taylor dragged Miao Te into the shadows.


When everyone’s eyes were focused on the burning spire, it was the best time for them to disappear. He didn’t think that those people who wanted his life would believe that he really died in the explosion.


He didn’t respond in the initial attack, but the image of him jumping from the air will be found soon, so the next best thing to do was. . . 


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