It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 36



While looking for a temporary safe hiding place, the black haired major general was hidden in the shadows. As soon as he raised his hand, the metal ring on his wrist glowed and a small three-dimensional light curtain appeared in front of him.

He was not in contact with Qingfa and any message from Mia to the starry sky was probably being closely monitored. Once he communicates with Ishtar, his location would be revealed immediately.


Moreover, he has informed Qingfa of the possibility of an attack on him.




“What is the situation in Ishtar?”


“Everything is normal, Lord Taylor.”


“Yes, Lord Taylor, I shall arrange for someone to meet you.”




Taylor wasn’t someone who spoke superfluous words, if there were no special circumstances, he wouldn’t add the words “Ishtar” before “What is the situation”.


To mention “Ishtar” was to ask the whole ship to prepare a first-class combat readiness in secret.


Obviously, although there were no changes in Qingfa’s expression at the time, he had already understood his meaning. Therefore, instead of addressing him as “major general”, he called “Lord Taylor” instead.


At the same time, “return to the ship soon”, implied that the attackers would attack him by tomorrow at the latest.


When Taylor and Qingfa were talking, Robin was a little unconvinced at the beginning, but he was honest at the end.


Obviously, he understood the meaning of his boss’s words. He made fun of the relationship between his boss and Miao Te even saying a few dirty words to let the attackers relax their vigilance.


With Robin’s skills, he should be able to escape the room before the explosion.


And the reason why Taylor opened his communication at the risk of being found was…


[I shall arrange for someone to meet you.]


On the light screen, the snowflakes(static) flickered, the lines twisted a few times, and an intermittent sound came over.


“Lord. . . major. . . major general?”


It was a mechanical sound that was obviously processed and it could not be distinguished whether the speaker was male or female. It was intermittent and seemed to have been greatly disturbed.


Taylor spoke in a low voice.


“Pass it on.”




The voice over there answered, cutting off communication, but the light curtain did not disappear and instead rotated to form a three-dimensional diamond. The light spot started from the bottom of the diamond and filled the three-dimensional diamond quickly.


Miao Te, who was carefully half-kneeling behind Taylor, stared in a daze before reacting. Isn’t this a progress bar.

Sure enough, once the three-dimensional diamond was fully filled with light spots, it broke up at once, and then quickly pieced together to form a three-dimensional map in the air.


“My lord. . . go to. . . the red mark. . . the shuttle boat. . . Please as soon as possible. . . quickly. . . the city defense forces. . . start to mobilize. . . quickly. . .” 


The intermittent voice stopped abruptly, and then completely disconnected. 


Taylor’s hand moved slightly, and the three-dimensional map instantly shrunk to the size of a palm, floating on the back of his hand, flashing with a light blue gleam.


When he contacted Qingfa before, he had already hinted at the crisis that occurred, and Qingfa’s so-called “arrange for someone to meet” meant that Qingfa would mobilize their people who were lurking in Mia and even infiltrated into the Mia family.


In order not to reveal his position, he was unable to communicate with the ship, but the spies lurking on Mia could find an opportunity to communicate with him.


The message from the spies was clear. They arranged a shuttle boat in a secret location. . . Well, in less than two hours, this was probably the extent they could do. . . Perhaps, most of the undercover agents had been exposed in this incident.


Once the spies were caught, the location of the shuttle boat was likely to be exposed, so he had to race against the time to get back to Ishtar before the location was exposed.


Once again, he glanced at the flashing red light spot on the micro map, and his lips tightened slightly.


“Keep up with me.”


He turned his head and said to the youth by his side that he should stand up and get ready to go, but as soon as he turned his head, he saw that the teenager’s fluffy black head.


The youth was half crouched by his side, busy.


Not long ago, in order to counteract the impact of falling from the sku, he directly used the device on his left arm to burst the air pressure.


The fierce air pressure, which was akin to wind blades, tore his sleeve in an instant and slashed against the skin on his arm. However, time was too tight for him to take care of his bleeding left arm.


At the moment, though, most of the bloodstains on his bare left arm, which had been cut deeply, were tightly bound up with strips of cloth.


When he was contacting the spy and focused on the map, he felt that the youth was constantly pinching his arm. However, he just thought that the youth was frightened and kept scratching himself in a panic. Therefore, he didn’t care too much. Unexpectedly, the youth was busy bandaging the wound on his left arm while he was focused on contacting the spy. . .


Although, the bandaging technique was really clumsy.


Miao Te was still trying to tear some strips from the hem of his clothes when he reached out and grabbed his hand.


As soon as he looked up, he met the eyes of the young major general.


The dark blue eyes were like a collection of the deep cosmic starts, clearly reflecting his face.


“Don’t worry.”


The fine glossy black hair scattered on the snow-white skin, the dust and blood stains did not damage the young major general’s beautiful appearance comparable to a mythical elf.


After speaking, he turned his head and stood up.


He held the young man’s hand, so when he stood up he also pulled Miao Te up.


He stepped forward, because he had already turned his head, he could only see his side cheek littered with dark hair. He could hear his deep voice, and as usual, cold and emotionless.


But, at this moment, there was a little perceivable tenderness. 


He said, “I’m here.”


Oh. . . Since you have said so, major general, I will not worry. . . 




Wait, there seems to be something wrong.


As he held his hand obediently and followed the major general, Miao Te was pondering.


This sounds familiar.


He seemed to have heard these words often.




. . . Erase! Erase! These kinds of words are always said by the male lead to the female lead in TV series and movies!


Even if you are the male protagonist with a halo, how am I like a heroine?!


And most importantly—


Generally speaking, the male lead who usually say these words surely live to the end, but almost all the people who say such words will die in the last few minutes of the film—


So you are being like this, major general. Is it really good to set up such a flag where you must live and I must die?!


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