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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 37



The sudden explosion in the middle of the night woke up the sleeping city, soon the originally silent city was bustling with noise.


The people who were awakened by the great roar peeped out their heads from the windows and looked at the flames burning in at the waist of the spire and at the open gap.


In addition, there were four minarets that exploded from different directions, almost in a matter of minutes.


The city defense forces moved out quickly and the city was under martial law.


However, the whole city had begun to riot, especially those guests carrying noble statuses who came to the birthday banquet. They began to question, and even some guests said they wanted to leave the planet immediately.


At this time of panic, a huge three-dimensional light curtain appeared over the city.


The man with dark brown curly hair appeared in the light, calm and serious.


“Everyone, don’t worry!”


A huge image of the planet and even the heir of this star planet appeared above the city, making a powerful sound.


“The situation is under control, all the terrorists who tried to sabotage my father’s birthday party have been captured, and what happened tonight will never happen again.” 


He said solemnly, with a sonorous voice.


“I will never allow anyone to disturb my father’s birthday party. Anyone who tries to do such a thing should be ready for the Mia family’s revenge!”


After pacifying the citizens, countless light screens appeared in the middle of each guest room at the same time.


“Dear guests, I deeply apologize for the shock.”


Beiat said politely in the light screen, nodding slightly and apologizing to the guests in the room.


“In the name of the Mia family, I swear that this will never happen again. Please believe that we can guarantee your safety. Please be at ease and stay for my father’s birthday celebration.”


… … … …


 It took great effort to pacify the citizens and guests, but soon the whole city became quiet again.


The dark-brown curly-haired man stood in his room. When the light screen for communication disappeared from his eyes, the gentle and honest face was quickly shrouded in shadows, and his polite mien turned into a cold appearance.


The corner of his lips raised a high arc and he let out a scoff from his nose. He looked out the window, at the extinguished by the flames and the cracks in the tower body and an indescribable pleasure spread from his chest to his entire body.


Unprecedented excellence?


Even better than you when you were young?


Father, it’s a pity that you’re old and your eyesight is no longer good.


The most outstanding young man you have ever seen has been buried in the flames and the person who killed him is me who is not even half of him in your eyes.


You are old, father. The Mia family will be my world from now—


“Master Beiat! Emergency communication requiring access!”


 An anxious voice suddenly sounded, disturbing Beiat’s good mood.


He frowned, suppressing his displeasure.


“Take it in,” he said in a bad voice.


The light screen appeared in front of him in an instant, and the lines on it were torn a few times, with an anxious soldier appearing on it.


“Master Beiat! Major General Taylor is still alive!” 


The man’s pupils narrowed slightly because of his displeasure, and the anger and shame that came out of his body instantly made his gentle face twist in an instant.


“What’s going on?!”


He stared ferociously at the person in the light screen, gritted his teeth, practically ready to leap out and bite.


The soldier’s figure disappeared, and another image appeared on the light screen.


It was the image of Taylor holding the young man in his arms and jumping out of the tower.

The scorching flames erupting from the shattering gap behind him stretched its teeth and claws, but couldn’t even touch a corner of his clothes.


The image on the light curtain was a little fuzzy, flashing quickly, but even if it was a little fuzzy, one could clearly see the young man leaping out of the tower and then landing vigorously.


Immediately afterwards, the young major general and the teenager who followed him quickly disappeared from the image.


Beiat stood there, motionless.


His face was distorted, the gentleness of the day disappeared without a trace, and his expression was terrifying at this moment.


Not long ago, he enjoyed the pleasant feeling for less than a short while, and even mocking the major general and his father. At this time, it was like a slap to the face, which made his face swollen black and blue, his skin completely damaged.


At this moment, his fingertips trembled uncontrollably due to extreme anger and hatred.


[Beiat, if you were at least half of him…]


This sentence, like a nightmare, kept echoing in his ears.


It repeated in his mind over and over again, replaying it, filling his brain, almost splitting his head


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