It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 38



The man put his hands on the platform, his breathing became heavy.


He stared at the young major general in the image, his bloodshot and red eyes were full of malice and resentment


Kill him!


That guy must be killed!


That guy must die! No matter what the price is!


In the depth of his body, there was a fierce beast roaring ferociously, showing its savage fangs.


He put his hands on the platform, turned his head, and stared at the attendant standing behind him with red eyes.


“Move up all the city defense forces! Look for the trail of that person! Just say it was my order and kill him!”


“But, Lord Beiat, this kind of movement is too big, and it will be hard to calm the people and the guests…” 


His servant said embarrassedly.


“Furthermore, with this order, you won’t be able to hide the fact that you want to kill Major General Taylor…”


“Do as I say!”


His taut face twitched almost convulsively and roared at his servant.


“Find him! Find this guy! Kill him!”


The enraged master’s terrifying expression that he had never seen before startled the attendants. He dared not persuade him any more, and immediately passed on the young master’s order.


However, he did not dare to directly issue the order to find Major General Taylor and kill him, as Beiat said. Instead, he only sent an order to capture the two terrorists who carried out this terrorist attack to the city defense army. Once they encounter any suspicious personage, kill immediately.


The city that had just quieted down became noisy again. Countless city defense troops appeared on the streets, constantly searching for hidden places with their search equipment, as if they were trying to catch fish that slipped through the net, so that the people who just just felt relieved began to panic again.


After all, if the fish that slipped through the net was not caught, there may be another terrorist attack at any time.


Coupled with these soldiers unceasingly searching around and even breaking into residential houses in order to search, the whole city began to panic again.


Beiat stood in the room, staring blankly.


Three light screens surrounded him and the three-dimensional map above was constantly flashing, and dark blue messages were constantly flashing in the lower left corner of the screen, but the feedback messages only made his face more gloomy.


Almost the entire city’s city defense forces were dispatched, but no trace of that guy could be found.


These useless people


There was a loud bang and the door was slammed open.


Being in extreme irritability, Beiat turned his head and roared.


“I didn’t allow anyone to come in, don’t you understand?! Get out of he—” 


The last word “here” was stuck in his throat for a moment, and the man’s eyes suddenly widened.


He looked at the tall figure who walked in through the door, his mind was blank at the moment.


The gray-haired old man walked towards him step by step, staring at him steadily, his wrinkled face showing no expression.


It was clearly an old body but it exuded great aura with every step, the dull footsteps that stepped on the ground were shocking.


This old man was like a towering mountain that could not be surpassed, pressing down so hard that people could not breathe.


The old man stood in front of him, with a body of the same height as him, but the gaze staring at him seemed to be condescending, looking down at him, almost suffocating him.


Staring dully at the old man’s stern gaze, Beiat’s mind went blank.


He tried to make a sound, but his lips squirmed so hard that he couldn’t even breathe out.


He could only stand there foolishly.


How many times he thought he had already walked out of his father’s shadow.


But only now did he know that no matter how long it had passed, he was still the child who stood there and looked at his father’s back fearfully.




A heavy slap on the face made Beiat turn his face.


He turned his face sideways and didn’t move for a while.


The fiery pain on the cheek penetrated into the skin and the bone and blood, the pain made people crazy.


“Are you satisfied?”


The scorching pain made him finally take control of his voice again.


The man lowered his head and let out a low, hoarse laugh.


“You’re right… I’m trash, I’m a waste that can’t even compare to half of that person!” 


For the first time, he raised his head and confronted his father face to face, glaring at him unceremoniously.


“Everything you said is righteverything is right! I admit it! Are you satisfied?!”


“Anyway, you want that guy to be your son more than meI lost! I can’t beat him, I couldn’t beat him! I admit it, I’m just a wasteare you satisfied?!”


Dark brown curly hair was scattered disorderly in front of Beiat’s eyes, blocking his vision, and he could not see his father at the moment. With his expression, he could only see his father’s similar water chestnut lips tightening hard.


He didn’t want to look at his father’s eyes, he knew that his eyes still had that habitual disappointment.


T/N: The marquis might seem like a terrible father but he’s actually not. He’ll redeem himself in the next chapter. . . but it’s bad news for MC and ML.

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