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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 39



He knew what his father will say next— 


[You disappoint me, Beiat.]


Yes, father, I let you down.


Again and again.


If I was not your child, if the outstanding young man you admire was your child, that would be great.


Whether for you or for me.


The strong arm raised by the old man pushed him away forcefully, stepped forward, and walked to the three-sided circular light curtain.


He rested his hands on the platform and scanned the images on the light curtain and the messages bounced below.


“Immediately remove all the city defense forces!”


He gave the order in a deep and powerful voice.


Behind him, Beiat, who was pushed away just now, stood a little embarrassed.


He lowered his head, and his brown hair was messily scattered around the corners of his slightly twitching eyes. His hands hanging beside him were firmly clenched, and his nails deeply pierced into his palm.


He gritted his teeth tightly, almost breaking them.


In addition to resentment and unwillingness, his eyes also seeped a bit of pain.


How much does my father value the major general, how much his father admires and loves that man—


He will know it tomorrow, right?


He already knew what would happen if his father knew that he had moved his hand, didn’t he?


“Mars, mobilize my soldiers. Here, all of them, let them search secretly.”


The old man who withdrew all the city defense troops opened the communication channel of his confidant lieutenant, and gave orders with a calm expression.


“In addition, turn on the Mia Star’s satellite system and the city defense system to search for Major General Taylor’s trail.”


He said, his tone was cold and decisive.


“Once you find him, kill!”


Beiat suddenly raised his head, he looked at the old man’s back with wide eyes, his face was shocked and bewildered.


He wondered in disbelief whether he had misheard, whether his excessive anger caused him to hear voices.


He just stood in a daze watching his father turn around and walked back in front of him again.


The old man raised his right hand again—


Another slapping sound resounded.


The Marquis of Mia once again slapped his son so hard that Beiat staggered backwards.


“Don’t say that you are a waste. . . even if you are really trash, you are my child!” 


The old marquis stared at him firmly and said, every word, sonorous and powerful.


His chest was undulating violently, and his always calm and steady face flushed with anger at this moment.


He yelled at Beiat.


“My child! I will protect you for the rest of my life!”


He roared and walked back to the light screen stage again, staring scorchingly at the image on the screen.


At this moment, his eyes were like eagles staring at their prey, they were extremely sharp.


He knew how good the young major general was and how dangerous he was.


He knew how terrible the young man would grow up to be in the future.


It was because of this that he wanted Beiat to befriend him.


He knew that Beiat was excellent, but that was only compared to ordinary people. As the future successor of the Mia family, as the future helm of the galaxy, this level was far from enough.


Although the surface of the universe was stable and calm, the keen eyes of the Marquis of Mia have already seen that in the future, within ten years, the entire interstellar will begin to be turbulent.


The storm of war will sweep from the center of the empire and spread to the entire universe. Waiting for his children will be a warful and turbulent era. In that extremely dangerous era, packs of wolves were ready to feed on anyone. . . So, Beiat had not done enough. In that dangerous war era, just ordinary excellence was not enough!


That’s why he treated Beiat in the coldest and harshest way, he wanted to force Beiat to do better and better – in order to let Beiat survive in that chaotic era. In order to allow the entire Mia family to continue in the universe!


When he discovered that his harshness and persecution had pushed the child to another extreme, it was too late.


. . . He was old and will not live long.


But while he was still alive, he had to do everything possible to protect his children and leave as many resources and backhands as possible for his children.


He could see that with the ability of that young major general, in the future he must be a dominant overlord, so he lowered his posture and took the initiative to make friends with him, which was also in order to leave a good network for his children.


It’s just that I didn’t expect. . .


. . . Since, since things have reached the point where they are now, then there is only one thing he should do now.


Kill the young man who will threaten his children’s future!


. . . The man stood blankly, standing behind the old man, his face was burning with pain, he stared blankly at the familiar back.


No matter how many years have passed, the figure of this person was still straight, not the slightest curve.


No matter how many years have passed, he was still looking up at this person’s back.


He lowered his head, gritted his teeth, breathed desperately, desperate to contain the sourness that suddenly surged into the tip of his nose.


Father. . . . . .

T/N: Aww, but you know there are other ways, better ways, to reaffirm parental love, you know. . .

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