It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 40



Within the dark metal pipe, one couldn’t even see one’s own fingers. Miao Te supported himself on the cold metal wall and fumbled forward step by step. It was really difficult for one to walk.


He could only be grateful that the current level of technology was high since the garbage and waste water could be directly decomposed into particles and reorganized on the spot. There was no need for sewers in the city, otherwise he would have been drilling into stinky sewers instead.


Although the metal pipeline he was walking on was also underground, it was a transportation pipeline. It was laid in the deep underground of the city, criss-crossed, and weighed tens of tons. A transport vehicle could send things from one end of the city to the other through these transportation pipelines. 


There was a branch in front of him. He had just taken a step when a hand suddenly stretched out from behind, grabbed his waist and dragged him back in an instant.


He opened his eyes wide and watched as a red light darted past him.


Immediately afterwards, several red lights staggered across the huge pipe space in front of him.


The black-haired major general loosened his arms around the young man in his arms, and dragged Miao Te to quickly jump forward, almost rubbing the edge of the red light net that had just passed and fell into the pipe.


And as soon as he jumped into the pipeline in front of him, a few red lights swept by the place where he and Miao Te had just stood.


“What’s the matter?”


Miao Te asked in a bit of astonishment as he was dragged by Taylor and ran forward.


They had been walking in the underground pipeline for a long time before, but didn’t encounter these things.


Taylor leaned sideways, avoiding the glaring red light. And the young man who didn’t have his skills got down on the ground in order to be able to avoid the red line that swept from above.


As soon as Miao Te breathed a sigh of relief, he was picked up by Taylor.


The black-haired major general hugged him and leaned to the side, hiding in a slightly sunken recess, and the red light glided past the edge of his shoulder.


“The urban defense system has been activated.”


In the darkness, the face of the young major general could not be seen, only the deep voice could be heard.


There was a bit of solemnity in the voice.


“Probably. . .”


Swish, a faint blue gleam appeared in the darkness, illuminating Miao Te’s face.


Miao Te saw Taylor raise his right hand to his side, and the miniature map on the back of his hand shimmered pale blue in the dark.


The dim light also illuminated the handsome face of the young major general who was observing the miniature map on the back of his hand. In the darkness, his originally pale skin was lined by the faint blue light, becoming more and more like a sculpture of ice and snow.


However, this handsome face frowned slightly at this moment.


“. . . Huh, it’s changed.” 


The young major general snorted, his eyes became even colder.


Just by looking at this resolute and vigorous method and the decisive way of withdrawing ordinary soldiers and replacing them with the most elite personal guards, he had already guessed who was now in charge behind the scenes.


The old man must have issued an order to kill.


“What’s the matter?”


Seeing Taylor’s frowning eyebrows and the sudden coldness in his eyes, Miao Te had a grim intuition.


Taylor did not answer Miao Te’s question, and after a moment of pondering, he made a decision.


Using the dim light of the miniature map, he looked around and judged the underground location at the moment.


According to the map, there should be a ground exit of the transportation pipeline nearby.


“Go back to the ground,” he said.


“Huh? The ground is full of people who want to arrest us!”


“There is no time.” 


Taylor said lightly.


“Let’s go.”


Now that the person behind the operations had been switched to the old Marquis Mia, even the most elite guards under the opponent’s command have been dispatched, then his whereabouts may be revealed soon, so he must hurry to reach that place.


Moreover, the underground transportation pipeline was no longer safe. Now that a large number of city defense forces had gathered, he might as well return to ground level.


“. . .”


Miao Te felt that he had better not speak. He would just follow what the major general said.


He honestly followed the major general to climb up. When he was about to reach the top, the hard metal partition blocked their way to the ground. When Miao Te saw Taylor lift his hand, a blazing blue light emerged from a short black handle in his hand, like a blue dagger.


The blue lightsaber easily pierced the hard metal partition, and cut a large hole in the metal partition without making any sound.


The major general leaped out swiftly, then he turned around and stretched out his hand and easily pulled Miao Te out from below.


As soon as Miao Te stood firmly on the ground, a laser shot out abruptly. Before he had time to think, he threw himself on the ground.


As he laid on the ground, he raised his head to look back, there was a thump. The soldier who fired the gun had fallen heavily to the ground. When he looked up, he happened to see the young major general break the neck of another soldier with his backhand. Then snatched the laser gun from the soldier, whose neck was broken by him. He shot the soldier he had backhanded and broke the spine of the soldier who was lying on the ground with a kick.


The soldier who was on the ground was desperately trying to get up but fell into the sand and stopped moving. The bright red blood flowed from under him and dyed the golden sand.


The head was tilted, his eyes wide open and empty.


Taylor stood up and shook the blood splashed on his hands. He, who had killed the two soldiers in a seemingly understated way, exuded an unabashed suffocation like a carnivorous beast with sharp teeth.


There was a faint look in the emotionless dark blue pupils but one glance made people shudder.


He looked up at the surrounding environment, thinking about where to proceed.


But when he turned his head, without knowing when, he saw that the child squatted beside the dead soldier. He watched Miao Te stoop over to pick up the laser gun in the soldier’s hand and the blood stained the sole of the child’s feet.


The youth clenched the blood-stained gun tightly and tightened his lips, his expression stiff.


“You don’t need to force yourself.”


Taylor looked away and said softly.


“I’m okay. . .” 


The boy’s somewhat stiff voice was completely different from what he was saying.


The face that still had a bit of childishness pulled out a smile, but that forced smile could barely be called a smile and was not so good-looking.


“Well, I’m also a soldier under your command, major general.” 


It’s no use. He was useless but if he didn’t do anything and was so comfortably protected, then he would look down on himself.


No, not being strong was not an excuse for doing nothing.


“Hide well.”


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