It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 41



Taylor didn’t say anything more, he pushed Miao Te into the shadows of a nearby house. Then he looked up and around, his eyes falling on a nearby minaret.


He leapt, stepping on the roof of the low house where Miao Te was hiding, then turned around and flew onto the opposite spire.


The direction that he leaped in would cause him to hit the tower and slide down—


He stretched out his right hand, and the whole person somehow hung on the smooth tower.


After a closer look, he found that he was holding the blue lightsaber tightly in his hand, and the blue light pierced deeply into the tower.


Immediately afterwards, Taylor, who hung in the air, stepped on the tower with one foot and his figure quickly leaped up again.


Once in the air, he rolled over and entered the window sill in the room below the spire.


It was said that the room under the minaret was also tens of meters above the ground. On the other hand, Taylor flew up in a matter of seconds, without even a loss of breath, as if he was comfortable with it.


The series of movements were effortless and neat, like floating clouds and flowing water, and Miao Te, who was hiding underneath, opened his mouth wide.


So handsome!


If it weren’t for the current situation, the young man would have raised his hands and began to applaud desperately.


Kneeling on the window sill, the young major general looked down, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of the raised eyes became sharper.


He stared in a certain direction with scorching eyes, like a black panther lurking quietly in the dark, prowling with tightened muscles, and patiently waiting for the arrival of the prey.


Now that he has appeared on the ground, the old Marquis of Mia will definitely be able to catch him in the shortest time.


So next, the forces will focus on him.


So. . .


Here it comes!


A flash of light suddenly flashed across the dark blue pupils.


A few small battleships could be seen rushing in this direction from a distance. One of the foremost battleships shuttled between the numerous spires, at a low height and flew towards this place.


At the moment when the small battleship was about to pass under the spire where Taylor was hiding—


Taylor was almost stuck in that one-tenth of a second and jumped down.


The jet-black boots landed heavily on the small combat ship, that was no more than two people wide, and the light blue sword in his hand had plunged heavily into the hard metal shell the moment he landed on the top of the ship.


In almost a second, he had used his lightsaber to cut a giant hole in the top of the ship.


With his left hand stretched out, the pilot inside was abruptly pulled out by him and dropped off of the ship.


He leaned down, getting into the battleship and made a hard turn. He was about to crash into the battleship in front of him. The other battleship was destroyed but Taylor had swung the battleship’s tail to the limit, twisting an impossible arc and narrowly grazed the tower.


In less than a minute, from Taylor’s jump to the hijack of the battleship, Miao Te was dumbfounded from below.


He felt that his whole person was going to be in a bad mood.


He single-handedly tore the battleship!


Is this really something that humans can do?!


It’s not such an exaggeration that it’s like a movie!


… … … Major-General, I will never say that you are pretending to be forceful. . . You are indeed genuine!!!


Until he climbed onto the battleship, shrank behind the pilot’s seat, and clung to the back of the seat tightly, the teenager still had a dreamlike feeling.


However, before he could wake up and flatter the major general, the major general’s warning sound had already come first.


“Hold on!”


Before Miao Te had time to digest these two words, his body suddenly lost weight in the next second. If he hadn’t reflexively hugged the back of the seat, he might have been thrown out and smashed on the bulkhead.


However, before he had time to catch his breath, the ship turned 360 degrees in the air.


For a moment, Miao Te felt the world was spinning, his head hit the roof of the cabin hard, and he cried out in pain.


However, this was just the beginning. Under the pursuit of a dozen small battleships behind, among the intertwined laser cannons, the stray battleship flew up and down with various flips, rolls, and tail flicks being continuously used.


Obviously dozens of laser cannons were jetting from behind, but this battleship just forcibly steamrolled out a path in the barrage of laser bullets. The laser cannon sprayed ammunition like a torrent of rain but could not even touch its sides.


There were many spires in the city, and the spires were extremely dense. In this kind of place, if one didn’t pay attention, they would hit the spire. There were already several battleships that had crashed into the spire and killed themselves. Other battleships were relentlessly chasing after them but were forced to slow down.


And yet the small battleship in front seemed to mock them as it accelerated again.


It used terrifying speed and almost miraculous technology to shuttle through countless spires. Clearly, it could be seen that it was about to collide in the next second, but it bypassed around in the last moment—


Even as an enemy, the pilots of the opposing battleships were in awe.


“His purpose is. . .” 


The old man frowned and looked at the direction of the flashing red dot on the map emerging from the light screen.


“So that’s it, his purpose is the shuttle ship in that place.”


The direction the red dot was moving towards was a place where interstellar trade takes place on Mia star.


Such interstellar trade strongholds would generally have the permission to use ships to enter and exit the planet. There must be shuttle ships leaving the planet inside.


“The Muma trading stronghold is under urgent martial law!”


He ordered without hesitation.


“Open the portal at that place, and all members of SIP teams 3, 5, and 6 will immediately go through the portal to the Muma stronghold!”


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