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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 42



Throwing aside the group of battleships behind them, this small battleship with a hole drew an arc in the air and flew towards its destination at the fastest speed.


Miao Te, who was holding the back of the pilot’s seat tightly, was still dizzy. He shook his head vigorously before waking up a little.


. . . After the extreme bungee jumping, there was an earthshaking chase. It was too exciting that he didn’t even breathe.


The teenager felt that his heart had been trained as never before in this short hour. No matter what happens next, he could bear it!


“Do you see the portal in front of you?” 


The major general’s voice came from the front, and he quickly responded with a spirited response.


Looking closely, he saw a portal erected in an open space in front of him, and inside that door was a light screen flashing white light. At the same time, he also saw that countless well-equipped soldiers were continuously coming out of the portal.


“As soon as the hatch opens, you jump down there.”




Lord major general, there are soldiers at the portal! And there must be more people across the portal! Do you really want to send a sheep into the tiger’s mouth?!


It was too late to ask anything, and the battleship was already whizzing towards the portal.


However, within seconds, it leapt over the portal, then turned and whizzed straight towards the ground.


The hatch of the battleship slammed open—




Between the lightning and flint, Miao Te didn’t have time to think, he reflexively jumped out of the battleship according to the words of the young major general.


The out-of-control battleship smashed the group of soldiers on the ground—


Seeing that there was a ship falling above them, the soldiers almost instinctively wanted to avoid them, there was no time to shoot the two men who jumped out of the ship.


Taylor, who jumped down almost at the same time as Miao Te, swung his hand in the air, and a piece of metal flew over and slammed heavily on the black button on the side of the portal.


A second before Miao Te fell into the portal, the portal’s white light suddenly turned into yellow.


Immediately afterwards, both Taylor and Miao Te were engulfed by the yellow light.


The black-haired major general successfully passed through the yellow portal. When the scenery in front of him changed, he ignored the others. First, he turned around—


The black handle in his hand instantly emitted a sharp blue light to form a lightsaber, and slashed the yellow portal behind him. The portal had split in half.


The yellow light of the half-destroyed portal dimmed, but did not completely disappear.


The bandaged wound on his arm had long burst open during his violent movements, and a lot of blood had flowed along the way. The sudden dizziness caused by the excessive blood loss made the lightsaber that Taylor slashed by an inch, and failed to destroy the portal. He raised his hand to make up another sword.


But just as soon as he raised his hand, a laser bullet suddenly shot from the yellow light curtain and penetrated his shoulder. Taylor’s feet shook, his head suddenly dizzy, and his body fell back uncontrollably into the wall behind.




The young major general’s pupils contracted sharply.


He saw that a male soldier had emerged from the portal, held a laser gun at him, and was about to shoot—


A white laser beam slashed through the air.


It did not penetrate the young major general’s chest.


The laser shot was from the laser gun in the hands of the black-eyed boy and had destroyed the remaining portal, causing the yellow light to disappear into the air instantly.


The male soldier who had just revealed half of his body howled miserably as his body was torn abruptly. As the yellow light curtain disappeared, he fell to the ground with a splash, dripping blood all over the ground.


The jet-black eyes reflected half of the corpse in a pool of blood, and the pupils of the young man who was still in a shooting posture shrank violently.


He seemed to want to speak, but his pale lips trembled, making no sound.


He took a few breaths, and slowly though somewhat dully withdrew the hand holding the gun. His hand did not tremble, but his fingers gripped the gun so tightly that the knuckles were almost white.


Miao Te, panting lowly, turned around looking away from the half of the corpse and leaned on the wall as if he wanted to walk away.


But as soon as he took a step, his knees suddenly softened and he knelt on the ground.


He leaned on the wall and panted. For a while, he felt his body was heavy and unbearable. He stared blankly at the silver-white floor under his feet, feeling that his brain was full of half bloody corpses.


The jet black boots suddenly appeared in his line of sight, and Miao Te was taken aback for a moment, and immediately reacted.


At this tense moment, there is no time for him to adjust his emotions.


“Sorry. . . let’s go.”


He said, resisting the nausea from his chest, and trying to stand up with one hand on the wall.


His body, which was too heavy to stand up suddenly lightened, and Miao Te raised his head in astonishment, facing the dark blue pupils.


Scattered jet-black hair scattered on the cheeks of the young major general who was holding him up. The handsome cheeks were stained with blood stains, and the bright red tones set off the man’s snow-like skin.


The slender eyelashes moved slightly, like traces of the vibration of a butterfly’s wings.


It was so beautiful that it can attract all people’s attention so that people can’t see or think of anything else. At this moment, they were so close to him, he could almost feel the breath of this person gently passing through his eyelashes.


At this moment, the young man’s brain was occupied by this flourishing beauty that hit the heart directly, and he instantly threw away the image of the bloody corpse that had just been lingering behind his head.


The young major general lowered his head. He gazed at the youth he had picked up, looking back at him with his lips slightly open. He squinted his eyes, and the slender phoenix eyes slightly curved upward.


He remembered not long ago that the child’s face was a little stiff with his lips pursed when he picked up the gun in a pool of blood and the figure who was kneeling on the ground just now felt even more slender.


The child opened his eyes to look at him, with a pitch-black tone that was the same color as his falling hair, and the watery eyes were bright and clear. At this moment, he stared at him in a daze, and his pupils seemed to be full of his shadow.


He didn’t know why he seemed so pitiful.


“I’m here.”


He said, lowering his head and gently rubbing the boy’s cheek.


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