It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 43



As a face control, Miao Te never thought it was shameful to look at good-looking people too often.


However, it was just to admire and satisfy one’s yearning for beauty.


He never thought that one day, he would watch a person to the point of losing awareness.


By the time the young man, who was staring blankly at the handsome and beautiful face in front of him finally recovered, he had already been carried by Taylor for a long time.


. . . Miao Te suddenly felt that he could understand the thoughts of those emperors who had lost their thrones for the sake of beauties.


If he were the emperor and there was such a beauty in the harem, how early would he lose his position?


It’s one’s business to stare at the beauty’s face every day and still be full of enthusiasm—


. . .


Wait, this beauty was a man.


The youth who finally returned to reality shook his head vigorously, throwing away the messy thoughts in his mind.


As soon as he raised his head, he saw a large blood stain on the left shoulder of the major general who was holding him. The white shirt was dyed in blood red, almost all of his chest was stained red, and there was a faint tendency of expanding outward.


Miao Te woke up with a sharp spirit.


He struggled and jumped down to the ground. When he lowered his head, he found that he was also covered in blood. With a subconscious glance, his gaze landed on the left arm that Taylor had just held him with.


The whole strip of cloth wrapped on the young major general’s left arm was soaked with blood. The violent activity just now caused those wounds to burst open. At this moment, the blood kept leaking out and flowing down the arm.


Tick, a few drops of blood dripped to the ground along the white fingertips.


The young major general’s left shoulder to his left hand was almost bloody and was a startling sight against the snow-white skin that was bare because of the tattered sleeves. Miao Te was shocked.


“F̲u̲c̲k̲, you are sick!”


Horrified by the bloody appearance, Miao Te blurted out his words.


When he was in a hurry he couldn’t stop talking, he completely forgot that he had to keep the image of a good baby in front of the golden thigh.


“You won’t deal with it if you’re hurting like this?!” 


He even hugged him while walking away, he wasn’t afraid that the blood would not flow out enough, right?


Looking at the honest and well-behaved teenager suddenly exploded with coarse words, the black-haired major general raised his eyebrows.


He followed Miao Te’s gaze and lowered his head. He saw his left arm that was almost fully red with blood.


This little guy got angry because of this?


“It’s okay.”


He said blankly, putting down his hand and continuing to move forward, letting the place where he walked drip with blood.


After watching dumbfoundedly, Miao Te hurried to catch up, watching the blood drip all the way down and feeling frustrated.


“No, no, it’s obviously not okay—you have to stop the bleeding first anyway.”


“There is no such condition here.” 


A light sentence choked Miao Te out of words.


Even if the cut on Taylor’s arm was split, it would just bleed more blood, not a fatal injury.


The key was that the wound on his left shoulder was pierced by a laser bullet, the bleeding from there could not be stopped, even if it was bandaged, it was useless. Professional medical equipment was necessary to stop the bleeding, so Taylor didn’t want to waste time bandaging and let it bleed like this.


He never did useless work.


“. . .”


Miao Te ran after him, watching the major general go all the way forward, blood dripping down his arm.


He looked at the dripping blood with a frowning and tangled face.


Taylor glanced at the expression on the little guy’s face, watching the little guy staring at his arm. The whole face was so sad, that his bad mood since he was chased was a little better at this moment. 


“Aren’t you afraid?”




“The blood.”


“. . .”


Yes, speaking of it, when he saw the half bloody corpse just now he was disgusted. His brain was full of blood, which made him feel chest tightness, dizziness, and nausea when he saw the blood. . .


But just now, he had been staring at the major general’s bloody arm all the time, why didn’t he feel uncomfortable at all?


Was there something like blood that is good-looking and bad-looking?


The face looks good, so blood will look better than ordinary people?


Isn’t this unscientific?


. . . No, no, now the key is, is it really okay for his blood to flow like this?


After thinking wildly, the teenager became worried again.


No matter how strong and powerful, this person was still made of flesh and blood, and he would die if he loses too much blood.


While thinking about this, he couldn’t help but grab the bloody hand. Even if he knew that he couldn’t help, he just felt that holding that hand might make the other person feel better.


It’s like when he used to suffer badly in the hospital bed, as long as his parents held his hand, he would feel much better.


The moment his hand was grasped, the major general’s blood-stained fingers moved slightly.


He didn’t look back, he still looked ahead, the expression on that handsome face was also faintly unchanged, only the slender eyelashes slightly moved.


The blood flowing from his arm quickly stained red. The youth held his hand and the blood dyed that hand the same bright red as his arm.


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