It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 44


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He and Taylor walked in a place that looked like a huge metal box, because there were silver-white metal walls on all sides, and even the pillars supporting the roof in the middle were shiny with metal.


The big metal place was empty, because the foot was on the silver-white metal floor the sound of one’s footsteps were very clear, and the echo made the footsteps of both people unusually loud in this empty place.


There were still shallow water marks on the metal floor and even on the walls, as if this place was submerged by water not long ago.


The whole space was very clean, there was no dust at all. It clearly looked like a sealed space, but it’s not dry at all and the air was moist.


Moreover, the entire sealed space was very large. After descending from the destroyed portal placed at the highest point, they walked for more than ten minutes before reaching the end.


Taylor looked around and walked to a huge protruding partition in the corner. He raised his right hand, and the miniature map on the back of his hand rotated to form a small pattern.


The pattern was reorganized to form a row of small code characters, which were then projected on the partition.


In the next second, the partition that resembled the walls, suddenly lit up and opened automatically in front of Taylor.


A light yellow shuttle ship several meters wide and tens of meters high appeared in front of them. Its tail was fixed to the floor, and above its head was a black hole just the size of it. The edge of the track laid in the hole could vaguely be seen.


It stood on the ground with an open belly, revealing a small inner compartment.


We found it.


Miao Te breathed a sigh of relief.


As long as we get on this, we can go back to Ishtar.


He thought happily, and when he turned his head, he saw the major general frowning.


“Is there something wrong?”


“. . . life-saving shuttle.”


“Isn’t it great?”


Miao Te recently read about this kind of ship when he was browsing through the web information.


This kind of life-saving shuttle boat would automatically shut down and activate the escape function as soon as someone enters.


They were escaping, right? Their situation matched with this lifeboat.


“. . .”


Taylor was silent for a moment, then he opened his mouth, his voice low with a trace of hoarseness.


“For singular usage.”




The young man opened his mouth and was speechless for a long while.


Obviously, the major general’s subordinates had only had time to prepare this single-person shuttle for him in such a short time, and they never expected that Taylor would take another person with him.


The black-haired major general stared at the shuttle boat and frowned.


This ship could only be used by one person. Although it’s not impossible to force two people in the space inside it, after increasing its weight, its fuel and propulsion would not be enough to make it escape the planet’s gravity and enter the universe.


Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for two people to use it together.


It seemed that they had to find another way.


With a tick, something fell on the metal ground and also on the boy’s cheek, making him shrink from the cold.


“Is it raining?”


Raising his hand, Miao Te was a little inexplicable when he saw water dripping on his palm.


Weren’t they underground? In a closed space like a metal box, where does the rain come from?


As soon as he looked up, he saw that the metal ceiling was wet, and there were continuous drops of water falling down.


“Our whereabouts have been found.” 


The major general’s voice suddenly came from the side, surprising Miao Te who was still looking at the ceiling in confusion.


“Ha? It was discovered? How did you know?”


“This is the underground water tank,” Taylor also saw the falling water point, his eyes narrowed, and he said coldly, “the water system is activated. “


Mia was a planet whose surface is mostly desert, so there was very little water on the planet.


Therefore, in the underground of each city of Mia, there were countless huge water storage metal tanks. Through particle reaction, water was produced and was then transported to the city.


Taylor looked up and saw that the air humidity in this metal space had reached its limit, the walls had become soggy, water was dripping from the metal walls, and they began to gather on the ground.


“The water tank. . . that is to say, it will be flooded soon?”


Miao Te looked around nervously.


As the humidity got higher and higher, the water at the top kept dripping down, more and more, getting bigger and bigger, and the whole space was drenched, as if it was raining.


The water surface on the silver-white metal ground rose at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Miao Te saw it quickly reach over the instep of his feet.


“What. . . what do we do?”


Miao Te panicked, subconsciously looking at the only person who he could rely on at this time.


No matter when, Major General Taylor was the most trustworthy and most capable person. There was nothing this person couldn’t do.


This idea had been deeply rooted in the teenager’s mind.


Otherwise, when the major general asked him to jump, he wouldn’t have jumped down without hesitation, even if all the enemies below weren’t there.


Just follow the instructions of the major general and there’ll be no problem.


He always thought so.


Therefore, when he was at a loss, he instinctively and subconsciously turned his attention to the man who was as powerful as a god in his heart.


He saw the young major general standing in front of the shuttle’s hatch with one hand on the bulkhead.


The man’s black hair soaked in water wetly pressed against that handsome face, and the moist black strands made the man’s side cheeks appear abnormally pale.


He saw the person’s slightly rapid breathing different from the usual, and the person’s left arm hanging beside him, watery drops of blood flowing along the pale fingertips like broken beads. 


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