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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 45


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…… Hmm.


A man who is too strong to be human and is much closer to be god.


But no matter how powerful, he is a person of flesh and blood after all.


Thinking about this, the boy raised his hand and rubbed his face vigorously.


Now that their whereabouts have been discovered, the chasing soldiers will probably arrive soon, regardless of whether they will drown here.


……Only one person could leave alive




His vision began to blur. . .


The young major general who was thinking this way stood in the doorway with his right hand propped on the bulkhead.


His breathing had also become rapid. This body was much stronger than the average person because of the rigorous training he has undergone since he was a child. It had practically reached the limit of the human body, but after all, it was still a flesh and blood body.


The water dripping from the ceiling poured on him like rain, making him wet, his clothes soaked in water, freezing cold, and the chill permeated his body.


The jet black hair was wet on his pale cheeks, and the sequelae of excessive blood loss had begun to strike, making his consciousness in a slight trance.


He stood propped on the bulkhead and took a deep breath, trying to control the dizziness in his head.


I have to think of a way to take that child with me. . . 


He gently let out a breath, although halted.


The air behind him suddenly changed, as if someone was coming.


If it was at ordinary times, he could easily avoid this sudden attack and stop the attacker in an instant.


But now he was in the most exhausting moment of his body, and the slight dizziness caused by blood loss made his reaction slow.


He was kicked heavily by the person behind him.


The strength of the sudden attack made him stagger, who was already a little unstable, and he couldn’t help but walk forward two steps.




There was a sharp noise, and the surrounding burst to light.


The cabin of the shuttle suddenly lit up, and all the instruments were activated.


The young major general who had been kicked into the life-saving shuttle suddenly turned around, but with a bang, the hatch closed in front of his eyes.


The transparent but hard inner door separated him from the youth outside.


The black-haired and dark-eyed child who kicked him into the cabin smiled at him, his dark eyes curved into a crescent arc.


In the constant falling waterline, the black hair that had been thoroughly soaked wetly stuck to the child’s face.


The young major general’s pupils dilated slightly at this moment.


He looked at the immature face smiling at him. Sometimes the child’s face looked dull, a little dumb and a little silly, but when he laughed, it was brighter than anything.


He saw the child standing in the water, the soaked clothes clinging to his body, making the figure look more slender.


He saw the child’s lips move, as if he was smiling and saying something to him, but he couldn’t hear anything. He could only see the child smiling and raising his hand and waving to him.


The right hand that was swung lightly was covered with blood, the bright red that his blood stained.


The bloody color was deeply reflected in the major general’s inky blue pupils, as if it was branded in the deepest part of his mind through the pupils—


The outer metal hatch fell heavily, cutting off his sight.


And completely cutting off the figure of the child reflected in his pupils.


The shuttle hull shook violently, spouting gas violently with the roar.


It carried the only passenger in the cabin and whizzed up along the track in the black hole.






I always heard people say that it was really exciting to run after pretending to be forced.


Ha ha.


It’s even more exciting to die after pretending, do you want to try?


Miao Te thought this way sarcastically, watching the shuttle ship whizzing away, spraying him with water along the way from the air pressure.


The smiley face on the swollen face like one kept by the fat man [T/N:Buddha’s smile] just now collapsed in an instant, and he sighed heavily with a helpless look on his face.


Didn’t I say that you can’t set up a flag. Look, it happened, right?


After the shuttle boat had left, the black hole opening also sealed by itself.


In other words, it was really a completely enclosed space now, and he was staying in this huge, completely enclosed metal box.


. . . Maybe there would be other exits, but Miao Te looked at the water that was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye and it had already covered his knees at the moment. He felt that even if there were other exits, he would definitely not have time to look for them.


Mom and Dad, I’m sorry. I promised you that I will live no matter what happens, but now I can only stop here.


Miao Te rubbed his eyes, and he leaned back against the wall, staring blankly at the water that had already covered his knees and thighs.


. . . He wanted to live, but the life of the major general is more important than his.


He was alone and dead, which was his own business, but that person was carrying too many lives. What’s more, how many times was he saved by that person and owed him several lives, how could it be possible to continue to drag him to this point. . .


And. . .


And. . . . . .




The young man leaning on the wall shook his wet hair and grinned. He couldn’t help laughing again.


I, over and over again, kept relying on him. But I successfully kicked the major general in the ass just now!!!


Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – my life may be worth it, the whole universe has regressed so I kicked the ass of major general who – ha ha ha ha! ! !


Damn, I can’t stop laughing!


Kicked the major general in the ass – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – my life has no regrets – ha ha ha ha ha!


Hahaha – help – hahaha – it’s so cold, I can’t stop laughing, what to do – hahahahahaha!




Well, the major general is quite flexible.


Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha–

T/N: Thanks for reading. Poor Miao Te is feeling conflicted to the point of going crazy. He feels happy to have done something good but he is reluctant to die. Sometimes being selfless can be hardest. But he is the MC so of course he won’t die 😉


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