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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 46


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The black-red sofa was covered with a thick pure white blanket with fine fur, delicate patterns, and golden fringes hanging on the ground.


It laid lazily on the white blanket, its black fur was shiny.


Two beautiful maids knelt near the sofa and wiped its body with snow-white silk cloths. The white comb gently combed its black hair. There was another man kneeling in front of it, holding a delicate white porcelain plate in his hands, and brought the delicacy prepared by the chef to his owner’s mouth.


Dozens of servants stood beside it with their hands down, as long as it moved, they would step forward to serve immediately.


Since it was born, it has enjoyed this luxurious life that even low-level nobles couldn’t enjoy. Its eyes slanted lazily, squinting, with its dark head resting on its front paws.


It looked bored and absent-minded, while occasionally lowering its head and licking the fur on its front paws.


Suddenly, it moved and the head lying on its front paws instantly lifted up.


Its sudden movement immediately caught the attention of the people who served it. They looked at it nervously.


It didn’t pay attention to them, but raised its head, as if its glowing pupils were looking in a certain direction.


It squinted its eyes, and its pupils became elongated.


Then, all of a sudden, it jumped.


At the moment no one had time to react, but the vigorous figure flew away and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.


For a while, everyone was shocked.


“Lord Caesar!”






Tens of thousands of years ago, mankind left the Earth and entered the universe. It was the beginning of the so-called era of the universe, and ushered in new developments that increased in leaps and bounds.


At that time, the ambitious leader who led mankind into the universe was promoted to the throne by his subordinates hundreds of years later, and he became the emperor and created the empire of mankind.


As time passed, the family that ruled mankind had undergone ups and downs for tens of thousands of years, but had always occupied the throne of the emperor, continuing the human empire from the beginning to the present.


. . . . . . For a long time, the Empire which had experienced tens of thousands of years became quite dysfunctional.


In the last millennium, wars have occurred frequently, pirates have proliferated, rebellions have risen everywhere, and the great empire has been exhausted, and every war has made it even weaker. When the central government became unreliable, the various galaxy forces gradually began to conscript their own troops to defend against the enemy. The lords and nobles began to hold military power, perhaps because of ambitions, or for self-preservation. Many forces began to refuse to obey the orders of the central government making the central power become even weaker. In this vicious circle, as the imperial central’s control of the empire weakened, more and more local forces began to break away from its control.


Up to now, the only sphere of influence that the emperor who nominally rules the entire universe could only control was actually the emperor galaxy, his own star system.


The central power was weak, and the lords and nobles of each galaxy held their own military power, and the heroes were separated.


They still respected the emperor in name, but in fact they were kings with their own respective forces.


Among the various galaxy forces, there were long-established aristocratic forces and emerging ones.


Major General Taylor was an emerging force that had recently risen. He was born from a declining ancient family and rose up from obscurity to prominence in just a few decades.


At his young age, he not only had the title of major general, but also had a large number of troops under his command, as well as several planetary territories.


As an emerging force, he had no family support behind him, and he had no heirs despite his young age. The forces under his command rely solely on him, moving based on his centripetal force.


It could be said that he alone supported this piece of galaxy power.


So. . . once he was gone, the sky would fall apart.


If Major General Taylor dies, not to mention everyone on the battleship Ishtar waiting in the universe but all his power will immediately fall apart.


In this era of vying for supremacy, once he dies, the pack of wolves surrounding his sphere of influence would definitely bite the prey that has no owner. At that time, it would be unknown how many planets would be caught in stormy wars, and how many people would die in those wars.


So. . .


So, Major General Taylor must live.


Almost all of his body was soaked in water, and the black hair that had been soaked thoroughly was pressed against the young man’s pale cheeks.


He floated on the water, his forehead pressed tightly against the metal ceiling. The water surrounded him, the icy cold penetrated into the blood and even the bone marrow. From the beginning, he was shivering and gradually felt numb now.


His vision had faintly begun to blur. . .


There was a gap of a few centimeters between the water surface and the ceiling, and in a few minutes, this gap would be completely filled by the rising water.


It’s okay.


The young man, whose fingers were trembling on the ceiling with the fear of death, told himself so repeatedly.


If he died, he died alone. If Major General Taylor died, there would be thousands more dying.


He tried to tell himself.


Look, I’m a hero. I’m a hero who has saved a lot of people.


Ha ha ha, since you are a hero, you can’t behave like a coward. Even if you pretend to be a hero, you have to pretend till death—


He said to himself so desperately, repeatedly persuading himself not to be completely overwhelmed by fear, but he still couldn’t stop his shaking hands.


His water-stained face was pale and bloodless, and his wet hair scattered around his cheeks. His whole person was a mess and he didn’t look like a hero at all.


. . . He was afraid of death.


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