It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 47



In the hospital bed, he was struggling desperately on the line of life and death countless times. He was more afraid of death than anyone else. Therefore, even if he knew that he reached a dead end, his survival instinct still made Miao Te couldn’t help but follow the rising water surface and let his head float on the water.


He tilted his head, because there was only a few centimeters between the water and the ceiling. He could only raise his head, his face against the metal ceiling, panting quickly.


In less than ten minutes, he watched the water rise up little by little, flooding his knees, his waist, his chest. . .


The feeling that one could only watch as death approaches can drive people crazy.


The surface of the water was still rising, a little closer to the ceiling.


His mouth and nose were almost pressed against the metal wall, greedily breathing the last two centimeters gap of air left.


However, no matter how scared and struggled he was, the rising water eventually submerged him completely.


The icy water rushed in and swallowed him.


Even if he knew it was useless, the submerged teenager still instinctively covered his nose and mouth and held his breath.


There was water in all directions, enveloping him. His clothes soaked in water floated gently in the water. His body sank slowly, and his dark hair raised in the water.


Holding his breath desperately was of no use, he couldn’t hold on anymore and opened his lips.


The icy cold water instantly choked into his mouth and nose, and he coughed painfully, but the more coughed, the more water he choked into his trachea—the inhuman pain caused Miao Te’s eyes red instantly and tears were forced to exude tears.


But he was in the water, even if he shed tears, he couldn’t see it.


. . .


With his consciousness in a trance, the youth’s body slowly sank toward the bottom.


His eyes were slightly open, and his slender eyelashes were visible in the water.


His vision began to dim, everything in front of him lost a little bit of color, and fell into darkness.


In the vagueness, he seemed to see the sea-blue planet.


With a gentle blue meaning that seems to contain your whole being, it turned quietly in the dark, peaceful and quiet.


The boy stretched out his hand in a trance.


But the fingertips couldn’t touch the blue sea that was far away from him.


I really want to go back. . .


The dark pupils lost their luster and were covered by the falling eyelashes.


The child’s outstretched fingertips slowly dropped in the water.


Back to Earth. . .


Go home. . .


Mom. . . Dad. . .






It was like a shining white gauze made of countless pieces of light stones. The shining white screen floated around the golden planet, and the light string flew up.


As usual, it gave people a dreamlike beauty.


The landing ships with different family insignia were slowly entering Mia Star from different directions. At this time, something surprising happened.


A yellow shuttle ship sailed in the opposite direction, whizzing out of Mia, broke away from gravity, and flew into the universe.


Before that, dozens of yellow and black destroyers had been quietly suspended outside the shining veil of the Mia Star, as if waiting for something.


When the yellow shuttle ship leaped out of the light stone screen, the dozens of destroyers swarmed up almost at lightning speed, and instantly clustered around the shuttle ship, guarding it tightly.


Under the escort of these destroyers, the shuttle ship flew towards the flagship of Ishtar hovering in outer space.


Like a silver-blue whale hovering quietly in the sea of ​​stars, the hatch in the belly of Ishtar slowly opened, allowing the ships to return.


The yellow rescue shuttle ship slowly landed, and with a hiss, white gas spewed out and the hatch opened automatically.


The blue-eyed young major general jumped down from the hatch. Although his body was stained with blood, he didn’t seem to have any major problems.


Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa, who had been waiting here for a long time, heaved a sigh of relief. His heart that had been hanging for a long time finally came down, and he rushed forward with the medical staff he had prepared without saying a word.


The major general’s left shoulder was obviously oozing with blood from the wound pierced by the laser bullet, and almost half of his white shirt was dyed red.


The nanomedicine for fast hemostasis was immediately sprayed onto the wound, and the nano-microbes immediately penetrated into the wound, forming a dense and fine artificial vascular membrane, closing the blood vessel walls that were burned by the laser and were unable to heal.


After the initial treatment of the wound, the young major general immediately walked forward quickly.


His clothes were wet all over, and even the black boots were soaked. Every step he took, left a little water mark on the metal floor.


“Get ready to land the ship.”


He said, and the pitch-black damp hair pressed against his increasingly white cheeks, exuding an icy coldness.


“Major General?”


Qingfa paused in his footsteps behind him, with a look of surprise in her eyes.


There was only one possibility in preparing to land the ship, and that was to land on Mia.


But it was not easy to finally escape from the tiger’s den. Why go back now?


The strong dragon does not oppress the local snake.


Qingfa knew this.


This was where the forces of the Mia family were located. They came all this way with only a part of their forces, and it was impossible for them to face the Mia family’s base camp.


Moreover, as an emerging force, they were much weaker than the traditional Mia family. If they wanted to fight the Mia family, they must do their best—so, even if the Marquis of Mia tried to assassinate Major General Taylor, they couldn’t directly expose this incident.


Because once exposed, they would have enmity with the Mia family. However, the two forces fought hard to death, it was the other onlooking forces who would benefit in the end.


Therefore, this grievance could only be swallowed.


The future was long.


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