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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 48


“Major General, now is not the time to face the Mia family. . .”


Thinking this way, Qingfa wanted to persuade the major general to put down this offense and wait for a chance to take revenge in the future.


“Check the forces that haven’t entered Mia Star yet, and contact the nearest one.”


Interrupting Qingfa’s advice, Taylor said lightly.


The wet hair was attached to his forehead, and the dripping water slipped onto the corner of his eyes and down the bridge of his nose.


This sentence made Qingfa react instantly.


Indeed, it was dangerous to return to Mia Star, but since they had not torn their faces with the Marquis of Mia, the Major General was still the guest invited by the Marquis.


Even the old Marquis didn’t dare to do anything in front of the guests he invited, and only dared to do something secretly.


Dark things, after all, could not see the light.


As long as it was declared to the public that the major general had returned to Ishtar on a temporary call, and then accompanied by other forces who came to Mia Star to participate in the birthday banquet, it was safe to return to Mia Star.


As long as the major general stayed in the sight of the public attending the birthday banquet to the end of his departure, then the Marquis Mia would not be able to start, and in the end he could only unwillingly watch the major general leave without any damage.


Compared to leaving with a suffocation like this, the major general’s dignified way of fighting against each other was more refreshing.




Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa quickly replied, “I will contact two and three as soon as possible. . .”


His words were interrupted by Taylor again.


“Just one, as soon as possible, the nearest.”


The more forces that you have in contact, the more secure.


Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa thought a little confused, but he nodded when he was used to obeying his superiors’ orders, then turned around after saluting and wanted to walk away quickly.


He should prepare the landing ship, had to arrange a new entourage, and contact other forces as soon as possible according to the order of the major general.


Taylor took a light breath, his wet hair sticking to his forehead, still blocking his eyes with dripping hair.


He raised his right hand, lifted the wet hair that was blocking his vision, combed the wet hair up, and inserted his fingers deeply into the wet hair.


Tick, a drop of water dripped from his eyes along the back of his hand.




At the moment when a drop of water fell straight from his eyes.


Ding, a crisp sound rang in his ear.


The silver-blue metal ring on his right wrist shattered before his eyes.


The pupils of the young major general were slightly enlarged.


Countless metal fragments falling from his eyes were deeply reflected in the glaze blue pupils stained with ink marks.


. . .


The most expensive memory metal in the universe.


Even if it was divided into two parts and placed in different places, as long as one part was destroyed, the other part would also be destroyed.


    . . . . . . 


In order to avoid giving away the information in the ring, imprinted with the wearer’s spiritual information by others, so as long as the wearer dies, the information ring will immediately self-destruct.




Another drop of water slid down from the back of Taylor’s right hand that was pressing on the head, slid over the empty wrist that had nothing, and dripped from the snow-white wrist.




The sudden cold voice stopped Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa who was about to leave.


Qingfa turned around and looked at the boss who stopped him.


The young admiral raised his hand, raised the wet black hair on his forehead with one hand, and inserted his fingertips deeply into the hairline.


He lowered his head slightly, and the shadow of the hand pressing on his forehead blocked the handsome face, making it difficult to see the expression on his face at the moment.


Only the light-colored thin lips moved slightly, issuing a dull voice that didn’t contain any emotions.


“Contact various forces.”


He said.


Qingfa was taken aback for a moment.


Not long ago, he planned to contact two or three forces. The major general said that it would be good to just contact one force nearby. How could he now say he wanted to contact multiple forces?




Although a little confused, he responded quickly and briskly walked away.




No need to hurry.


There’s no more time.




In an hour.


In the quiet room, a light curtain slowly emerged, ripples passed, and the figure of Lieutenant Colonel Qingfa appeared on the screen.


“General, everything is ready.”


Taylor hummed and cut off the communication.


After giving the order to Qingfa, he stayed in the medical room for a long time. The bloody wound on his left arm looked very serious and the doctors were afraid of any sequelae, so they walked around him carefully for a long time and examined him thoroughly, until they were completely sure. He was released after the injury was confirmed to not cause any problems.


He was covered in blood. Not long after he was cleaned and went out of the bathroom, a message from Qingfa came.


Taylor picked up a glass of water on the table and drank it.


The water moistened his slightly dry lips.


Then, he got up and picked up the brand new black military jacket hung on the wall, stretched out his hand and put his arm into his sleeve.


There was still a stabbing pain when the left shoulder was moving, but it would not affect his movements. Because it had been processed by the doctor, even if the activity was a little bit vigorous, it would not tear and bleed again.


Standing in front of the mirror, the man’s well-defined fingers fastened the buttons on the uniform one by one, and the close-fitting uniform wrapped his seemingly thin but powerful body.


When the finger moved to the top, there was a sudden pause at the neckline.


The slender body of the young major general was clearly reflected in the mirror. There was an abrupt scar in the neckline where the neck and shoulders meet.


The scabby tooth marks appeared unusually clear on the white skin.


The fingers pressed on the neckline only paused, and then moved again, quickly clasping the neckline.


The erected neckline of the military uniform with black background and silver stripes blocked the teeth marks on the neckline that had been bitten out by the youth, and was no longer visible.


In the mirror, the handsome major general stood quietly with jet black hair scattered around the corners of phoenix eyes. There was an indifferent look on his face and the dark blue pupils were like glass beads of glaze blue, glowing with a cold faint gleam.




But those tight lips, at this moment, were so taut that they were practically as sharp as a blade and almost painful.


[Don’t worry, I am here.]


He never breaks his promise.


As long as he says it, he would do it.


. . . And the first time he broke his promise, he forever lost the only thing he wanted to protect.


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