Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 4



Ciong Cang’s memory of this incident was a little fuzzy. She clicked on the details and took a brief look at the few simple lines of description. 


Providing only the background story, [Murder Scene Analysis] does not give too much information at the beginning. Even the character’s information would be withheld and requires exploration. However, the in-game characters around the player would react and give hints for adjustments. 


The unusual events should have started in autumn, but no one cared at that time.


In the first semester, a student from the third senior year class (1), committed suicide by jumping off a building. 


It’s common for students to commit suicide by jumping off a building, especially third year seniors. After a tripartite communication between the police, the school, and the parents, they confirmed that the student had been mentally unstable for a long time. Since her family was not well-off, and her academic performance had dropped sharply recently, they determined that her suicide was caused by mental stress. 


Since no suspicious signs were found at the scene and the parents were not interested in pursuing the matter, the case was dismissed after a settlement was reached and a follow-up was done. 


More than a month later, another girl in the same class committed suicide by jumping off a building.


Then at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, a third student chose to jump off from the same spot. 


According to the communication records, the third student previously called the police twice. However, nothing was said. 


Up until the graduation of the third year seniors, within the time frame of one year, a total of five students had died. This number was not at all normal.


Qiong Cang’s current character was Wang Dongyan, the third student to commit suicide.


The primary goal of this instance is to find out why Wang Dongyan commited suicide.


After giving the data a quick read, Qiong Cang closed it.


[Instance finished loading, officially starting live-broadcast. Welcome player, ID: QC1361.]


[Please actively explore the scenario before the condition of death is triggered.]


After the final prompt, all the fog faded. Instantly, video and audio became clear. Qiong Cang could even feel the warm wind blowing from the window and the slight warmth on her arm.


Above the blackboard that was behind the classroom podium, the clock showed nine-fifty.


Standing behind a desk, Qiong Cang was at the very back of the room. 


Looking around, Qiong Cang scanned every corner of the classroom intending to remember every detail in the classroom and every student’s facial features. 


The school was a very rowdy place during the breaks between long lessons. The bright sunlight shining in from the side windows painted the room with feelings of nostalgia.


A flying object suddenly struck Qiong Cang’s head while she observed the class; the force sent her body reeling backward. Accompanied by the dull sound of impact, an orange basketball appeared before her eyes. 


A look of shock appeared on Qiong Cang’s face for the first time, as her mouth opened slightly. Opening her half-shut eyes, Qiong Cang slowly turned her head and looked toward the door.


The perpetrator stood by the door and looked at her with a cheeky grin. There were also several boys standing with him, obviously showing little signs of apology.


Off-screen, Fang Qi spat out the mouthful of water he was drinking as he saw this scene. 


This…Was the scene this explosive? 


Ciong Cang raised her hand to touch the back of her head. 


Although the Sanyao simulator did not bring her strong sensations of pain, the pain level and vertigo indicators displayed by the system proves that her classmates were provoking her and intended to harm her. 


Qiong Cang pushed the chair back with her leg. As the metal chair screeched against the cement floor, Qiong Cang turned around without any expression and walked toward the door.


People thought that she would go to a corner as usual and cower in silence. Unexpectedly, she stopped in front of the boy and stared at him.


She had a gloomy look in her eyes which made people feel uncomfortable. Gradually, the boy felt uneasy and his smile became stiff. In the end, his smile had become an awkward curve on his face. 


Just as he was about to brush her off with a few words, Qiong Cang caught him off-guard, grabbing his hair and slamming his head hard against the metal door at the side.


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