Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 1-3


Ring… ring…




‘Hello. Doctor Fang Qi.”


Fang Qi, “It’s me.”


He Jueyun, “Hello, I’m calling from Sanyao headquarters. I’m the person in charge of [Murder Scene Analysis].”


As if he had been waiting for the call, Fang Qi said with a calm tone, “You’re late. The live broadcast of the trailer was supposed to be at 9:30 a.m; it’s now 9:45. I don’t think it’s reasonable to have Qiong Cang’s mental assessment last for almost half an hour.”


“We received some new opinions just now and are working hard to investigate it. As you know, [Murder Scene Analysis] is a special, ultra-realistic simulation game with great influence and high standards. Something uncontrollable happening in the scene is the last thing we want.” He Jueyun clicked open the file related to Qiong Cang and adjusted the size of the window.

“You are her psychologist. Right now, I need to reconfirm some information with you and get an update on Qiong Cang’s condition.”


Letting out an inaudible sigh, Fang Qi took a breath and said, “Alright.”


He Jueyun’s line of sight lingered around the person’s photo on the top right corner, then tapped with his index finger to enlarge the photo. 


The person in the photo was very beautiful, however, no one would take notice of her facial features at first glance. To put it better, her indifferent attitude that keeps strangers from getting close makes others easily ignore her appearance.


Her skin appeared somewhat sickly pale. So much so that the light blue veins around her eyes were even noticeable through the high-quality picture. Even though her partially closed eyes gave her a listless look, she gave off an unignorable and unexplainable air of danger.


Of course, it may just be his own psychological reaction.


This was a person who had no surname and had a strange name.


The column ‘Former names’ wrote “Qi Wu”, which did not sound any better.


“Qiong Cang, female, 26 years old.” He Jueyun read aloud according to the information, “Unemployed.”


Fang Qi added, “Was teaching at a university a month ago and had just resigned.”


He Jueyun then continued, “She doesn’t have a criminal record, but the evaluation given by the police is that she should be observed.”


“An unreasonable and groundless evaluation. Looking at her now, she’s just a very smart person and has no antisocial tendencies.” 


Fang Qi continued, “According to the big data, psychopathy has nothing to do with a person’s IQ. They also should not infer Qiong Cang’s personality and conduct from the people around her. They never tried to understand her.” 


“She was evaluated by three psychiatrists. Two of them said that even though she had passed the tests, they were not sure about the validity of the results. Only you…” Raising his eyelids and looking up, He Jueyun made his raised eyebrows seem even more fierce. 


“The evaluation you gave: Tests passed, normal health. Able to participate in the game.” 


“What’s the issue?” Fang Qi asked. “She completed the tests in full accordance with Sanyao’s requirements. They came up with the questions, but at the same time determined that they were useless. Don’t you think that’s too much? Adding additional remarks even though she had complied with the rules you have created, makes everything pointless. I’m not that kind of person.”


He Jueyun then asked, “In the process of testing, did she show anything out of the ordinary?”


Fang Qi hesitated a little, then answered truthfully, “She’s extremely calm.”




“She is overly calm, showing little psychological alteration no matter what topic I bring up. She exchanges opinions by exploring all possible angles, with little subjective emotions.”


Fang Qi added, “Even when she’s talking about her private matters.”


He Jueyun asked, “So, can you guarantee the accuracy of your evaluation?”


Fang Qi replied, “What I can guarantee is that Qiong Cang has a sound personality, extraordinary intelligence, clear self-awareness, and is good at controlling her emotions. The only weakness is probably her disdain for social interactions, but that’s not a big deal. Many people with high intelligence have this problem. Her test results show that she is very suitable for the project [Murder Scene Analysis].” 


He Jueyun took a glance at the photo again and felt that the person’s look had a special penetrative effect. Slightly dazed, he suddenly asked something he didn’t fully comprehend, “What if she was pretending?”


Raising his voice, Fang Qi answered, “That’s unreasonable, sir. If you want to discuss the selfish and dark aspects of human nature, then most people, under extreme conditions, may do things that are not in line with the values of the general public. But if that happens, believe me, she will be more calm and reliable than most people. You people can’t just evaluate her from the worst point of view and then label her as a bad person. In the absence of evidence, she is a law-abiding, good person!”


“I know, cough.” He Jueyun lowered his head and continued, “I didn’t mean anything else. I’m just conveying other people’s questions.”


Fang Qi’s tone softened a little and continued, “Actually, you people don’t have to be so nervous. She’s just able to see things that ordinary people can’t see.”


He Jueyun was stunned by his unexpected statement and asked, “What are you saying?”


“Don’t get me wrong. I am just saying that the human brain is amazing and it affects the world you see.” Fang Qi noticed that his words were ambiguous and explained, “It’s like how some people, who have an excellent dynamic vision, can track objects moving at high-speeds. They can easily hit a ball flying at a speed of more than 200 kilometers an hour, even without much training. In their world, it is as though they have a slow-motion ability. Some people are naturally sensitive to geometric shapes. As if they had installed some sort of line-drawing plug-in, they are able to accurately analyze graphics without relying on any tools. “


He Jueyun then asked, “What is Qiong Cang’s world like?”


“Who knows?” Fang Qi let out a laugh and continued, “She is very sensitive to any subtle changes in position, shapes, distance, facial expressions, and even color. She didn’t tell me what the world was like in her eyes. Perhaps like what the netizens said, a top-student’s world, a world already filled with answers.”


Laughing out, He Jueyun then said, “In that case, she is suitable for the setting of [Murder Scene Analysis].”


“To be honest, her interest in this game is hard to come by. She is an irreplaceable talent that you can rely on. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry that she’ll do something extreme.” Doctor Fang then continued, “Unless…” 


With his eyebrows raised, He Jueyun asked, “Unless?” 


“Hitting her in the head? She hates those that hit people in the head when fighting,” Doctor Fang said.


He Jueyun, “Ah?”


With a smile on his face, doctor Fang gave his forehead a rub and said, “Her brain had previously suffered severe injuries. Perhaps she feels that she’ll become stupid if her head got hit. Just like how some people hate eating coriander, she especially hates being hit on the head. If someone has a death wish and hits her in the head, then I can’t guarantee their safety.”


He Jueyun said with a smile, “What a childish habit.” 


“She’s not childish, you know? Many of our habits were developed when we were young.” Doctor Fang then asked, “Well, do you have any other questions?”


“No more.” 


“I’ll be looking forward to this live broadcast,” Doctor Fang said.


“Sorry to have kept you waiting and for troubling you. Farewell.”




He Jueyun walked out of the room after he closed all the interfaces and packed up his things. 


The rhythmic and crisp sounds of leather boots knocking against the floor rang out in the quiet corridor. The pace wasn’t too fast or too slow, while the steps weren’t too heavy or gentle. After arriving at broadcast room 603, the person paused for a moment then opened the door and went in.


“Boss!” The man who was working inside looked up, saw that it was him, and immediately asked, “Are we still going ahead with the live broadcast? She’s been waiting in there for a long time.” 


A young man walked over quickly and handed over the information he had. On which wrote the system’s calculated evaluation of the player. 


“She picked this instance. Even though her match with the character is only 40%, she got a player score of 92.” The young man said excitedly, “She’s amazing! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a talented person!”


It should be stated that the barrier to entry for [Murder Scene Analysis] was already very high. Only the best of the best could pass the tests. Even so, most of the official players had scores around 60. The very few who got 90, were mostly the insiders with relevant expertise. 


“Let’s begin.” He Jueyun took a glance at the information and handed it back. As he walked further into the office, he said, “Add one more account. I’ll go in, too.”


Ciong Cang kept her usual posture and patiently waited for the system to read the information. Even though Sanyao, who was said never to be late, had wasted half an hour of Ciong Cang’s time, her face did not show a hint of impatience.


Pre-game tests had been refreshed three times in a row and when the fourth set of questions appeared, she finally ignored it. Her sights moved and finally stopped at a red light that was somewhere above. 


Even though her face was expressionless and had a calm look in her eyes, there was a chilling aura coming from her. As if this aura was something physical, it went through the completely opaque simulation cockpit and stabbed at the technician behind the screen.


As she raised her finger and was about to click on the ‘end’ button, the little loading circle that kept turning at the end of the progress bar finally finished loading; a green sign finally appeared.


After the system announced the loading of the instance, dizziness suddenly came upon her—a sensation which Qiong Cang disliked.


After a moment of discomfort, she reluctantly opened her eyes and found herself inside a hazy fog.


She could see vague figures walking around, and could hear distant sounds of talking and laughing. The surrounding environment indicated that she was in a classroom.


At the same time, a row of black letters appeared in the air which attracted her attention.



Welcome to the live-broadcast, ultra-realistic, simulation game [Homicide Scene Analysis] (Rookie qualification test). The identity you applied for is [Victim]. The memory related to the case has been blocked. Please try to avoid the outcome of death with the help from in-game hints, or assist the [Murderer] and [Investigators] to complete the scenario restoration.


Identity: Wang Dongyan (Pseudonym)


Method of death: Jumping off a building (Registered)


Player Evaluation Score: 92 (A genius like you should be able to crack the case right?)


Character Compatibility Rate: 36% (You and the dead are two different kinds of people)


Suicide progress: 87% (Your character is on the verge of mental breakdown)


[Note] This game is automatically generated based on big data and criminal files. Please actively explore the various plots!


[Click here to view the details of this instance.]


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