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Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 10

Dormitory number 103.


Five people used to live in this dormitory. After the death of the second person, that number became four.


The name of the second person that died was Zhou Nansong.


Her things were still in their original place, including her mattress and books. Her family members brought back some important things, and the rest were left behind.


At the strong request from several of her roommates, the school did not dispose of the items left behind. Instead, they left them as they were and intended to deal with them after all the seniors had graduated.


Qiongcang entered through the door into an empty dorm room. It was very likely that her roommates had returned to their classroom for self-study since the noon break time was short.


Qiongcang found Wang Dongyan’s bed. She rummaged through a small cupboard, took out a key that was placed conspicuously, and used it to open a wardrobe at the sides.


The school wardrobes had a damp musty smell in them and at the same time, there was also the strong smell of mothballs. The combination of these two smells burst out from the wardrobe to give people a strong impression.


Qiongcang opened the wardrobe doors and allowed the pungent smells to dissipate a little.


Wang Dongyan placed her items neatly. Feminine products were placed at the bottom-most shelf. Her shirts were stacked neatly on the left of the wardrobe, arranged according to the seasons—from spring to autumn—while her pants were placed on the right of the wardrobe. Bags of snacks hung from inside the door. From this, it seemed that Wang Dongyan was relatively disciplined and organized.


Close to the wardrobe doors was a crystal storage box with various hairpins, hairbands, bracelets, and pendants.


Inside, Qiongcang found a bracelet made from a red string. Small metal cubes were strung on it and two letters “XY’ were engraved on the front of the cubes.


With her fingers, Qiongcang stroked the metal cubes that had faded in color. The first thoughts that came to her mind were: Theory X and Theory Y of Douglas McGregor or chromosomes?




She’s aware, she deserves to be single.


The human subconscious is really terrifying.


Using her phone, Qiongcang took a picture of the bracelet and used the Picture Search function on Taobao to find a similar product.


Nothing too unusual, a red string bracelet of love from X̲X̲X̲ matchmaking temple.




Okay. This shows that Wang Dongyan likes to be beautiful and has things to pursue in life.


Qiongcang placed the crystal box aside and began to look through the clothes placed inside.


Wang Dongyan did have many personal clothes, since No. 1 Highschool required students to wear school uniforms in school. After moving about half of the clothes, Qiongcang noticed a small red pouch.


Inside the pouch was a yellow talisman paper.


She didn’t understand the drawings at the front of the talisman paper, but at the back of the talisman paper had the words ‘Rest in peace’’. The function of the talisman paper thus became obvious.


Again, Qiongcang used her phone to search and discovered something incredible.


This thing was a hot sale item on Taobao. At 25 dollars apiece, it had monthly sales of more than ten thousand pieces. The most popular item sold was the wealth summoning talisman pouch.


Human nature is similar in this regard.


But these talismans probably benefit the sellers the most.


Qiongcang let out a sigh and placed everything back before heading to Zhou Nansong’s table which was directly opposite.


This time she did not flip through the things, instead, she merely stood on the side and gave the table and bed a scan.


On Zhou Nansong’s table was a photo. Two girls wearing the same clothes, standing side by side posing similarly while smiling—they were the two girls that had killed themselves.


There was nothing else that seemed conspicuous on the table, just books, test papers, and a mug filled with pens.


With a casual look, Qiongcang also took pictures of these items.



At this moment, the live-stream chat room was a rowdy place. What excited the netizens the most was this kind of scene, the early stages of exposing a crime.


“I had wanted to ask what she was doing just now. Rummaging through articles of clothing as though she came to collect scraps. I didn’t think she’d be able to find a crucial clue. I’m so naive.”


“I remember this instance. The last player acted as an NPC’s granddaughter for two days and attained some important information about the plot. However, all the information he got was wrong which resulted in his suicide progress bar instantly filling up. This instance is filled with misleading information… I have a hunch this player will also step on the trap.”


“Wang Dongyan is wishing for Zhou Nansong to rest in peace, this shows that they have an alright relationship.”


“Is the school not teaching about science? Why would Wang Dongyan buy a talisman?”


“Famous detective is here! Wang Dongyan and Zhou Nansong were good roommates, while Zhou Nansong and Tian Yun were best friends. The three girls had a close relationship and commit suicide one after another. None of them could escape the crutches of death. This must be a conspiracy. Maybe they had witnessed something illegal and were threatened by the other party.”


“School life should be this complicated right? Why are you guys making this a thriller film?”


“Not all skilled detectives are called Richard Moore, there are some that are called morons. Case in point, you guys [Doge]”

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