Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 5


“Bang!” A thunderous sound rang out, and the classroom became as silent as space.


Several horror-filled eyes simultaneously looked toward their direction.


“Hey! Who, are, you.” Word by word, Qiong Cang asked with a monotonous voice, “to hit my head?”


[Author’s notes: The female lead is cold and indifferent on the outside but has a playful little devil on the inside. In other words, a dull package packed with surprises. The male lead is He Jueyun.]


Doctor Fang’s Adam’s apple moved as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


He hoped no one would doubt his professionalism as a psychologist because of this.


At the same time, a barrage of comments flooded the live-stream chat room at an explosive speed.


“It’s on! It’s on! It finally started! I thought this live-stream was canceled!”


“The stream started right after I left to go study. I had only missed a minute of it, right? Why does the scene look so strange?”


“I think I have seen this case before. The previous player played this scene like a coward and never pushed back. It was suffocating to watch, and he didn’t even explore half of the storyline. It is surprising that this newbie would pick this instance.”


“As we all know, this is a comedic game. [Doge] You never know how the player will die.”


“Is that guy the player this time? Why does he feel weak? School violence as the opening scene? Wouldn’t he win if he tries harder at the later stage?”


“Take a careful look at the plot. Some man he is, he is merely a pitiful NPC. How tragic.”


“A score of 92? I’m jealous! There hasn’t been a newbie with such a high score, right? Is the player a lady? Did a professional investigator come?”



After breathing heavily for a while, the young man finally came to his sense; his trembling pupils focused once more.


Violently raising his arm high, he swung it toward the side.


Qiongcang released her grip and moved back, one step ahead of his strike, barely dodging it.


The silence was broken. Screams from inside the classroom exploded and traveled through the halls, alerting the far-off teacher.


The sound of running footsteps rang out as a group of people rushed over in a flurry.


Qiongcang became calm again in this rowdy and noisy situation, putting on an innocent expression that said that she had absolutely nothing to do with this matter.


“Have you gone nuts? You hit me?” The young man named Xu You could not believe it.


Even though the impact created a loud sound, the wound on his forehead was not painful. After all, Qiongcang was not strong, and Xu You was well built.


He raised his hand to touch his wound and found no blood. However, he still shivered in anger.


Qiongcang took a glance at the character’s suicide progress.


“Wang Dongyan!” Her lack of response angered him, so Xu You went up to Qiongcang furiously and grabbed her collar. “What sort of attitude is that?”


“Stop it, the both of you!” The shrill voice of a slightly emotional middle-aged woman stopped the actions of Xu You. “What are you two doing?”


The Character Information indicated that this person who entered was the homeroom teacher. After confirming that Qiongcang had seen the information, the floating black words disappeared in a flash.


Xu You’s fierce expression calmed down a little after the teacher interrupted him. Then, he pointed at Qiongcang and complained. “She hit me!”


When the homeroom teacher saw that no one was hurt, she calmed down. However, her anger overflowed again as she glared at the people around her. “You two, come to my office! The rest of you, disperse from here! What are you people doing? There’s nothing to watch!”

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