Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 6


It was the start of May, and they had already turned on the air-conditioners in the offices. Even though the air was cool, it did nothing for the restlessness in everyone’s heart.


Qiongcang remained silent as her eyes wandered around, observing the teacher’s expressions and the information on her desks.


Xu You’s lips moved quickly as he repeatedly explained how he felt about getting beat up. He also displayed the red and swollen wound on his forehead to the homeroom teacher.


Perhaps Qiongcang’s silence seemed out of place at this time. When Xu You stopped talking, an unexpected gap of quietness caused an unignorable air of awkwardness to permeate around them.


Both the homeroom teacher and Xu You looked over simultaneously and asked, “What do you have to say?”


Qiongcang opened her mouth and gently said, “It was an accident.”


Tapping on the table with her finger, the homeroom teacher asked, “You dare call this an accident?”


Qiongcang frowned. “It was an accident when he hit my head with a ball, so why can’t it be an accident when I hit his head with my hand?”


“Don’t be unreasonable!” yelled the homeroom teacher.


She looked at Qiongcang’s eyes with great disappointment. “What else do you want to do? Wang Dongyan, haven’t you created enough trouble?”


“Are you disappointed in me?”


“What do you think?”




The homeroom teacher replied with agitation, “What do you think?”


Not willing to give out information about the storyline.


After pausing slightly, Qiongcang still said, “It was him that started it.”


The homeroom teacher said seriously, “His ball accidentally hitting you and you purposefully hitting him in the head are two completely different things! You scared all your classmates in the room!”


“We all know whether it was an accident or not, and it’s hard to define what is an accident. However,” Qiongcang continued, “playing with a ball inside the classroom is already against the rules, correct?”


The homeroom teacher was so angry that she could not speak. It was true, and there did not seem to be a counterargument.


“You two had exchange blows, so no one is getting off the hook!” the homeroom teacher continued, “You two will be responsible for cleaning up the toilets for these two months. If you two get into a fight again, then both the upstairs and downstairs toilets will be waiting for you! I think your juniors would be very pleased!”


Seeing that no useful information could be obtained from the homeroom teacher, Qiongcang answered casually, “Oh.”


Xu You was reluctant. After all, it was well known that the boy’s toilets were dirtier than the girl’s toilets. However, he did not dare to object.


By the time the homeroom teacher allowed them to go back, classes had already begun. Qiongcang sat down quietly, sorting the mountain of test papers and books on her table. Then, in a protruding gap, she found a pack of orange-flavored hard candy.


She raised her head slightly and looked around the room. When her sights arrived at the side with the windows, she stopped. A girl with outstanding and distinguishable facial features—the type that was unforgettable—sat there. She seemed particularly pretty among a group of poorly dressed senior year students with tired faces. It was as though Sanyou had automatically given her some advanced beautifying effects.


After taking only a glance, Qiongcang looked away. Finding a phone in her pocket, she took a peep at it under her table.


The home page showed a new message.


Twelve-thirty, the market left of the school’s sports ground. I’ll be waiting. Justise Buddy, officer Zhou.






She exited the main screen and checked the information stored in her phone.


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