Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 7


Witnessing this scene, the netizens all commented like howling wolves. They acted like they were watching a hard working yet hopeless student going down the wrong path. A heartbreaking thing to watch.


“The first day after loading in the game is usually safe, but not necessarily in the later stages. This young lady is wasting her time, and she’ll probably receive the achievement ‘Died Unclearly’.


“This is not how you do it. There won’t be too much straightforward evidence left on the mobile phone. How can it be that simple?”


“If the player doesn’t befriend the NPCs, then how will she get information?”


“Really not socialising to trigger plots? This young lady is tough but is still new.”


“I think she has pissed off all the NPCs in five minutes. ‘Sad face’”


“Countless lessons have taught us that people with social problems cannot continue down the game. She’s totally unable to obtain the evidence to proceed with the plot.”


“A score of 92? That’s it? That’s it?”


“The comment section is becoming arrogant.”


Doctor Fang read through the comments and let out a baritone laugh.


A few simple reasons brought on his happiness.


Next to the school supermarket was a dark alleyway that only had a few old filament lamps installed. Despite the humidity, it was cool compared to other places. During hot weather, many students liked to have their food here.


During lunch break, Qiongcang held a spicy bar in one hand, a bottle of yogurt in the other, and even a pack of potato chips under her arm. She leaned against a wall and waited for the Justice Buddy.


It was peak hour, and a constant stream of students went through the area.


As Qiongcang ate happily, a shadow cast over her head. Xu You and his friends stood in front of her with convoluted expressions on their faces—perhaps intending to intimidate her.


Undisguised anger, disdain, disgust, and even sympathy appeared in their eyes.


She… must be talking nonsense. 


The average third year high-school student would be absorbed in studying, usually possessing a lackluster look in their eyes. However, these fellows were displaying such rich emotions that they could go do great things.


Qiongcang chewed the food in her mouth and looked at him with a faint smile.


Although Xu You had something to say, faced with her strange reaction, his words became stuck in his throat. In the end, he let out some baffling yet necessary cruel words.


“Wang Dongyan, just you wait!”


His cowardly actions amused Qiongcang, so she let out a smile. “Then you better hurry up. I don’t like waiting for people.”


Xu You and his gang left in anger. Not long after,  Justice Buddy arrived late.


In fact, He Jueyun had been observing her from the side all along. He had been observing her since she appeared and only emerged from the dark after Xu You and his gang left.


Compared with Qiongcang’s appearance, the appearance of the in-game character Wang Dongyan was obviously much more common. This also confirmed to him that Qiongcang’s looks did not cause her breathtaking aura.


“Nice to meet you.” He Jueyun let out a friendly smile. “Have you been waiting for long?”


Qiongcang took a very quick glance at him. Her gaze did not linger for even a moment as though she was looking at those inanimate objects around her. It was so quick that He Jueyun felt that she was not even looking at him.


Facing this kind of extreme estrangement and overly calm eyes, He Jueyun found himself feeling an unprecedented tension.


Suddenly, he realised why his good friend would keep a safe distance from Qiongcang. Naturally, humans would be wary of people they could not fully comprehend.


The other party spoke in a monotonous voice like the flatline on an electrocardiogram of a dead person.


“A player?”


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