Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 8


“More accurately, I’m a Sanyao staff member fulfilling an empty player slot. At the same time, I get to play for free. Of course, I don’t have information I shouldn’t, so I am a fair player in this game.” He Jueyun pulled out his in-game work ID and told her his identity. “Zhou Qi. Officer.”


“You’re the one who was late today?” He was the person that had left her in the simulation cockpit for half an hour.


“My apologies, there was some minor unforeseen circumstance.” Although He Jueyun said that he was sorry, his expression did not seem to show much remorse. He let out a short laugh. “Didn’t expect you to be enjoying your play here right at the start of this instance.”


Using the same words, Qiongcang replied, “Just a minor unforeseen circumstance.”


He Jueyun pointed to somewhere, and the two walked toward a place with less people.


After confirming that there was no one near to hear their conversation, He Jueyun asked, “So, does Wang Dongyan’s suicide have anything to do with those people just now?”




“You’re that confident about it?” He Jueyun continued, “Are they unrelated? Or not important?”


“Unrelated. Whether he hit me or I hit him back, or when the teacher questioned me and I refuted her, the character’s suicidal progress did not change. This shows that Wang Dongyan’s urge to commit suicide had nothing to do with these trivial matters. What’s more, there aren’t any obvious scars on my body, which means that these people are usually only engaged in scuffles—violent incidents don’t occur often.”


He Jueyun nodded.


As doctor Fang said, he noticed that this person was calmer than he had expected. Furthermore, his heart would become calm when he was with her.


Such a person could bring a sense of security but could also bring fear.


“Let’s discuss this in general. What are the possible reasons for this kind of collective suicide?” He Jueyun threw out a possibility after asking the question. “Religious brainwashing?”


Qiongcang added, “Oppressed by violence.”


A chain reaction caused by excessive environmental stressors.”


“Pathological change in the brain caused by parasites or drugs.”


“Perhaps they were all just murdered.”


“That’s a good guess.” Qiongcang nodded and let out some rare praise. “It’s best to have this kind of knowledge-seeking attitude when solving problems.”


He Jueyun felt flattered by the sudden praise. “…Thank you.”


Then he asked, “So, do you have any clue that you want to tell me?”


“Nothing at the moment.” Qiongcang went to the side to throw the trash in her hand and asked in passing, “Tell me about the two students that had commited suicide.”


“Where do you want me to start?”


“When Pangu first created the world.”
[TL note: Pan Gu, creator of the universe in Chinese mythology]


He Jueyun had not imagined that this person was someone that cracked jokes and felt taken aback. He became silent after asking his question, feeling rattled.


Qiongcang turned around. “The time and place where they committed suicide.”


Qiongcang seemed so indifferent now that it made He Jueyun feel as though he had imagined everything earlier.


He Jueyun came to his senses and pointed to somewhere in front. “Ahead is where they jumped off to commit suicide.”


Qiongcang looked toward where he pointed.


The location of the building was not awkward, while the height was only moderate. It was located right at the border between the school and dormitory area, behind a small store. This was an old dormitory building that the school had been hesitating to renovate and rebuild because they lacked the funds.


Due to the frequent problems in the water and electricity supply, there were not many students living in this building. Later on, No.1 High School separately designated it for students that wanted to live in single or two-person rooms. Those that wanted could apply to stay there.

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