Live At The Murder Scene Chapter 9



It was also a mixed-gender dormitory.


Qiongcang looked at the top of the building before gazing at the building beside her. Suddenly, she asked, “Will a person who wants to commit suicide care about ceremony?”


He Jueyun tilted his head. “What do you mean?”


“Nothing. Just wondering why this building specifically.”


He Jueyun was silent.


“In previous years, which building did the students jump off from? Were there any?”


“According to past year records, it’s the building at the back. Called the ‘Sky Building’, most students would choose that building to commit suicide from, even students from other schools.” He Jueyun pointed to the building that was peeking out. “That’s also one of the tallest buildings in No.1 High School. It has elevators.”


“If it were me, I would pick the building with the highest chance of dying.” Qiongcang compared the height of the old building. “There’s a carport on the ground floor of this building. Aside from damaging people’s property, the buffer from it may leave the person only severely injured. That would be the worst thing to happen. That’s why it’s unreasonable to have five people in a row pick that spot to commit suicide from. Unless they had some special connection to each other.”


“The first person that commited suicide did so at February this year. The winter holidays were after. At the end of March, the second person  jumped off the building to commit suicide. After that, it would be Wang Dongyan. In less than a week from now, Wang Dongyan commits suicide.” He Jueyun continued, “The only information I have is regarding the first three people. Information about the later characters can only be accessed after you’ve ‘commited suicide’. At the moment, the police have not discovered any important correlation between the three people that commited suicide.”


After some recollection, he continued, “I went through the records and information the police kept. If a correlation must be made, then person 1 and person 2 are from the same town. Person 2 and Wang Dongyan are roommates, while person 1 and Wang Dongyan are merely associates; they don’t talk much. Since the police were not suspicious at that time, treating the cases as regular suicide cases, they only left these scatthered pieces of information.”


Qiongcang nodded. “I understand.”


He Jueyun raised the corner of lips and smiled. “I hear you’re good at this. So, could I join you in solving this case?”


Qiongcang also smiled after hearing that. “You can try.”


This was the first time He Jueyun had seen her smile. Before he could savour the moment, Qiongcang had already turned and left. He Jueyun quickly followed her.


As the two walked on, Qiongcang remained silent, which made He Jueyun think that she was pondering about the case.


Suddenly, Qiongcang came to a stop. “Ahead would be the female dormitory. I think a middle-aged pervert should stay away.”


He Jueyun, “…?” 


I am at most considered a young man.


Has she not experienced getting slapped by money?

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