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Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s Chapter 20



“Where did it come from? Did you make it appear from thin air?” Sun Fang rolled his eyes, took the pile of cloth and went into the house arrogantly, even saying sing-songy, “It’s good to have a good girl, Jiaojiao, you go back and rest first. Mom will make a beautiful dress for you!”

After Su Jiaojiao saw her mother’s attitude, she suddenly smiled tremblingly: “Okay, thank you mom, I’ll go back first.”

When Zhang Qian looked at the two, her teeth were sore, her stomach was sore, her eyes were sore, and her body did not feel right. However, she had just lost her stance. Now she has a bad face, but she can’t say anything.

Who made her deliberately react like that when the sister-in-law came back.

At this time, Zhang Qian looked at Su Jiaojiao again, and suddenly realized how this sister-in-law looked better than before. Not only had her skin whitened, her eyes seemed to be a lot bigger, her hair looked much better, her waist was thin, but her chest was not small. When she walked up, even her back view seemt very lively.

Seeing that she was going to the door, Zhang Qian couldn’t help but go forward two steps and pulled her, “Sister, where did you get this voucher?”

Su Jiaojiao smiled, “It’s Qinghan’s. He had saved it up before but hadn’t used it, I saw it so I used it.”

“You have so many of them, did it cost a lot?” Zhang Qian asked again.

The cotton cloth vouchers were four cents for one foot, but she got them for free. However, Su Jiaojiao had also spent four yuan. She shook her head, “Not much, just four yuan.”

After listening, Zhang Qian took a breath: “Ten feet of cloth!”


Zhang Qian let go of her hand in despair, turned back to the room, looked at the sleeping man who was snoring, and slapped him.

Su Jianhua moved a bit before waking up completely. He mumbled, “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Qian said quietly: “The little girl bought ten feet of cloth!”

Su Jianhua hummed casually, and was about to continue sleeping. Then it sunk into him completely. He woke up and sat up in shock: “Ten feet?!”

“The voucher she brought?”

In the countryside, under normal conditions and harvest seasons, all that is not lacking is food. Money and vouchers were scarce, and there were many people in the family, so there isn’t enough for the whole family at all. But she has ten feet at hand, which is too much!

Zhang Qian naturally knew, her eyes became sadder and sadder, “She said it was from Song Qinghan.”

Su Jianhua was silent. As a soldier, it is normal for him to have vouchers. It is estimated that they are even national vouchers.

Seeing that he was silent, Zhang Qian pushed him, “Go and tell mom that Dabao (eldest son) and Xiaobao (second son) haven’t had any new clothes for a long time. Look at Dabao’s clothes, there are several holes in them. Stitch it up like this, it is pitiful that my Dabao is the eldest grandson of your family!”

If this was a normal day, he would have just gone, but the family was just divided yesterday. Then, they all looked at Su Jiaojiao with cold faces, wishing to beat her up, now they wanted to get their (Su Jiaojiao and Song Qianhan) things?

Su Jianhua lay down in silence and said nothing.

Seeing that, Zhang Qian got angry and shouted, “Why aren’t you going!”

“We have already separated, if you want to go go, anyway, I won’t go.” Su Jianhua finished speaking and continued closing his eyes.

Zhang Qian also shut up, she didn’t dare to go, Sun Fang was already angry because of what she had just done.

But she really wants that nice colored cloth!


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