Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s Chapter 21


“Captain, our family eats like this, and we didn’t give it to her alone. Besides, although there is a lot of food, we can’t eat for long. We are all honest farmers, so naturally we have to save!” The righteous voice interrupted Xi Yao’s cry.

After leaving the Su family, Su Jiaojiao took two eggs to return the car.

The person with a bicycle was Wang Jianjun, the brother of Captain Wang Jianye, and the two were next to each other. When she came out, Su Jiaojiao only saw a slender figure rushing to Wang Jianye’s house, followed by Mother Song.

The former was full of anger, as if she was being irritated, while the latter looked flustered and kept shouting, “Hey, you come back, if there’s something bothering you let’s sit down and have a talk…”

When she was about to enter the captain’s house, Mother Song saw Su Jiaojiao, and immediately glared at her bitterly before rushing in.

Su Jiaojiao looked at this scene and was blankly stunned. After going forward two steps with some curiosity, she heard Xi Yao’s grievious and crying voice inside, “Captain, I obviously brought back so much food, and they collected it all. They just gave me steamed corn bread, and they’re even the green kind, with wild vegetables inside. Why? I wanted to cook alone, and they didn’t give me food…”

“Captain, our family always eats like this, and we didn’t give steamed corn bread to her alone. Besides, although there is a lot of food, it can’t last for long. We are all honest farmers, so naturally we have to save!” Mother Song’s ‘self-righteous’ voice interrupted Xi Yao’s cry of outrage.

When Su Jiaojiao heard this, she was already able to guess the gist of it. The Song family was greedy for other people’s food, and they didn’t give them a normal meal. If the female side character was able to stand against the female main lead, she wouldn’t be bullied by the Song family, so she came here to complain.

After listening, Su Jiaojiao went back.

On the road, I met Zhao Sisi who was about to go to work. She was walking staggeringly. When she saw Su Jiaojiao, her eyes lit up and she ran over, “Jiaojiao, what delicious food are you going to make today?”

She raised his brows while talking and hinted obviously.

Su Jiaojiao also raised her eyebrows, copying her look, and whispered: “I’ll be making braised pig trotters today, and there are two of them. If you want, I will save one for you. In the evening, there will be soup noodles with boiled bones.”

Zhao Sisi held her arm excitedly: “I want! I want! I want to eat noodles too!”

“Ok.” Su Jiaojiao nodded.

There was a joyful ‘thank you’ immediately, and the two seperated.

(Err…this is supposedly where I should stop, but the word count is insufficient so I’ll continue)

The time for braising pig’s feet was long, and they had to be cooked until they could melt in the mouth.

Therefore, as soon as Su Jiaojiao returned home, she immediately started doing it. There was a stove at home, but she didn’t know how to make a fire. So before she started, she fluttered those innocent big eyes and looked at Song Qinghan meaningfully.

Only this time, Song Qinghan didn’t understood. She was reading and not looking at her at all.

“Song Qinghan!” Su Jiaojiao yelled.

He reacted a little now, and turned around, but his eyes looked at her with condemnation, a silent condemnation.

Su Jiaojiao was puzzled, weren’t the two of them doing well just now? What happened when she went out?

Did his uncle (Err…period I think?) visit? 

Maybe men occassionally have those two days full of all kinds of dissonances. Su Jiaojiao is very big hearted. When she saw him like this, she ran over, sat next to him, rubbed her shoulder next to him, and whispered, ” What’s the matter? Do you feel sick?”

The voice was soft and milky, sweet and sugary. It made the handsome face that Song Qinghan was trying hard to scrunch began to turn red. He kept looking at the beam of the room and the table, but didn’t dare to look at her.

He finally knew why his father-in-law and mother-in-law spoiled her so much. How could they harden their hearts and punish her when she was so coquettish?


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