Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s Chapter 22

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It’s just that he tried his hardest to tense up his face ans say, “No.”

Su Jiaojiao moved her face forward in doubt. The man’s cheeks were already flushed, and she immediately teased him. “Are you shy?”

Song Qinghan glared at her, not wanting to speak.

She even laughed at me?

Su Jiaojiao was indeed smiling. He was good-looking, when he was shy, it was also exceptionally very touching. It’s just…why did he ignore her just now?

Holding Song Qinghan’s hot face in her hands, she deliberately squeezed towards the middle, until his mouth formed a pout, and then made a fierce little face: “Tell me, why did you just ignore me?!”

Song Qinghan was bullied and wanted to reach out and restrain her, but he couldn’t bear to use force even when simply holding her hand. The problem was, if he didn’t use force, and he couldn’t tear her hand off. Suddenly, there was a bit of resentment in his eyes. He look at Su Jiaojiao and mumbled, “What are you calling me?”

Su Jiaojiao was taken aback, “Song Qinghan?”

Song Qinghan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the expression that had just eased a little tensed again.

Su Jiaojiao finally reacted, and smiled softly, “Do you want me to call you something else?”

Song Qinghan looked down unnaturally, afraid to look at her.

“Then what should I call you?” Su Jiaojiao is not one to mince words. When she saw him like this, on the contrary, she found it interesting and wants to bully him. So she deliberately leaned in, face to face, until they were very close. They could almost feel each other’s breath on their faces.

Song Qinghan trembled, the hand holding her wrist tightened, then loosened, and honestly said, “It’s too distant of a name.”

They are both husband and wife, what should they call each other then?

Su Jiaojiao finally let go of his cheek which was red with embarrassment, and said leisurely, “Then… should I call you XiangGong (Erm…that means ‘husband’. But in Mandarin, this is very old-fashioned.)?”

“No!” This can’t be said casually. Song Qinghan quickly shook his head as this wasn’t a common way to refer to her husband at that time.

Su Jiaojiao smiled and continued to tease him, “How about…FuJun (also means ‘husband’, also very formal)?”

Song Qinghan saw through her thoughts, his heart was soft and annoyed, staring at the girl who was laughing at him casually, his breathing was a lot heavier. That little villain wanted to bully him, but was it so easy to bully him?

Su Jiaojiao smiled happily, but she accidentally met his gaze. Her heart tightened, and feeling a little flustered, she was about to retreat.

Suddenly, her wrists tightened, she fell forward and went directly into his arms. Song QInghan hugged tightly, and a low voice sounded in the ear with a threatening voice, “If you can’t think of a name anymore, don’t think of it!”

Su Jiaojiao blushed a bit by this change, and the low voice in her ear made her body tremble again, and she couldn’t laugh anymore. Her face grew hot at rocket-speed, and she was silent for a while, before she whispered, “Qinghan~ ”

The voice was still sweet and sugary, but brought obvious shame and squeamishness. Song Qinghan buried his head on her shoulder, gave a laugh, and let go of her hand as she felt satisfied, “I’ll go light the fire for you now.”

Su Jiaojiao blushed and raised his headand glared at him. Her little mouth was pouting up and she didn’t help him walk.

Fortunately, Song Qinghan’s other leg is almost completely healed now and he can walk on one foot normally, so she stood up calmly, but when she was about to leave, Song Qinghan held her little hand.

Originally, Su Jiaojiao wanted to take it back, but he was holding it tightly. Suddenly he just looked at her and didn’t say anything, and she followed him obediently.

Only, when the atmosphere of the two of them was starting to spark up, Su Jiaojiao suddenly heard the voice of the matchmaker system appearing in her mind.

[Ding, task 11, Loving couples must have a kiss morning and night! Please insist on letting the husband give his wife a kiss every night, and the wife giving her husband a good morning kiss every day. The reward: every day, the marriage fund increases by 1 yuan, a can of nutritious milk powder will be given every month, and you can choose a small snack (every day). ]

Suddenly, her smile froze, and she stared at the words seriously: Let the husband give his wife a kiss? This is too embarrassing! ! !

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