Only With Your Heart Chapter 19

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“Don’t Leave Me” – 1

The impatience of having to return early and the fear of what would be waiting for her when she arrives combined with her sometimes clumsy legs, but Chizuru desperately ran through the castle while Arde hurriedly chases after her.

Chizuru stopped only after passing through the hall and running up the stairs and arriving in front of a beautiful door that didn’t feel like it was still her room.

she took a deep breath  and place her hand on her violently pulsing heart.

──Maybe Lukrov is no longer in the room. Seeing that Chizuru wasn’t there, he might have given up and went to the cafeteria alone.

While calming myself down, my instinct complained that it was impossible.

Either way, it’s not a problem that can be solved by standing in front of my room … After taking a deep breath and taking another deep breath, Chizuru slowly opened the door of the room.

The feel of the cool copper handle hurts on her fingers.

“Lukrov …”

And after all, he was there.

The tall knight standing in the center of the small room was looking down at Chizuru, who appeared at the entrance of the room, with his empty eyes as if he was possessed. It was an elusive look that wasn’t angry or full of joy, unlike the cold gaze I’ve had so far.

Chizuru stepped into the room with a feeling like a lamb appearing in front of a hungry lion.

Lukrov does not make slight movements.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you would come to pick me up … I had Arde show me around the castle. If I knew you would be here, I wouldn’t go out…”

It may not be a wise choice to make excuses poorly.

However, Lukrov remained silent, and Chizuru had no other way to soften the situation.

“I met Arde’s daughter. At the outskirts of the castle, where the kids were gathering. Everyone was cute. Then I went to see the training ground, I thought I might meet…. , Nadal came and told me you were here … ”

At that time, Arde, who was out of breath, finally caught up with the entrance of the room.

Seeing Lukrov and Chizuru facing each other indoors, I couldn’t decide whether to enter or leave, and I was worried.

“Don’t come in, Arde … I’ll call you if you need it.”

It was Lukrov’s gloomy voice that answered Arde’s silent question. Although the words are directed at Arde, Lukrov’s line of sight does not leave Chizuru not even for a moment. He didn’t even blink.

Although he showed some hesitation, the maid quietly closed the door and left the place after bowing.

When the door was closed, the room became even more stuffy.

Lukrov didn’t say anything, he just stared at Chizuru with his hollow eyes, like a fatally injured animal.

Chizuru wished to say something.

Anything is fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a swearing word or a cold line, something. Any cruel word shouldn’t hurt as much as this silence.

“I’m sorry, Lukrov … you told me to take a rest. But I wasn’t told not to go out and my body was okay, so …”

The voice trembled, and Chizuru’s legs stepped back on his own.

Lukrov’s eyes shimmered in danger, and when he suddenly stood in front of Chizuru with a quick stride, he caught her face firmly with both hands and approached.

“Don’t say anything …”

A gritty, low voice was exhaled from Lukrov’s lips.


A stiff finger wraps around Chizuru’s neck, painfully exerted force, and bites into the skin. Chizuru’s breath almost stopped.

“Don’t leave …!”


Chizuru couldn’t answer even though she wanted to answer.

The cold light that made me feel chills down to the bones dwelled in Lukrov’s eyes, and her dress was torn off in an instant with a well-trained power that Chizuru could not resist.

A hand with claws raised like a beast was turned around the back, and the other hand grabbed her chest roughly.


Suddenly, her chest, which was not ready for anything, was strongly stimulated, and Chizuru squeezed and lost her voice. Lukrov added a cruel, relentless and strong caress to Chizuru’s chest, and when hes limbs trembled and became unable to stand, he threw her roughly onto the bed.

Chizuru gasped in pain and tried to raise her upper body, but before she could move a centimeter, Lukrov’s large body covered her and was laid down.

I couldn’t even say wait.

Lukrov closed Chizuru’s mouth with his lips, and with one hand, quickly pulled out the string that fastened the waist of the dress. Chizuru’s eyes are opened in amazement. Lukrov tied up Chizuru’s wrists and wrapped a string around the back of the bed above him. Then, the remaining clothes were shredded further, and Chizuru was completely naked.


Chizuru begged and trembled with overflowing tears .

However, Lukrov didn’t seem to hear anything. Perhaps he was really crazy … Lukrov, who had taken off the chainmail and swords, was so rough that he embedded himself in Chizuru.

It’s as if you can’t breathe unless you do so as soon as a second.

In addition to the remnants of last night’s actions, Chizuru’s body was not yet ready, she screamed.

Many tears ran down her cheeks and her shoulders trembled endlessly.

Because both of her hands were tied up, everything was left to be done by Lukrov. He clenches his teeth and inserts it violently, distorting his face while oozing water droplets that do not sweat or tear on his skin.

(Tears …?)

Despite being in the midst of even cruel treatment, Lukrov’s appearance suddenly began to look painful, and Chizuru’s tears stopped.

It seemed that he, who was supposed to be the strongest knight, was terribly lonely, full of wounds, and trembling with anxiety alone.

The long-lasting act should have been no different from a painful blame, physically speaking. However, Lukrov’s expression seemed so painful that he even felt as if he was in pain … I felt pain in my chest.

Because, in a sense, it’s true.

“Don’t leave me without saying anything”


As Lukrov approached the climax and slammed himself into Chizuru, Chizuru managed to mutter.

I don’t know if it has reached Lukrov’s ears.

However, his expression became even more sad.

“I’m sorry … oh …!”

The last time came, Lukrov held all of Chizuru with his arms, and then it was over.

Lukrov continued to wrap Chizuru in a painfully strong hug, but there was no way for Chizuru to hug him back , whose hands were tied. Only the violent breathing of each other can be heard, and no sound of the outside world can reach their ears.

How long has it passed?

It was certainly a long time.

Lukrov slowly loosened his hand holding Chizuru, and when he lifted his body slightly, he stared at Chizuru’s whole body.

Lukrov’s eyes overlooking Chizuru’s delicate body, lying with his hands tied up, had an overt regret, and I felt sorry for him.

“I’m sorry … Lukrov. I’m gone without permission …”

Chizuru herself wasn’t sure if she was talking about today or apologizing for the farewell 14 years ago. Maybe both.

Lukrov growls about something

“Chizuru …”

He called my name.

“Chizuru, oh dammit … kill me, cut my head off and dance on my corpse. You have the right to do so.”

“Stop, Lukrov …”

I wanted to stroke his hair, but I can’t. Chizuru smiled gently. “It’s a very attractive invitation, but I’ve just been able to meet again, but it’s a waste …”

At that time ──I found out that Lukrov smiled back, though only a little, really only a little.


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