Only With Your Heart Chapter 20

“Don’t Leave Me” –2

Lukrov released Chizuru’s restraint wrist slowly and carefully so that he felt a little irritated.

he firmly hugged my body that was about to fall on the bed, laid Chizuru with a gentle movement that was too gentle, and put a pillow on my head.

“Does it hurt?”

Immediately after hearing that, Lukrov shook his head with a slight self-deprecation. “It must have been painful. Let’s call Arde immediately to cleanse your body. If necessary, call a pharmacist …”

“Wait. Don’t call anyone yet. Stay here.”

Chizuru took the plunge and tried to spoil it.

It may be cowardly, but now I knew that Lukrov would listen to my wishes, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with him.

“Here … next to me. Just a little.”

Lukrov did not answer and looked down at Chizuru with his sincere eyes. After a while, he nodded several times as he had thought, and put sheets on Chizuru’s body with a polite gesture that would not suit a strong warrior like him. Then he laid next to me with one side down, supporting his head with his hands and looking down at his old lover.

Chizuru also stares back at him.

The two couldn’t easily look away from each other and couldn’t speak any nifty words.

No ──Maybe I didn’t need words.

Neither an apology nor a confession of love makes any sense in front of the eyes of the two. All of them were transmitted to each other’s hearts through their souls, without having to bother to voice them.

After a long and gentle silence, Chizuru gently reached out from the sheets and touched the scars running from Lukrov’s forehead to his temples. It’s a dry mark that seems to be years old, but it was probably quite deep when it was injured.

Chizuru carefully stroked the outline.

“Can I ask you about this wound …”

Lukrov showed his eyebrows slightly, as if he remembered the existence of the wound only when he was asked. I don’t feel uncomfortable with Chizuru’s question.

“What do you want to know?”

His voice heard back was calm.

“When did you get injured?”

“Four and a half years ago. Shortly before I washed my feet from the hitman family business and became known as the Duke of ice…”

“It must have hurt.”

“Is that what you care about? Haven’t you heard some of my old rumors?”

“Uh, yeah … but”

Chizuru couldn’t find a good expression, but he whispered after taking a breath without being impatient. “Maybe something happened?”

The black assassin, the king’s minion … Even if only some humans, the sad eyes that were so sad that I couldn’t think of a man who was called that way quietly stared at Chizuru.

The feeling of wanting to know his secret for 14 years, which Chizuru did not know, and the feeling that it might be better not to know it, alternated. And Lukrov also seemed undecided whether to tell her or not.

However, after a while, Lukrov gradually began to explain.

“… I had what I wanted. The King promised to give it to me. I believed it … I had to believe it.”

Chizuru remembered a person called the king of this country.

That said, Chizuru was allowed to have an audience with him only a few times, and none of them was so long, so I remember it. As far as I can remember, he was a delicate person with thin lines for a man of this era. It didn’t seem like a bad guy, but he seemed a little unreliable to take the throne, and was he a few years older than Lukrov?

“But he didn’t want to fulfill that promise … or he couldn’t do it. I should have known it, but I couldn’t admit it, and for ten years his Being compliant, he did something wrong … threatening his political opponents and sometimes killing them … ”

Lukrov once cut his words here.

It seems that Chizuru’s reaction is being confirmed … Do you think Chizuru would hates Lukrov? If so, he is wrong. Chizuru squinted and shook his head.

“It would have been painful”

“I don’t know … I didn’t feel anything before I knew it.”


Don’t tell a lie.

It seems that the inner voice of Chizuru was properly transmitted to Lukrov. When he finally took his eyes off Chizuru, he quietly continued to confess, gazing at the waves of the sheets.

“Sometimes I traveled outside of the country and was entrusted with a war, I was ordered to get my hands dirty, and I just obeyed it like a clown who was foolish. It wasn’t as good as it was for him-the king- because I got many supporters, and was treated as a hero at the time, which threatened the king’s presence.”

Lukrov’s voice was always plain, but Chizuru knew that it wasn’t because he didn’t feel anything, but because it was too painful to express his suffering.

By nature, Lukrov is not a person who likes fighting.

When I had to fight, I just had the courage to stand up without running away, and I didn’t enjoy the fight, let alone the murder itself. If possible, I’ve always said that I want to live in peace as a lord somewhere in a remote area, just as I do now.

There was a time when Chizuru was hoping that one day he would be able to live happily beside him.

14 years ago.

It wasn’t her place to cry here now. However, it was too difficult to stop the overflowing tears.

“I suffered this wound on my last mission. At that time, I decided that I will not pursue my dreams anymore. I will Forget everything, give up, and live quietly alone.”

Lukrov returned to Chizuru again.

He also seemed to be trying to stop something overflowing in his eyes. Unbearably, Chizuru raised his squeaking body and gently approached Lukrov. Lukrov hugs Chizuru’s thin back with his arms and narrows the distance.

Naked, chest and chest.

The heart touches the heart.

Chizuru closed her eyes and lightly kissed Lukrov’s cheek. Lukrov did not resist at all.

“What did you want me to do … what was it?”

Chizuru asked the last question while staring at each other with a slight distance away. Lukrov turned his eyes down and opened again, staring at Chizuru with his sad eyes, and answered slowly with a hazy voice.

“Come on … what was it …”


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