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Only With Your Heart Chapter 21


“Don’t Leave Me” –3

After that, after spending time quietly staring at each other without saying anything to each other, Lukrov went to call Arde.

The maid seemed to be waiting in front of a nearby servant, so she immediately appeared and knelt down to take care of Chizuru.

Collect the remnants of the torn dress and bring the rest of the lunch on the plate, a clean cloth similar to a towel and a barrel of steaming hot water.

“Well, I can do it myself …”

Chizuru managed to refuse Arde, who was trying to help with the bath.

Of course, bathing in hot water does not mean that you can soak your neck in hot water like a Japanese bath. The only reason was to moisten the towel with hot water in a barrel and wipe the whole body clean, but that was enough for a tired body for the time being.

If you wipe your body with a loose towel, your skin will come back to life …

“Lu, Lukrov, don’t look”

Lukrov, who wore only trousers with his upper body naked, leaned on the chest of drawers and folded his arms in front, and kept on watching Chizuru’s movements more than necessary.

It was Lukrov who took off his clothes in the first place, and although they have already exposed each other’s bare skin many times, the act of purifying herself seemed strangely personal, and it was embarrassing to see it.

I like him and hope to get back to a relationship where I can call him a lover soon. But I have to respect this kind of private life. Chizuru turned hrt back on Lukrov, covered her front with a towel, and stared at him over his shoulder.

Lukrov shrugged only his shoulders without changing his expression.


“Anyway! Go over there!”

“I’m not leaving”

Lukrov’s tone was clear. “Want some help?”

“~~, no! If Lukrov doesn’t go, I’ll go somewhere.”

When Chizuru rebelled against the selling word and buying word, Lukrov sighed loudly and disappeared from the door to his room, probably because he got her meaning. His back was like a big bear who missed his prey and was depressed, and Chizuru was blushing and hugging her towel.

“It’s cute, isn’t it, Lukrov when he’s with Chizuru sama”

Arde, the maid who was watching everything, pointed out with a clear face that she was enduring wanting to laugh.

“Oh, yeah? It’s domineering … can I say that’s cute?”

“Yeah. I even remembered the illusion that I was back 14 years ago. In recent years, Mr. Lukrov was perfect as a ruler, but in his private life … he always looked dead. ”

While opening the chest of drawers and looking for clothes and underwear to change for Chizuru, Arde replied that he was sick.

A dead face …….

Chizuru hurriedly slipped the towel on her skin and thought of Lukrov after reuniting one by one. And let’s compare his image 14 years ago with that of today.

Fourteen years ago, when I first met Lukrov, he was always calm and serious, and it was hard to say that he was expressive. It came to be able to communicate with Chizuru, and he began to show various faces.

Laughing aloud, shining, making fun of Chizuru with a mischievous smile …….

When a warm and damp towel reached the base of the foot, a tingling pain struck her skin ── It was like a branding iron that Lukrov burned on Chizuru while she remembered what he was saying

“Don’t leave me without saying anything”

Chizuru’s hand stopped perfectly.

“Lukrov… does he still like me?”

When he spilled like a soliloquy, Arde turned to Chizuru with a surprised face. It looks like she shouted unbelievable.

“Well, what is Chizuru-sama? I’m sure my mistress managed to do this morning … Didn’t Lukrov-sama say something?”

“Lukrov has made it clear that he doesn’t like me anymore. It’s his duty as a knight to put me here, and he’s holding me just to release his desires. ”

Actually put into words, that fact hurt Chizuru’s heart even deeper.

Arde had her eyebrows completely turned into a figure eight and kneeled in front of Chizuru, who was stuck in the middle of the bath.

“Did Chizuru believe it?”

Arde’s voice pierces Chizuru’s chest.

“I don’t know … I don’t know, what can I believe in?”

The cold words from him, the fiery anger he often gets, the room he gave me, the dress that fits perfectly. Everything was so inconsistent that it confused Chizuru to the point of disgusting.

For whatever reason, I left Lukrov and returned to Japan.

Even if it wasn’t Chizuru who chose 14 years, if he actually made him lonely for such a long time, he is responsible.

Let’s say that what Lukrov asked for after 10 years of losing himself might be Chizuru.

“What is it … I wonder if this is his revenge. Are you happy with me?”

Chizuru sat flat on the floor, facing Arde and muttering.

Arde shook his head with a puzzled face and gently stroked Chizuru’s shoulder.

“That’s not true. Chizuru-sama, I’m sure you’re tired. Shall I call back Lukrov-sama?”


Chizuru screamed like a crappy child. “I’m angry again. I was tied up and it hurt … no more …”

I should have been prepared.

It hasn’t been two days since I arrived at the castle.

But if the roots are so deep, what can Chizuru do? Do you keep opening your legs to Lukrov forever until you die? Satisfied with his kindness given from time to time, staying as a mistress forever?

“I don’t know what to do. No more …”

When I noticed, Chizuru was sobbing with his face on Arde’s shoulder.

The body was sluggish and heavy, and I felt chills. My spine trembled.

“I’ll catch a cold, Ms. Chizuru. Come on, please wear this, right?”


Arde put the prepared clothes on Chizuru.

Certainly, you may just be tired. After returning to this world, the tension overflowed at once, and I kneaded like a child.

This makes me think about the future …

“Sorry, Arde. I got Suddenly upset.”

“It’s okay, Ms. Chizuru. Just keep this in mind..

The dress this time had a number of buttons on the front, which were rare in this era. Arde keeps it dexterous and continues in a clear tone.

“Lukrov sama never welcomed a woman home for fourteen years after Chizuru disappeared. It was only one night for fourteen years. Until he welcomed Chizuru yesterday. it has been forever. Do you know what this means? ”


Chizuru sipped her nose and wiped her tears with the back of her hand while listening to Arde’s words.

She probably doesn’t know everything. But I’m sure she understands Lukrov for the last fourteen years much better than Chizuru, who just reunited with him a few days ago.

“Please give him some time”

Arde, who had finished holding the button, said while tapping gently behind Chizuru’s shoulder.

When I raised my face, the clear light blue eyes of Arde were slightly moistened. Chizuru was struck by a painful chest tightening and lost her words.

“Arde …”

“Lukrov sama must have some time. If you’ve been in hell for a long time, you won’t be able to enjoy it right away if you suddenly go to heaven. For example, if you eat too much right after you’re hungry, you’ll vomit. your body wouldn’t accept it. I wonder if the mind is the same. ”

Chizuru felt the weight of the years dwelling in Arde’s words, and realized that they were getting older, accumulating wisdom, and becoming adults. Chizuru, who was only nineteen years old and spent a year and two months in peaceful Japan, and those who have survived fourteen years in this rough world.

Chizuru wasn’t old. At least by modern Japanese standards.

However, I’m a complete child here.

I wasn’t thinking enough and soon lost sight of my feet. It shouldn’t be like this.

More … I have to become stronger.

“Now, I’m done changing you clothes, and I’m calling Lukrov sama. Please talk with him properly … I’m sure you can overcome it. I believe in you.”

Chizuru nodded and stood up with the gentle but powerful encouragement of Arde.

I haven’t seen the goal yet.

There may not be such a thing in the first place. However, I felt that that I can see the light shining in the destination.


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