Only With Your Heart Chapter 22


The Visitor –1

However, things doesn’t change dramatically in an instant.

After a few more days, Lukrov gradually began to get used to Chizuru’s existence, and the number of times he held her roughly decreased little by little. Allowing Chizuru to be able to work in a nursery school for children with Arde’s daughter during the day, under the condition that “be at the dining room for lunch and to return to the room before the sun sets.”

After a week and two weeks, Lukrov did not change the name of Chizuru as a “guest” and did not answer Chizuru’s confession with love. ── At least in words.

It was night that these two people were the only ones who were able to let their souls pass through in the past and without being disturbed by trauma.

Every night, Lukrov embraced Chizuru in every way. Sometimes it’s so intense that Chizuru faints, sometimes it’s frustratingly gentle and very slow.

There were no words of love there.

Occasionally, when Chizuru uttered such words, Lukrov routinely stiffened his face and forcibly blocked it with a kiss or caress so that she could not continue to confess. Lukrov was stubborn, as wild animals injured by humans. it never believes in humans anymore and keep on hiding in the depths of the forest.

“Ha … u …”

Lukrov whispered something in her ear with a faint voice while running his finger on the bud of Chizuru’s shameful part on the bed and pushing Chizuru to the climax for the second time that night.

“What …? What … oh!”

her body that had already been cornered immediately surrendered to the suddenly intense caress of Lukrov.

Being kidnapped by the waves of pleasure, Chizuru gasped and shook her whole body. Lukrov covered it and stroked Chizuru’s hair over and over again.


Lukrov lied. “I didn’t say anything”

Sometimes the two of us were quietly looking at the big moon swaying outside the window.

The moon has the same color as her original world. (T/N: snowy)

When Chizuru told him that, Lukrov held Chizuru painfully and did not let her go until morning.

Because I didn’t have a calendar equivalent, Chizuru gradually forgot to calculate the date and time, but roughly speaking, it was one morning about 20 days after I started living in the castle.

As usual, while having breakfast next to Lukrov, Nadal, who was out of breath with his cheeks dyed red with excitement, rushed over.

“Lukrov, the messenger of the Duke of Loan is now at the gate!”

In the hands of a brown-haired boy, paper like material made by drying animal skins is wrapped around with A red ribbon on it, indicating that it was a letter from someone high in status.

“Look, look!”

Nadal opened a letter in front of Lukrov, raising his voice to the extent that even others during the meal raised his face.

Lukrov stopped eating and took a quick look at the letters.

Chizuru involuntarily looked into it.

Thanks to the automatic translation of the example, Chizuru can read most of the characters. The literature was difficult, but the letter was fairly concise and short. The contents are as follows.


I heard rumors. I’ll arrive there within three days, so prepare a room for four knights, including myself.


“Loan …? That loan, right?”

While saying so, Lukrov slammed Chizuru’s back, which coughed with a piece of bread she was eating in her throat.

“I’d say it’s different, but oh, that loan. How did you hear that?”

Lukrov replied sullenly, but his eyes didn’t always seem to dislike it. Oh, that’s Lukrov and the loan.

Lukrov was given water ── wine is still banned ─ ─ Chizuru, who was breathtaking, raised his face and smiled.

“It was true that he still come every year. Can I meet him too?”

“He’s coming see you.”

Lukrov struck the letter back to Nadal with a disgusting gesture. Nadal hurriedly receives it and asks, “What should I do with your reply?”

The style of the letter did not seem to be waiting for a reply one by one, but unlike modern times, a living human being is driving a horse with news from a distance so I have to say something in return.

Lukrov waved to drive Nadal away.

“Give the messenger a return meal and water. Anyway, he will come even if I didn’t write back”

“Is it okay to say that Mr. Lukrov welcomes the Duke of Loan?”

“do what you want”

When I heard that, Nadal was as excited as when he ran up and left quickly.

Lukrov sighed briefly and returned his gaze to Chizuru … and sighed again, shaking his head from side to side.

“I will tell you that he’s already married and He has some kids.”

“Is that so?”

Lukrov throws a sharp gaze as if to add a commandment to Chizuru, whose eyes shine with the expectation of seeing a nostalgic face. Chizuru became funny and giggled.

“I don’t think he really liked me. he Always made fun of you back then.”

Chizuru pointed out, however, Lukrov snorted.

At that time ── Chizuru smiled again, remembering this 14 years ago.

Loan and Lukrov were men who were in the same order, but had completely opposite personalities, fighting styles, and ways of thinking. With fiery redheads, a talkative and friendly loan, contrary to Lukrov, who had risen from a position close to an orphan, he is the son of a wealthy duke, and the only point of contact between the two men is their height.

On the surface, Lukrov always hated Loan, and Loan was making fun of saying that Lukrov was an inflexible and straightforward thing. However, both of them respected each other from the bottom of their hearts … This kind of relationship may be a mysterious thing that only men can have.

Because of that, Loan was always playing around with the relationship between Lukrov and Chizuru.

Chizuru pretended to be anxious and irritated Lukrov, or conversely tried to force the two who were unrequited love together. Now it’s a cute memory.

she heard that she can meet that loan again.

“I see. It’s going to be lively.”

When Chizuru smiled, Lukrov squinted coldly and said heavily.

” I’m sure it’s going to be noisy when that man comes”



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