Only With Your Heart Chapter 23

The Visitor –2

Although I was complaining, the preparation for welcoming the Roan started by Lukrov was quite elaborate.

Of course, we are welcoming a duke-class person to the castle, so we can’t help but do nothing at all. A mortgage room and a room for the knights who would be attending were prepared, the castle was cleaned up more than usual, and a welcome party was planned.

It wasn’t just a dinner party, but people were invited from the castle town, and a stall-like thing was spread out in the plaza, which is usually used as a training ground, to hold a kind of festival-like night.

“There are many aristocrats and knights in the capital who do more flashy things. Mr. Lukrov is modest. There are more events like this because he can deepen exchanges with the townspeople and have an economic effect. It’s okay.”

Was the explanation of Arde.

She also seems to be excited about the liveliness before the festival, and she is busy moving around with her cheeks burning more than usual. That’s why the reaction of the children Chizuru was taking care of was beyond imagination. Every child is overjoyed when they enjoy baked sweets, sweet candy-like sweets, smoked meat and fish, and the songs and music of the bard.

Chizuru herself was no exception, and was excited by the reunion with the nostalgic knight Roan and the expectations for the upcoming banquet night.

There was only one person, Lukrov, who sometimes had a complicated face and looked at some distance … I was worried about that.

Two days later ──.

A blue flag fringed with gold can be seen proudly fluttering beyond the horizon, and the newest lord of the Duke’s family, who is said to have continued for five generations, the glittering knights led by Roan gradually appear.

“It’s the Duke of Roan!”

One of the sentries guarding the castle gate screamed loudly.

Lukrov on a horse wearing armor nodded while looking at the four knights approaching To welcome the guests,. While Chizuru was setting In front of his chest, and looks into the distance in the same way.

It was a bit of a surprise that Lukrov accompanied Chizuru to welcome this Roan.

No matter how much the other person is an old friend, she will welcome a guest with this status, so she thought that she would wait in the castle or maybe until the night of the feast, considering the other knights were there as well.

It was unbelievable that she would ride the same horse as Lukrov and welcome the guests in front of the gate like this.

Moreover, it was Lukrov himself who instructed it, and Chizuru didn’t even have a chance to refuse. “If I tried to hide you it will just be more annoying, he said, saying that if you show Chizuru to him first, Roan will be satisfied and leave quickly.

(But …)

Chizuru, who was dressed up a little more carefully than usual by Arde’s hands, she couldn’t calm her beating heart while setting in Lukrov’s arms.

(Coming here together to welcome me, you look like a married couple …?)

Although it was after a long trip, the march of the Roans was quick.

It would have taken less than five minutes from the time the flag began to appear to the time it reached the castle gate. Lukrov took the horse a few steps forward, and Roan also stepped forward, a short distance ahead from the accompanying knights.

Because he didn’t wear a scarf, the reddish-brown hair, which was as bright as a new brick, was swaying in the wind vividly.

Contrary to Lukrov, who seems to be a little thinner than he was fourteen years ago, Roan seemed to have some plump dignity-but his slightly exaggerated presence is always curious. The brown eyes that seem to shine in my heart are almost the same.

Roan was staring at Chizuru with wide open eyes.

“Why … this is again … what a hell, really chizuru …?”

Chizuru laughed at Roan that made a crazy voice and felt like hugging him. However, thinking that it would be in front of the other knights, I waited for the castle owner, Lukrov, to say something first.

Lukrov holds Chizuru’s waist tightly with one hand and advances the horse a few steps further.

“Roan, welcome you to our castle again this year. Stay as long as you like.”

Lukrov said the polite and ceremonial greeting with a great deal of self-control … “This is my guest, Chizuru. Well, I don’t need to introduce you.”

Originally, I would have to give a reply that the Roan would be paired here, but the red-haired knight seemed to have no intention of doing so.

“Guest …? What’s going on, isn’t my cute Chizuru look the same as she used to be …”

Chizuru couldn’t prevent her face from collapsing as seriously as possible, and after glancing up at Lukrov behind her, she smiled meaningfully to Roan.

Roan shook his head over and over again, looking at Lukrov on the top of the Buddha and Chizuru smiling alternately.

“What a hell … what a hell!”

For Roan, who repeatedly shouted the same line like a parrot with no head, Lukrov threw a cold gaze and put it inside, and so on, leaning toward the castle gate.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲, yeah, s̲h̲i̲t̲ … I’ll get you to explain. I’ll get you to explain …”

After the Roan that was mumbling and being alone, the knights of the same group advanced the horse and passed through the castle gate. The group led by Lukrov went straight to the main tower of the castle, where they got off their horses.


At the entrance of the castle mansion, Chizuru, who was helped by Lukrov to get off the horse, was approached by Roan that had been dismounted from the horse. It wasn’t fully equipped, but it was noisy step by step because he was wearing armor on the shoulders and chest. Lukrov can walk quietly in this style, but he doesn’t really care about Roans.

“Show me your face … I can’t believe it! Isn’t it really Chizuru …”

Roan did not say hello to Lukrov and headed straight for Chizuru. Rather than ignoring the castle owner on purpose, it feels like I haven’t really seen it.

Roan’s hand wearing leather gloves extends to Chizuru’s face.

Chizuru didn’t run away, but she didn’t move from the side of Lukrov.

“I was wondering who she was because he said he started to be surround by a woman … What a hell, this guy really waited until Chizuru appeared.”

Roan was always quick and he spoke so quickly that he didn’t give him time to reply.

“Welcome back Chizuru. I’m glad to see you again. I wouldn’t get married in this case.”

“I’m home … Roan, it’s been a while”

“Why did you come back to such a stiff man? After 14 years, he became even stiffer?”

“That’s not the case. Roan aren’t the same at all.”

“That’s a big deal. Come on, go inside and talk to me. Oh.”

Roan pretended to be surprised when he finally noticed Lukrov standing next to Chizuru without hiding his face.

“Oh, were you here too! I’ll be taking care of you for a few days from today. I’m not going to stay long. I will just talk a little … and I wanted to see your woman.”

“You’ve already seen her”

Lukrov replied with a disgusted voice.

The Roan grinned back.

“Oh, I was able to see her well.”

With that said, Roan turned his eyes back to Chizuru and smiled gently.

“… Well, Lukrov, I don’t like to praise a man, much less if you’re the other person … but this time I’ll praise you. Well done.”

Lukrov did not answer.

Simply silently returned and walk towards the castle door. The remaining time of the trip Chizuru and Roan looked at each other.

“Is there something?”

Roan looked into Chizuru’s face as if it were a confirmation rather than a question.

Chizuru tried not to look sad as much as possible, but I don’t know how successful he was. Roan nodded several times as if he had seen through everything, and struck Chizuru’s shoulder.

“Let’s hear the story later. Put it in now … I’m tired from the long journey.”


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