Only With Your Heart Chapter 24

The Visitor –3

When everyone entered the castle and to the hall, wine and nice warm meals were served to the guests who were tired of their long trips, and then each of them was assigned a guest room and disappeared upstairs.

The knights and servants of the main castle came and greeted the guests repeatedly, so the hall was lively and Chizuru had almost no chance to talk with Roan anymore.

Today, Roan went to have a rest in his room until the evening, and in the evening, an intimate dinner with Lukrov was held … and a welcoming party was planned for tomorrow afternoon.

“sigh …”

While the rush to welcome guests continued in the castle, Chizuru, who had been left unattended, had returned to her room alone.

if she were to wander too much, she would only increase Arde’s work, and Lukrov and Roan had disappeared before she knew it, so she couldn’t do this.

Chizuru sat alone on the edge of the bed, sighed deeply several times, and after a while rolled on the sheets.

When she brought her face close to the sheets that were heavily woven and beautifully embroidered, a faintly sweet scent rises. This is the scent of Lukrov … No, to be more precise, the scent of the proof that Lukrov and Chizuru are overlapping their bodies overflows here and there and tickles the nasal cavity.

In the end, Lukrov did not change the introduction of Chizuru as a “guest” even for Roan.

I wasn’t expecting anything.

The appearance of an old friend did not mean that Lukrov would suddenly change his attitude. However, when I witnessed Lukrov’s stubborn decision again, my heart heart hurt.

Every night, continuously he comes and asks for my body, and I only answers him with love.

Sometimes it wasn’t just gentle at night, Chizuru had to pant and cry and beg him to stop. Even that wasn’t always heard, and there were nights when I was embraced violently until I fainted.

A night when you were stared at by your eyes in agony and sadness, and strongly embraced by his angry arms.

I wanted to think that one day he would open up not only his body but also his heart.

As Arde said, this would take time

By thinking so, Chizuru managed to support her heart that was about to break from time to time. It wasn’t until I was told that I was spoiled, but despite my repeated determinations, the anxiety of being in a maze with no visible exit cannot be erased forever.

But maybe, if I can spend a few days with a nostalgic Roan, my heart might feel a little clearer.

While holding such a faint expectation, Chizuru was invited to a deep sleep before she knew it.

And when the door of the room opened and someone came in, Chizuru didn’t notice immediately.

A large shadow slowly approached the bed silently, and an elongated shadow overlaid Chizuru. Chizuru woke up feeling the presence of a person only when the wooden frame of the bed made a dry noise.

“Hmm … al … de”

Chizuru, who had just opened her eyes and noticed the surroundings had begun to dim before she knew it, and raised her upper body loosely.

──It’s vague, but I feel like I was dreaming.

A dream 14 years ago. Lukrov, who smiled happily, gently whispered words of love to Chizuru’s ear, and the two played on the meadow … Such a distant and ephemeral dream.

“Already … dinner time …?”

Chizuru asked the maid while rubbing her eyes, but there was no reply that would normally come back immediately.

Instead, low and irregular breathing arrived through the air, and Chizuru sensed the incident and woke up. A large, tall shadow is just around the corner. As I took a deep breath and squinted, I saw the outline of Lukrov reflected in the purple sunset leaking through the window.

“Lukrov …? What’s wrong? Isn’t time fir your meal with Roan?…”

Lukrov did not answer.

However, only the rough and low breathing like a wild dog who is wary of the enemy can be heard leaking from his throat.

Chizuru was ready, and did’t run away.

“Lukrov …”

When Chizuru whispered his name again, as a signal, Lukrov slowly stepped forward and approached with one knee on the edge of the bed.

“What are you doing?”


The continuation of the words was sealed in a soft kiss

A polite kiss, just like the first time, where the tips of their lips touched each other. Lukrov repeated a similar light kiss on Chizuru’s lips several times for a while.

A large, stiff hand was attached to Chizuru’s cheek, and although it was not necessary, the other hand gently supported her arm.

“Ha …, oh”

The body accustomed to the pleasure given to him reacts to the kiss, the feel of the touching skin, and the boiling masculine scent, and gradually becomes hot.

Chizuru also slowly touched Lukrov’s cheek. And Chizuru returned a slight kiss from her as evidence that she was ready to accept him.



I heard his low growl.

Chizuru solidified and stared at Lukrov’s face unintentionally. Only the remnants of the setting sun shining weakly through the window have a light source, and half of his face is hidden in the darkness and cannot be seen. But I quickly realized that his expression was full of bitterness, even if only half of it.

“Luk …”

“Stop it”

When he muttered again with a voice that seemed to be squeezed out by force, Lukrov left Chizuru on the bed.

Then, I went back a few steps, and after repeating uneasy breathing several times, I turned my back to Chizuru and turned my heels back.

“Lukrov, wait, that …”

Despite Chizuru’s call, Lukrov went out to escape when he opened the door, and closed the door behind him. The sound of walking away with a quick stride echoed … Immediately, I couldn’t hear anything.

Chizuru, who was left alone in the darkness and silence, had no choice but to sit in a daze.

What was this now?

From the current relationship between the two of them , a sudden refusal to an incredibly gentle kiss. What does this mean …?



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