Only With Your Heart Chapter 25

The Longest Night –1

After having dinner as usual in the dining room without Lukrov and having a brief greeting with the three knights that Roan brought with him, Chizuru returned to her room again.

Arde brought hot water and towels to cleanse me in the room again, but I decided to have Arde go down early tonight with the intention of just taking a quick bath alone.

Then, when I was alone and calmed down early, I tried to wash my face by putting my hand in the water bucket placed on the desk …

Suddenly, from the lower floor, a loud sound of something collapsing vigorously echoed.

Chizuru was surprised and stopped and looked around to see what had happened. Moreover, the noise didn’t stop, but it continues violently with Gassshan, Dottttan, and so on. It was a terrible fuss, as if someone had messed up the furniture and furnishings and turned them over, causing chaos.

After a while, even a few screams could be heard.

(What …?)

When I hurriedly wiped my hands with the towel I had, I left the room and looked around to the left and right. I met a female servant who was going back and forth in the corridor, so I called her out and stopped.

“What happened now? I suddenly heard a great sound from below …”

“Wow, I don’t know. However, it seems that it was heard from the room where Lukrov sama was having dinner with the guest…”

“From Lukrov and Roan’s room?”

Chizuru immediately stiffened.

Lukrov and Roan…

I remember that they had a fight with each other and messed up all over the place several times. Certainly, Roan broke his nose once. It’s a fresh memory for Chizuru, less than two years ago, but here it’s almost fifteen years ago. Both of them are already good old adults, not the bloody young people of those days.

However, it is Lukrov and the Roan.

“Please tell me where the room is”

When Chizuru asked, the confused servant quickly explained, “Turn right under the stairs on the first floor and it’s the third room.”

Chizuru just thanked her and rushed down the stairs.

I found the room immediately.

There were many servants with anxious faces in a row, and they were going back and forth in front of the door. As Chizuru approaches, Nadal is there and immediately calls out to her.

“Chizuru-sama! Actually, Lukrov-sama and the Duke of Roan are in a fight inside.”


Chizuru was surprised.

Nadal didn’t seem to notice the nuance, so he explained with an exaggerated gesture while making a crying face.

“The dining table was turned over, and the food is scattered all over the place, it was already a mess when I came out, Mr. Lukrov shouted like a beast and kicked us out. Fortunately, the two of them didn’t have any weapons, but … ”

“But if they were eating, they would you have a knife?”

“That’s right! What should I do?”

The boy’s eyes have tears of anxiety.

The two of them should know how to kill humans with their bare hands, even if they don’t have weapons or knives, but now it’s no comfort to say that. Should I go to call the powerful young knights? However, most of them finished their meal already and returned to their respective rooms.

Chizuru had no choice but to decide on the spot.

“I will go in … If anything happens, call Arde right away.”

“Eh, Chi, Chizuru-sama?”

Fortunately, or scarily, it seemed that the room was already quiet. Chizuru took a deep breath, tied her lips, gathered courage and touched the door. While Nadal is watching over with a sigh.

When the door opened with a squeaking noise, it was true that everywhere inside was messed up, a completely dirty room. Well, it makes me want to admire it so thoroughly.

Roan that held his nose near the wall.

On the opposite wall, there stood Lukrov, who was out of breath and slightly curled up.

“Roan … Lukrov …”

The two men looked up at the same time and saw the entrance to the room where Chizuru was standing.

Roan immediately shined his eyes, while Lukrov immediately stiffened his body to the point where he felt the urge to be surprised.

Maybe Chizuru could have been hurt by Lukrov’s reaction …….

However, in reality, I felt that Lukrov’s deep heartache was hurtful, and I just overflowed with sympathy and affection for him.

“Look, Chizuru, this guy hit my nose again. Damn … can you believe it? This guy becomes a madman as soon as it comes to Chizuru.”

Roan complained while shaking his head.

In other words, did they have a fight over Chizuru? Actually, it was far beyond the “wording” fight, but well, Chizuru learned long ago that the fist X fist seems to be counted as one of the words between these two people.

“Are you okay, Roan?”

Although I heard it, Chizuru’s line of sight remained straight toward Lukrov and did not move.

“No, it’s no good. I’m about to die. Chizuru, can you take care of me?”

The tragic tone of the Roan has a humorous sound at the same time.

Chizuru smiled and answered the Roan ──But his gaze remained on Lukrov.

“No, I’m sure your wife will get angry, and there must be a much better pharmacist in the castle than I am.”

“Oh, how ruthless to a lonely man who was torn in love. Let’s say I’m withdrawing like this.”

While holding his nose, Roan jumped over the wreckage of chairs, desks, and dishes scattered on the floor with his long legs, and came to the doorway where Chizuru was and looked down at me, and when I looked back at Lukrov, I sternly browed.

“It’s not just you and Chizuru. Neither Zain nor Edina will be rewarded if you keep up like this. If you don’t decide quickly, I’ll do what I want.”

Yes, after saying something like advice to Lukrov, Roan disappeared into the corridor with a stride. After that, several servants rush to chase after.


Suddenly, the names of the two nostalgic people suddenly appeared, and Chizuru worriedly shook his head.

It ’s not rewarding …… it ’s like they ’re no longer in the world ……. The ominous premonition makes my heart beat.

But …

“Lukrov, are you okay? Are you injured?”

Still, Chizuru wanted to calm the important man in front of her.

Chizuru, who managed to cross over the cobbled floor, which was extremely confused, and managed to reach the front of Lukrov, stopped there. Lukrov stares at Chizuru with a face that is a mixture of various emotions.

Anger, regret, sadness, and what … should I call it thirst? Just as a thirsty creature seeks water, he stares down at Chizuru with his eyes eagerly seeking his opponent.

As far as I could see, Lukrov didn’t seem to be seriously injured.

his beautiful black hair was covered with some food, and there were only a few small scratches running in his big hands peeking through the long-sleeved tunic.

“Going back to the room? Or should I call someone?”

Lukrov shook his head.

“Should I be there? Or do you want to be alone …?”

Lukrov shook his head again.

When Chizuru was relieved and smiled slightly, Lukrov frowned painfully. But it didn’t seem to reject her.


If Lukrov once suffered because of his feelings for Chizuru, Chizuru is willing to be hurt because of this love.

“Let’s take a rest. Come with me …”

Chizuru whispered while she gently touched Lukrov’s big hand, and firmly held on both sides.

This time Lukrov did not shake his head.


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