Only With Your Heart Chapter 26

The Longest Night –2

Lukrov and Chizuru were holding hands and watching as the servants came out of the room, which looked like a battlefield. I felt curiosity, admiration, and longing eyes pouring down from here and there, but Chizuru wasn’t embarrassed.

Lukrov follows Chizuru quietly with heavy steps like a warrior who admitted defeat.

Because of that, it may be more surprising.

Actually, Chizuru did almost nothing … Lukrov, who obediently walked one step behind Chizuru’s lead, probably looked strange to the residents of this castle. Even for Chizuru, this was the first time.

When the two of us went up the stairs and arrived in front of the room, Chizuru was wondering for a moment whether she should invite Lukrov to her room or enter his room directly.

I remembered that I was suddenly rejected after receiving a kiss earlier, and I thought that if I sent Lukrov to his room, Chizuru might have to return to her room.

However, Lukrov watched over Chizuru who is confused in front of the two adjacent doors.

“I like your room …”

he muttered softly.

Too masculine, low-vibrating voice.

The core of the body was aching, and Chizuru’s nape hair stood up.

Although not very much, I couldn’t feel like refusing, I nodded and pushed the door of my room to enter. Looking back over my shoulder, Lukrov quietly enters. And I closed the door behind.

Since only one candle was lit, Chizuru hurriedly transferred the fire to several other candles prepared in other candlesticks. The room will be a little brighter and you will be able to see the dirt on Lukrov’s hair and clothes.

Fortunately, the barrel of hot water and towels that Arde had prepared are still sitting on the desk which was still steaming.

Looking back at Lukrov again, he seemed to be watching Chizuru’s every move and thinking about the same thing.

“First, I have to clean the dirt. should I do it myself!?”

Lukrov silently shook his head to Chizuru, who heard that while pointing at the barrel filled with hot water.

“Do you hate hot water?”

“No … can’t you do it yourself.”


Chizuru immediately returned a calm face without noticing Lukrov’s true intentions.

Lukrov didn’t break his serious face, and after striking his eyes meaningfully several times, he whispers softly with the usual low voice.

“If you don’t help me, I can’t do it. I don’t want to do anything.”


This time I understood immediately.

Chizuru instantly imagined the scene and immediately turned bright red and made her mouth flutter.

Although it was after countless layers of body, the act seemed strangely glossy again, and the heart screamed unnaturally. In most cases, the act of love between the two was in the form of Lukrov taking the initiative, which is extra.

Moreover, helping with bathing … especially for warriors like Lukrov … should be something that can only be asked by someone who has completely forgiven their hearts.

“I … is it okay …?”

Lukrov silently nodded to Chizuru, who asked with a quivering voice. Such a reaction was also strangely fresh. Lukrov was always a person who expressed his intentions clearly with yes and no, and he was not swept away by Chizuru’s proposal.

But now.

Lukrov was standing silently looking down at Chizuru, so Chizuru had to take action before the hot water cooled down.

“Then … I have to take off my clothes first …”

Fortunately, tonight’s Lukrov doesn’t wear complicated chainmail, swords, or armor. A long-sleeved tunic with solemn embroidery and a red obi-style cloth around the waist.

Chizuru looked up at Lukrov as if to say something, but he just sucked his chin slightly as if to say “please”. In other words … I would leave it Chizuru to undress me.

Chizuru slowly reached for Lukrov’s obi “tie” while  her cheeks get more flushed.

The cloth tied beside the waist was untied, and when the knot broke, I had to put my hands around his waist to take it. Slowly unravel the double and triple obi. It was an action that could only be done while sticking tightly in front of his chest.

“I got it …”

When the obi was removed, Chizuru was uttering something that seemed unnecessary to say one by one.

Lukrov nods again slightly.

There was no sign of him making the next move.

“Then … next time … take off the tunic …”

This is the same as a shirt without buttons, and it cannot be taken off without his help. Considering the height difference between the two, it was necessary to have Lukrov to move a little.

Chizuru stretched out her arms and grabbed the hem of the tunic, which extends to her thighs, from both ends. her hand trembled slightly.

“I’ll take it off, so look down a little over here.”

Surprisingly, Lukrov hung his head according to Chizuru’s instructions. Their faces get closer to each other so that they can feel each other’s breath, and the strong chest plate gets closer to Chizuru’s body.

The scent of Lukrov wrapped around Chizuru.

It was no wonder if the two bodies melted into one as it was.

Chizuru took a breath and slowly pulled up the tunic. Lukrov bent his back toward Chizuru as he moved, and the tunic slipped through his back and slipped off smoothly. his trained back muscles are exposed, with some scratches.

Lukrov’s body was perfect as a warrior so that she might fall in love with it.

For example, it was as beautiful as a Greek sculpture. I don’t see many sculptures in this world, but if Michel Angelo saw Lukrov, he would definitely want to model it.

However, his body is not just a lump of stone or bronze.

The hot blood pulsates, vigorously moves, and sometimes … gently embraces to Chizuru.

“What’s on your hair … is it a fish?”

The white fish and its skin-like fragments were buried in the short cut black hair, so Chizuru removed it by hand. It also comes with an oily sauce, which you’ll have to wash with hot water.

Lukrov, whose upper body was naked and only his pants underneath, did not move at all as if he had left everything to Chizuru.

Chizuru glances at the lower body of a large knight.

For the time being, it seemed that I don’t have to take it off yet.

(Well, what is “yet”? Already …)

While embarrassed that a devious idea crossed her mind, Chizuru pulled Lukrov’s hand and led him to the front of the hot water tub. He followed her obediently. Chizuru hurriedly dragged the chair in the corner of the room and put it behind Lukrov.

“Sit down. I have to wash your hair and face.”

Lukrov sat in a chair.

It was a delicate chair for women, so when Lukrov sits down, the shoulder width protrudes greatly from the backrest, and it seems that it is not very comfortable to sit on. Chizuru thought it was funny and gave a faint laugh.

Then, Lukrov raises one eyebrow.

“Why do you laugh?”

“Because … this chair makes it difficult for you to sit down. Did you make a mistake in choosing the furniture? I wish I had a larger chair.”

“For what?”

“For your big body”

“I ask you one, did you sit in this chair?”

“? Yes, of course. There is only one monopod in this room.”

“How comfortable is it?”

“I’m glad, because it’s just like my petite women’s chair, right?”

“That’s it”

Lukrov answered monotonously. “Then I didn’t make a mistake in choosing furniture.”

It took a few seconds to notice the meaning of the statement.

In other words, this chair was originally chosen for Chizuru … or at least for a woman who looks as tall as Chizuru.

“Lukrov …”

“Wash my hair”

Lukrov, who left his back on the back of a small chair, closed his eyes gently. The long, dark, jet-black lashes that were laid down looked good on the deeply carved features, and were so beautiful that I wanted to stare at them forever.

However, the hot water will get cold if I waited. There is no water heater here, as in Japan, where you only have to press one switch. Chizuru scolded herself, soaked the towel in hot water and squeezed it.

Chizuru first cleaned the area that was dirty with fish, then returned the towel to hot water, squeezed it, and slowly wiped the other part of his head.

And soak the towel in hot water again, this time wipe the face.

Cheeks, nose, chin … And when it was the turn of the forehead, Chizuru stopped moving, reaching a deep scar that reached the end of the eyebrows.

It was a wound that was inflicted by the last command from the king──.

Was this amount of wound really the only thing left by the tragedy that Lukrov gave up everything?

I don’t think so.

Chizuru knows Lukrov. might even knew too much.

“When you got this wound …”

While gently touching the scar with her fingertips, Chizuru chose a word and continued asking with caution. “What did Roan said about Zain and Edina … are they connected?”

Lukrov slowly opened his eyes.

I wasn’t surprised at all, and I was calm and staring straight ahead, as if I was waiting for Chizuru to ask this question. Lukrov’s eyes wandered in the air for a while as if he was watching a video of his past memories, but then he gently focused on Chizuru and stopped.


Lukrov replied. He even smiled sadly.

“Do you want to hear?”

Chizuru knew well that it would be a painful conversation that would surely scratch her soul. If you don’t ask, your heart may remain peaceful.

But this is surely a wall that two people have to overcome together.

Chizuru touched Lukrov’s cheeks with her hand, brought her forehead to his forehead, and quietly nodded.



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