Only With Your Heart Chapter 27

The Longest Night –3

A thin crescent moon was floating low outside the window, and it was a quiet and a clear night with no clouds or wind.

Chizuru once again wetted the towel and squeezed it before the hot water cooled, and wiped the neck of Lukrov. Lukrov closes his eyes again and silently leaves himself to Chizuru’s movements. Chizuru looked deeply at his Adam’s apple moving up and down as he breathed.

And when Chizuru turned behind Lukrov and tried to slide the towel over his wide back, he opened his eyes slightly ── quietly and began to speak.

“Zain and Edina have been with me many times since you disappeared … We didn’t have a land like this, unlike Roan, who immediately inherited the territory. “

Chizuru thought of two knights.

Zain and Edina.

Zain was a tall blonde knight, with clear light blue eyes and dark blonde hair like a clear spring sky, and was as strong as a pictured prince. He has a gentle personality with a strong sense of justice, and is just like the knight of over the white horse that girls dreamed of.

And Edina …….

She was a female knight with beautiful blonde hair that was as light as a flam and sway in the wind.

A gentle and open-minded woman who had both strength and grace, it was nothing but a longing for Chizuru. Edina also loved Chizuru, who suddenly fell from a different world and didn’t know the right or left, and the two were sisters. I think she was about the same age as Lukrov.

And the most notable thing was that Edina and Zain loved each other deeply.

Both of them were orphans who grew up in the same orphanage, and they supported and encouraged each other from an early age, and naturally they loved each other as if they were breathing.

When I saw the two of them snuggling up to each other, no matter how cold they were, I couldn’t help admiring their love.

“It was the two of them who calmed me down after you disappeared … First of all, they suggested that I ask the King and his prophet to search for you. That’s why he may have felt responsible forever. For ten years … ”

Lukrov’s back was stiff, Chizuru stopped her hand and listened to his words.

── After all, what Lukrov had been looking for Chizuru’s whereabouts for ten years, even after doing something wrong, he never stopped.

With heavy feeling of responsibility, sadness, and unscrupulousness, a slight joy was mixed up and approached my heart.

Lukrov continued with a low voice.

“It’s been ten years … Can you believe it? I wish they had just abandoned the madness like me … And yet, the two of them followed along with that last mission …”

Ten years.

He kept looking for Chizuru.

Abandoning dreams, honor, youth, and even other opportunities for love, he continued to seek Chizuru, who he spent only one year together.

At that time, Chizuru vowed that she would not stop loving him even if Lukrov would not return love to Chizuru for the rest of his life until his death. Even if all he wants from Chizuru is her body, that’s fine. As long as Lukrov needs me, I will respond to it in any form …

“They are supposed to have been killed in action. I reported that and the church accepted it.”

After all, the two are …

Chizuru became irresistible, and when she dropped the towel on the floor, she turned her hands and hugged Lukrov’s shoulders tightly from behind. Instead of refusing to hug him, Lukrov gently approached Chizuru’s cheeks and squeezed her hand tied in front of her neck with one hand.

“The truth is different. Only Edina was killed in action. It was because of me who tried to stay in spite of the disadvantage of the war situation …”

Lukrov’s voice was quivering slightly.

“she was stabbed by the enemy’s sword in the heart and died on the spot. In front of me and Zain.”

Perhaps he remembered the memory of those days, Lukrov held his mouth for a while and stared at the empty wall.

Edina was kind.

she was like an older sister who encouraged Chizuru over and over again.

For Lukrov and … let alone Zain, her disappearance would have been a pain equivalent to stripping her soul. Chizuru couldn’t stop the tears from spilling, and crouched at Lukrov’s neck.

“… Zain and I survived, but for Zain, life, etc., would have been meaningless the moment he lost Edina. He knelt in front of Edina’s corpse and kept silent. He then took the sword, and stabbed myself in the same place where Edina received the sword and ended up. ”

Lukrov closed his eyes and told him to spit out while holding Chizuru’s hand even harder.

“I hugged them and buried them. There was nothing like a tombstone, so I stood only a sword and a helmet. It was night. At that time, I lost everything … my heart, my dreams, my dreams of my love too. I gave up everything. ”

The heart that thinks of Chizuru.

A dream of reuniting with Chizuru.

Also love for Chizuru.



Naturally. Lukrov accepted Chizuru, who suddenly returned four years later, in any form. It was no wonder that such a woman was cut off or abandoned because he didn’t want to see her face anymore.

Nevertheless, he still accepts Chizuru’s hug in this way.

“I’m sorry … Lukrov. I’m sorry …”

Lukrov opened his eyes slightly to Chizuru’s voice trembling in tears.


Lukrov whispered to Chizuru’s ear. “Do you know what was the worst in this hell?”

Chizuru shook his head.

“The worst thing was that I didn’t die … I didn’t know where you were. If I was told that you were dead, I would be as clean as Zain and would die… but I didn’t know where you are …. Maybe you’re living somewhere in this world and looking for me. … I couldn’t die. ”

the tears overflew endlessly, Chizuru had closed her eyes while clinging to tightly Lukrov.

This is it.

This is it.

“Don’t cry”

Lukrov’s voice echoed in my ears. However, although I couldn’t see it because I closed my eyes, I’m sure Lukrov was crying too.

The two were hugging each other tightly and standing without saying anything further.

After a while, Lukrov silently carried Chizuru to the bed, where the two slowly piled up. From the hair to the tips of the nails, there would have been no place in Chizuru’s body that did not receive Lukrov’s lips.

It was Lukrov who fell asleep first before the morning came.

“Thank you……”

Chizuru gently muttered in a small voice, gently approaching Lukrov’s sleeping face with a tired shadow.

“Thank you for Finding me. Thank you for being alive. Thank you …”



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