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Only With Your Heart Chapter 28

Love’s Fools Festive –1

The next morning, Chizuru woke up with a faint sound of someone moving around in the room.

It is immediately clear from the window that the sun is already shining brightly and it seems that a considerable amount of time has passed since sunrise. I shook my vague head because of my low blood pressure, slowly raised my upper body and looked around, and there was Arde, who was wiping the floor.

” good morning Chizuru. Did I wake up?”

Arde raised her face from the floor and greeted lively.

“no, it’s okay. Good morning Arde … how long have you been here?”

” not so long ago. I’m sorry. You must have been tired, Lukrov sama told me to let me sleep as much as you want.”

” Lukrov did?”


Arde stood up from the floor and smiled at Chizuru while squeezing a cloth like a rag into the apron belt. “I’ve already heard rumors about last night from all over the place! It seems that Chizuru-sama was able to calm down Lukrov-sama and the Duke of Roan in a blink of an eye … ”

Chizuru sank her face into the sheets and groaned briefly.

Why are rumors so exaggerated and widespread in this world? Moreover, judging from Arde’s story, it seems that breakfast time has already passed. Even though it was a long night, I overslept in the morning.

Of course, Lukrov was no longer there.

“Lukrov is already outside. I’m busy today because the Duke of Roan’s welcome party will start in the evening. I’ve given you some remarks because it’s unclear when we’ll meet.”

Chizuru raised her face from the sheets and shook her head toward the maid who did not break her meaningful smile.


“First of all … it’s a feast, many stores are gathered in the training ground square. Lukrov sama said tha Chizuru-sama could buy as many things as she want. It’s wonderful!”

“No matter how much …? Hmm …”

Having trouble answering, Chizuru mumbled her words.

I don’t know what kind of store will be opened, but even now, I’m pretty reluctant to spend Lukrov’s gold as I like. Chizuru isn’t a spender in the first place, and now that she’s heard Lukrov’s confession, I don’t think it’s okay to obey his favor anymore.


Well, if you buy something at a small food stall, you’re already taken care of both sleeping and eating, so isn’t there a big difference?

“Okay. Did he say anything else?”

“Yes. First of all, don’t drink alcohol even if offered.”


“After the sun goes down, the music and dance will start. I was told you to dress you up properly to go out with Lukrov.”

Arde’s eyes are shining happily. “As the night gets deeper, people become more and more rude. There are many people who talk to young girls who are interested in it. I’m sure Lukrov is worried about it.”

Lukrov is worried …?

I wonder if he is.

After their night, Chizuru was still not sure how the relationship between the two of them had changed. Lukrov’s trauma is so deep that the more she tries to look into the bottom, the less she knows how to fill the gap between them. Maybe time really heals everything, or maybe it doesn’t.

The current Chizuru could only wait.


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