Only With Your Heart Chapter 29

Chizuru stretched out her arm

“hmm … does it mean to be modest to look acceptable? Or does it mean to be stylish?”

“I think it’s the latter. Of course, you may not be very pleased with the dress that tempts other lords, but … leave it to me! There should be few unworn dresses here, We will also tie your hair. ”

Certainly, I wanted to wear a simple dress that was not very noticeable, the chest of drawers has many luxuriously designed dresses that had not been worn yet and been sleep within the drawers. Some of them are noble dresses, as they are only allowed to be worn by the castle owner’s wife.

Although I was reluctant to wear it every day, there were some clothes I wanted to wear if it was a festival.

Have your hair tied and dress up

I don’t think we can break through the current situation with this, but even so, there was a faint expectation that something might change a little.

“Well then, I will be in your care?”

“Of course!”

Arde was delighted by clapping her hands. Maybe it’s because of the lively atmosphere before the festival, and Arde has always wanted to dress up Chizuru. Until now, Chizuru had refused it, but tonight.

It might be okay to try hard tonight.

After spending time caring for the children until noon as usual, Chizuru returned to the room after lunch and took a rest to prepare for the long feast night.

I searched for Roan and Lukrov in the cafeteria, but neither of them appeared. I heard from Nadal that they were taking the main knights together to hunt for prey for the feast.

(Medieval … amazing …)

Preparations for the party are steadily progressing in the castle.

The normally closed gate was opened, and merchants and tradesmen who loaded horses were entering the garden inside the walls one after another. A number of tents have begun to be set up, and tree branches for burning fire are piled up here and there, and everyone is busy walking around with excitement.

Chizuru remembered the original world a little while looking at the situation vaguely.

The day before the school festival in high school. At work, just before a big event. All of them have different shapes, but the atmosphere of people’s excitement was very similar. Obviously, the men did not go hunting for animals for the grill, but the process of going shopping and setting up a booth was just like that, and it was kind of strange.

(Something should change …)

Suddenly, I was sentimental when I remembered Mai who supported Lukrov, and Chizuru looked up at the sky through the window and swallowed tears that were about to overflow.

At that time, the door of the room suddenly opened, and Arde, who praised the smile of the sky, came in.

A beautiful pink ribbon held in her hand.

“I was really worried about which color to use, but I’m sure this will suit you best.”

In the pocket of Arde’s apron, there were other small bottles of rose water that was used instead of perfume, combs and makeup tools. There are even tools that Chizuru doesn’t know how to use. When I was summoned here last time, I didn’t have much time to pay attention to makeup in the adventure after the adventure.

Chizuru smiled.

“Even if you get so tense, you may be disappointed because the material is me.”

“What are you talking about, Chizuru-sama. There is no material that shines as much as you, you just need to polish it. Leave it to me, I’ll take you to Lukrov-sama. Come on, sit down.”

Last night, Chizuru was presented with the chair on which Lukrov was sitting, and Chizuru sat quietly there with a slight hesitation.

It made me feel tickled when I realized that it was perfect for me.


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