Only With Your Heart Chapter 30


── After losing Zain and Edina, Lukrov said he had given up on all of Chizuru.

However, the room that was prepared in this way, clothes, Chair, And Arde …

Maybe he still had Chizuru live in the corner of his heart, Sank by the waves of giving up and despair, quietly in a place like the bottom of the sea, somewhere deep and dark.

Arde began to speak in a fascinating tone while carefully combing Chizuru’s hair.

“I was shocked when I heard that Mr. Lukrov and the Duke of Roan were in a fight last night, but I was happy. It’s like I’m back 14 years ago.”


“Yes, I’ve said it a few times, but since I set up a castle in this territory about four years ago, Mr. Lukrov wasn’t really energetic. Of course, the lord’s job was done perfectly. However, it was as if he was a ghost without a soul just silently performing his mission. Because of that, some people called him the Duke of ice, have you heard that ? ”

“Yeah … I heard it once.”

Certainly, Rodolgo, the man I first met when I returned to this world, said that.

Arde sighs briefly and continues while dexterously changing the direction of combing.

“The new servants and knights who have begun to serve from this castle seem to think that is Lukrov-sama usual, but I know. Lukrov-sama who was having fun playing with Chizuru-sama. . Lukrov-sama when he had a big quarrel with the Duke of Roan in a fight with Chizuru-sama. Maybe that’s why I’m happy … ”

The bright voice of Arde began to tremble slightly.

When Chizuru looked back over her shoulder, the light blue eyes of the maid had tears floating in her eyes with a smile. Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t just Zain and Edina who supported Lukrov.

“Thank you, Arde”

Naturally, such words overflowed in Chizuru’s mouth. Arde shook her head.

“I couldn’t do anything, Chizuru-sama, but Chizuru-sama …”


“It’s too sad that one person has been lost for such a long time, I hope he can return to his original happy appearance.”


Chizuru turned to the front and closed her eyes quietly.

And remembered the smiling Lukrov in my memory.

When I laughed, the hard chin line collapsed a little, and a dent similar to a dimple was formed in the mouth ……. If he smiles now, he’ll probably have some wrinkles on the corners of his eyes and look even more gentle.

I want to see him like that again someday.

Someday .. soon..


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