Only With Your Heart Chapter 31


Love’s Fools Festive –2

An hour later

Chizuru touched the folds of the skirt, the skirt was light pink and with layered white lace fabric.

The color and shape were neat, and their was a small opening neck that shows a bit of her chest, and it was made of the finest cloth that a noble would get. Mirrors are still valuable in this world, and although there was no mirror in Chizuru’s room large enough to capture her whole figure, Arde held a small hand mirror for her.

When she looked into it, you can see a very beautiful woman.

It looked like I wasn’t myself.

“I’m sure you will be the hot topic of the castle tonight…. No, it won’t be just the castle but the whole territory. I’d like to show you off to Mr. Lukrov soon.”

Arde nodded satisfactorily many times, checking Chizuru’s hair with intricately woven ribbons from all angles.

Chizuru’s black hair, which she usually kept down, was gracefully tied up behind her ears tonight, exposing her nape boldly. It emphasizes Chizuru’s femininity in harmony with the wide-open neck of the dress.

“Do you think he will like it?”

I didn’t say who. I didn’t have to say it.

“To be honest, I think no matter how you look and what you wear, Chizuru sama is the only one that Lukrov sama will love and grant his favor to. It’s also a good idea to let him understand that on his own”

It may be a bit overkill to think of it as a plan, but Chizuru hoped that this will be a catalyst for improving the relationship between them.

looking through the window the darkness had already begun to spread in the sky.

From a distance, she could hear lively voices and noises of a drums Is it time?

“Shall we go?”

Arde herself who said that is also dressed up a little tonight. Chizuru nodded and the two left the room.

Chizuru went out and thought that it was a good night for each of these festivals.


There was no wind and the night sky were clear and not cold, but there was a cool breeze.

The open space, which is usually a training ground, was filled with campfires and bonfires, illuminating the darkness. Some people seemed to be drunk early on, some were slamming together and making a fuss, while others were clamoring to sell things in the tents they had set up.

The scent of roasted meat, the scent of yummy sweets, and the scent of wine are spreading around.

Children were running loudly around, the performer playing variety of instrument between the ukulele and the guitar, which Chizuru saw for the first time her. Arde’s daughter Noah is also there, and when she found her mother, she jumped with the lightness of a baby goat.

“Mom! Wow, Chizuru-sama, you look very pretty!”

If you look closely, Noah also decorated a part of her hair with a ribbon which she does not usually do.

“Thank you, Noah. You are beautiful too. The ribbon looks great.”


Noah blushed happily as she turned around in front of Arde and Chizuru. “But Chizuru sama looks like a real princess and is more beautiful. If you line up with Lukrov, you’re a king and a princess.”

The child innocently said so, and this time she clung to her mother’s hand and begged.

“There are candy sold over there. There are red and yellow ones. Can you buy it for me mom?”

In the direction Noah pointed her finger, there was a tent selling sweets with something like a candy stick on the tip of a stick. I don’t know the value of small items because I haven’t shopped outside yet, but it may be expensive because it’s hard to find in a regular meal. Sure enough, Arde was hesitant.

Chizuru came up with a good idea and smiled gently.

“I’ll buy you, Noah. Let’s go.”

“oh, Chizuru-sama!”

“Really, Chizuru-sama? I’m happy!”

Mother Arde and daughter Noah screamed at the same time. Chizuru winked lightly to Arde, who is shrugging with a sense of confusion.

“It’s not me who pays, but Lukrov? It’s okay, I’m sure he won’t object.”

And Chizuru bought and gave each candy to Noah and the children of the other servants who were playing around. All the young faces glowed with joy, and while making the area around their mouths sticky, they thank Chizuru and return to the run.

“Lukrov-sama told you to buy what Chizuru-sama likes, right?”

Arde said in a blaming tone, but her expression looked happy and she seemed to praise Chizuru’s actions.

“it’s okay, That’s what I wanted.”

Chizuru replied, remembering the smiles of the children, It was my true intention.

Looking around, it seemed that there were other free meals besides the stall tent, so Chizuru wasn’t willing to spend any more Lukrov’s money for herself.



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