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Only With Your Heart Chapter 32

Love’s Fools Festive –2


Chizuru couldn’t find Lukrov because there were so many people gathering, but when she walked around for a while, there was a red-haired knight who she could see his head in the crowd. she found him Surrounded by men and women of all ages, holding a bottle of wine in one hand and talks about something with exaggerated gestures.

I’m sure he exaggerated what happened last night and told people about it. he was a talkative chaos, without exaggeration, but it was a Roan.

“Arde, it’s okay to go back to Noah. I’ll will stay with the Roan.”

“Well, is that so …? But …”

Chizuru properly understood that Arde was still thinking about her young daughter and husband and was inwardly fidgeting. With the Roan, no other dangers will come near her, aside from Roan himself.

“It’s okay because there are so many people. Don’t worry, enjoy it with your family.”

I wanted to talk to Roan for the first time in a long time, and since Chizuru said so Arde could return to her family. Arde, hesitated for a while but bowed with gratitude, and disappeared into the crowd.

After seeing it, Chizuru joined the crowd surrounding Roan and waited for him to notice.

Of course, he noticed Chizuru in just a few seconds.

“Chizuru! Oh, isn’t it Chizuru! She had the hero’s appearance last night!”

The Roan immediately approached with a stride while squeezing through the crowd. Every move that is unnecessarily loud looks strangely graceful when you get to Roan, even though it should look crude. Chizuru was unintentionally laid back.

“You’re the one who made that weird rumor, Roan.”

“Oh, what are you talking about?”

“I killed the quarrel between you two in an instant, that’s what it is. Is your nose okay?”

“Oh, it didn’t seem to break after all. It was true that once it broke, it wouldn’t break again. But let’s say the rumor is a misunderstanding. I was in the dining room for breakfast, By the time he went out, everyone was already talking about that. ”

“Was it so?”

Then, was it Nadal?

It seems that the child has the talent to talk about things in a funny and exaggerated way. Chizuru had no choice but to shrug. Then, Roan bends down slightly and looked into Chizuru.

“Chizuru, I knew you were cute, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful figure. Well, are you in love with me?”

Chizuru laughed with a loud voice.

“Thank you. Tell your wife that.”

“Let’s do that, I might be decapitated. Have you met Lukrov yet?”

“no, still … Do you know where he is? Arde told me to go out with him by the time the dance starts”

“That man has a head of a stone, he can only see things in black and white, although the world is full of so many colors.”

Chizuru looked up at the red-haired knight who suddenly turned into a poet, tilting his head.

It’s a symbolic phrase, but I feel like I can understand what he means. It may be undeniable that Lukrov’s steadfastness and sincerity sometimes have such a stubbornness that cuts everything with or without it. And … for Lukrov, the current Chizuru is probably still in the “none” category.

“Don’t blame him, Roan. Originally, I’m the one who did something bad …”


Roan  suddenly changed to a new tone and turned to Chizuru. “Both of you should stop being trapped in the mistakes of the past, who was responsible for this, and that was your responsibility. Neither Zain nor Edina want that. . You guys have a future. That’s fine. ”

“But …”

“Well, I’m not a long-suffering man, and believe it or not, I really love the both of you Chizuru. Lukrov is a close friend who I’m willing to offer him my life. ”

Chizuru smiled with tears at the words of the Roan, which was sincere and clear.

“We too, Roan”

“It’s the duty of the surviving man to be happy. If that guy doesn’t change his attitude forever, I have an idea.”



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