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Only With Your Heart Chapter 33

Roan suddenly pulled Chizuru’s hand and began to move forward in the crowd.

I was surprised at first, but from the flow of the story, I thought that Rone was trying to guide me to Lukrov, so I quietly followed his step.

However, it wasn’t Lukrov who was at the destination.

“Hey, Baru, I brought a woman here!”

A knight who stood with his back while staring at the bonfire raised his face to the loud shout of the Roan and looked back.

He was a young knight with brown hair and a not-so-tall but rock-like body. Chizuru was familiar to him. he was one of the knights that Rone brought with him, who greeted her at the cafeteria yesterday,he is a few years older than Chizuru.

“Roan? Ah, that …”

Just as Chizuru began to be confused, the young knight called Baru also had a fool look on his face as if a pigeon had eaten a peashooter.*TL:wait..what?*

“Duke Roan, you’re kidding again …”

“No, Baru, you’ve been completely fascinated by Chizuru since yesterday. My eyes cannot be deceived. And it’s clear that Chizuru isn’t the woman of Lukrov. There is an opportunity. Please bring your bride with you back to the territory. Good luck! ”

When he shouted so, Roan left Chizuru on the spot and disappeared into the crowd again to escape.

Everything was sudden like a spring storm, and Chizuru and Baru were just stunned and could only see the back of roan, which disappeared quickly.

It was a quiet corner with few tents to sell.

The bonfire burned as tall as Chizuru and crackled, illuminating the darkness in orange. Other than that, it is less popular area and had a calm atmosphere.

The knight called Baru was staring at Chizuru with a face that as if he couldn’t believe yet.

Chizuru opened her mouth with a smile, hoping to soften the situation.

“That … don’t worry about what Roan said, because it seems to be some kind of a misunderstanding …”

The young knight, Baru, was not so beautiful, but he had brown eyes that one can drown in, with depth and calm for his age. His eyes were so serious that he seemed to be confused, and Chizuru was a little confused about where to look.

“I thought you were the fiancée of Duke Lukrov.”

“What, no way”

Chizuru shook his head in a hurry when suddenly pointed out. “I’m not that kind of a person. Of course I like Lukrov, but there are many things to it.”

Baru frowned as if he couldn’t understand it.

There was no need to explain everything one by one, and Chizuru herself didn’t know how to get along with him in the first place, but she didn’t want to make a strange misunderstanding, so Chizuru added.

“I like Lukrov. Don’t worry about what Roan said.”

Fortunately, it seems that Baru wasn’t the kind of person who snooped innocently. When he nods obediently, he looks around and sighs a little.

“Then, it seems better to stay away from here. If you can see yourself alone in such a less popular place, you could be misunderstood.”

“Eh? Yeah …”

Chizuru also ran her eyes around him in the same way and understood Baru’s argument.

During the festival, there were only a men and women of the same age in an unpopular corner ……. No matter how unreal it may be, it can only be seen a secret meeting place, away from the eyes of curios people .

“Come here. Let’s find the Duke Lukrov together.”

Baru was respectful and took a step ahead of Chizuru in a hurry. He seems to be a mirror-like person of a knight, and after touching Chizuru’s waist, which was chasing after him in a hurry, for a moment, he immediately let go. The two started walking together, just a short distance away.



Baru who was in front suddenly stopped, and Chizuru collided with his back from his face.

“What’s wrong …”

When I looked up at the young knight’s face while holding down his nose, he was unnaturally looking straight ahead and stiffening his body.

Curiously, Chizuru also follows Baru’s looking direction.

There was Lukrov, wearing a beautiful navy blue tunic layered on top of an armor, giving off a dignity that makes it look like a king or a lion, while staring at Baru in a terrifying manner.





Chizuru took a breath

she was caught on spot…



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