Only With Your Heart Chapter 34

Love’s Fools Festive –3

Lukrov stood alone in a place away the crowd making a face of a warrior in front of a damn enemy.

Although he didn’t wear his war armor, Lukrov, who has a solemn appearance suitable for a lord, looking powerful just by standing,  With the addition of angry black eyes,  no fierce man will try to approach him.

“Lukrov …”

Chizuru whispered his name and tried to leave Baru and move forward. At that time, she felt that Lukrov’s harsh expression had eased just a little … but that was only for a moment.

“You still have to wait here”

Suddenly, Baru sticks out one hand to the side and blocks Chizuru’s way.

“He may be misunderstanding something, Let me explain first.”

And slowly stepped forward.

Chizuru was blocked on the way to go and stopped, and Lukrov immediately returned to his original harsh expression. However, Baru didn’t flinch and kept walking toward Lukrov.

Chizuru got anxious

It is wonderful that Baru has courage of the youth

It seems to be the right thing to do as a knight to explain in advance to Lukrov, who may be in a bad mood due to some misunderstanding seeing her with another man

However, the other party is Lucrov. I’m sure Baru doesn’t know that but there is a reason why he was called a knight of fiery flames.

When angry, Lukrov can be so ruthless and violent that even the devil doesn’t want to approach him. Like a flame that burns everything that approaches. Once swallowed, there is no choice but to return as ashes.

“No, uh, wait, Mr. Baru”

Chizuru hurriedly ran after Baru

Lukrov is not just standing up, he is approaching us at the same slow pace as Baru. The two knights immediately faced each other head-on.

It was Baru who bowed his head respectfully first.

“Duke Lukrov, don’t get me wrong.”

When Chizuru, who was out of breath due to a sudden run, arrived just behind Baru, the two men were already facing each other at a distance that they could grab each other.

“Roan seems to have had some misunderstanding, but I have no intention of dealing with a woman who is devoting herself to another man. What brought her here with me is just because …”

Baru looked back at Chizuru for a moment. “I couldn’t leave such a beautiful woman alone when she might face some danger. Can you understand?”

Lukrov did not answer.

Despite being glared at by the ferocious eyes that seemed to attack at any moment, Baru stiffened his shoulders and stayed. Chizuru couldn’t figure out how to cut it out, she had no choice but to look at the two knights alternately.

Eventually, Lukrov muttered slowly, emphasizing each word, with a disturbing voice crawling on the ground.

“A good man is the one who keep danger away from reaching their daughter”

“I know”

“Then you may go right now. I’ll talk to that about the Roan.”

“As you say, Duke Lukrov. But please understand that she made no fault. It’s all Roan’s…..”

When Baru raised his face and added that, it seemed that the tail of Lukrov’s patience bag broke with noise.

“I’m telling you to go, this crazy demon!”

A thunder-like angry sound was heard, and as expected, Baru got a chill on his spine and then dissipated in the original direction. However, when he left, he glanced at Chizuru and turned his face to look sorry. Chizuru reflexively shook her head and told him that he didn’t have to worry about it.

Yes, Baru hold no responsibility more than Chizuru.

Even so, it’s too pity to be reprimanded and shameful. You’ll have to complain about the Roan later.

However, it was unknown what Lukrov was thinking.

Chizuru is well aware that his emotions can sometimes be as dark as a deep, deep valley with an invisible bottom. When he loves someone, anger, jealousy, and sometimes anxiety, just as there is no limit to their depth, he can be deeply blinded sometimes.


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