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Only With Your Heart Chapter 35

Chizuru stared at Lukrov standing

Lukrov, on the other hand, looked down at Chizuru with his cold eyes.

His masculine jaw was as hard as the beast who wanted to eat Chizuru from his head and bones as soon as possible. And maybe, if he gets serious, there’s nothing he can’t do.

Maybe Chizuru wouldn’t resist either.

“you’ve already found another man, or it’s not a big deal.”

Chizuru opened her eyes for a moment because she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“If you dress up like that, you know that many men will gather like bees seeking nectar. it’s good the you got yourself one, are you planning on going out here with that man? he looks just right. ”


I knew without looking in the mirror that my body temperature dropped all at once and felt the blood leaving my face.

The cold voice and dialogue of a loved one will hurt Chizuru’s heart very easily and felt a sharp pain that cuts deep into her skin.  the beautiful tied hair that Arde had prepared for me now made me feel sad, as if it was a dirty thing that suddenly appeared.

When Chizuru clouded her face, Lukrov approached her in a stride and pulled her waist tightly with her big hand.

“For that face”

Lukrov’s voice was low and rough. “I waged war. Because of that body, I give up my honor and life, and to gain your heart …”

While taking a breath, Chizuru waited for Lukrov’s next words. A neat face is distorted, and a sad shadow casts on the jet-black eyes.

“I wandered through hell. Can’t I have you for myself alone?”

Further force is applied to the hand holding the waist, and the waist of the dress is strongly pressed against the hem of the chainmail. It was painful.

Even if you explain that it is a misunderstanding or that the Roan has just forcibly set up a mischief, it will not ease the current Lukrov. I just wanted Lukrov to look at me, but I didn’t like him getting angry like this.

“I’m sorry … like this …”

It was painful to think that Arde’s efforts would be nullified, but Chizuru tried to remove the makeup by rubbing it with the back of her hand. I don’t know if it was successful. However, Lukrov’s expression becomes even darker, and Chizuru’s eyes are filled with tears.

Lukrov grabbed Chizuru’s arm, which was still trying to rub her face with her hands.


“Let go!”

“Stop, Chizuru”

“I hate it! It’s okay, it’s dirty! I don’t need it at all!”

Chizuru struggled to untie her hair by raising her arm. Brilliant dresses, make-up faces, and beautifully trimmed hair.

Everything that I wanted was to improve the relationship between the two of us.

It wasn’t for Lukrov to get angry and shout like this …….

Chizuru struggled hard in Lukrov’s arms, but only reaffirmed that she couldn’t compete with his strength. Sad and sorry for Arde, Roan and others, and even more tears filled her eyes.

“I don’t like it …! I just thought that Lukrov might like it … I just did it …, let’s go of me!”

Although I raised my voice, the ending trembled mercilessly.

However, as soon as that happened, Lukrov held Chizuru tightly against his chest, preventing her from moving any further.

Under the moonlight she was so close that she could feel the hot body of Lukrov, and she was hugged strongly and hard. In pain, Chizuru buried her face in Lukrov’s chest and cried.

After a while, Lukrov patted Chizuru’s head and whispered to her ear, making a calming voice.

“Don’t cry, Chizuru. I was bad … I was just frustrated  Seeing you with another man.”

It was a gentle, slightly weak voice of Lukrov.

Chizuru stopped crying, stopped moving in Lukrov’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. To-kun, To-kun, To-kun. A heartbeat that deviates like a child who becomes anxious in the face of a storm.

“Don’t cry … You’re beautiful. you’re too beautiful and I got worried. It’s like a dream … I thought you’re likely to be stolen by another man.”

Chizuru gently raised her face.

There was Lukrov’s face in the immediate vicinity, and it was a distance where the lips seemed to overlap with each other just by stretching a few centimetres.

“Lukrov …”

“I was bad, Chizuru, please forgive me …”

──Maybe this guy is really a devil after all

While thinking so, Chizuru made a small hiccup and nodded.

There was no choice but to nod.

‘For him, I would give forgiveness even thousands of times I knew somewhere in my heart that I’m madly in love with him’




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