Only With Your Heart Chapter 36

Love’s Fools Festive ―― 4

Lukrov hugged Chizuru tightly again, kissing her earlobe and then slowly crawl down her lips, and finally sticking to her neckline that’s peeking through the collar of the dress.

“Hmm …”

Chizuru shoulder trembled with the pain as if she being stabbed by a needle.

Lukrov gave a similar stimulus to Chizuru’s collarbone, and he turned away with some satisfaction. Then, he runs his callused fingers on Chizuru’s skin, which he left a mark on, and raises the edge of his mouth slightly. ──It’s hard to call it a smile, but it certainly looks a little closer to it.

Chizuru’s body was completely on fire, and her breath rose and her feet started shaking. If it hadn’t been supported by Lukrov’s arms, she might not have been able to stand.

‘I can’t confirm it because it’s not a place I can see by myself, but I’m sure that what Lukrov left on my skin is a kiss mark’

Chizuru is his. It’s like branding a piece of iron.

The collar of her dress was boldly open, so it must be a much clearer appearance as the women of the lord than a mere oral declaration.

With a mix of embarrassment and joy, Chizuru looked up at Lukrov with a reddish face.

Lukrov also looked down on Chizuru with a calm expression that is different from the previous one.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen your hair up.”

Lukrov whispered with deep emotion. “It looks good … but I don’t like you showing it to other guys.”

“So that’s why you make two kiss marks?”

Lukrov snorted laughingly when he touched my neck with his hand, which still had sweet pain sensation.

“made two? No, I only left two. I’m going to sprinkle more whenever I see guys looking at you tonight, I’ll increase it each time believe me.”

Half was threatening, and half was Lukrov’s tone as if he was just kidding. Of course, Chizuru would be happy to accept such a threat. More than that, this kind of exchange warmed Chizuru’s heart, even giving her the illusion of returning to her lover.

“Don’t worry, I’m yours. Earlier it was just Roan….”

“No matter what you think, there are many men who lose themselves in front of the woman they are interested in. It’s best to be careful.”

Lukrov loosened his arm holding Chizuru and took her one hand instead.

“Did you walk around the training ground? The merchants would have set up several tents.”

“Yeah, with Arde. It was lively and interesting.”

The two started walking next to each other.

There was a desire to leave this festival and stay in a room where no one was there, but Lukrov is the organizer of this party and he can’t just leave here, at least until the end of the feast.



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